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Life is a book

With chapters unfinished

Where strangers met

A tale where lovers entered

And lovers left

A story fettered

With things unsaid

The next chapter is always meant… 8 more words

Attached properties and the WPF DataGrid

WPF attached properties. They look like such a difficult topic. But you only need to see a single example in action to understand their true potential: as long as your objects inherit from… 575 more words


Class show and tell


Sue W got her quilt back from quilting and is delighted with it!and Sue had cut out all her pieces for her new quilt… 250 more words

Binder Do's & Don'ts

By: Our Talk Leader Cj McGauley

As someone who is genderfluid binders aren’t always needed, but I being the resource oriented person I am I have to know anything and everything about whatever topic I’m interested at the time. 375 more words

Class show and tell


Denise is having such fun with the connector pieces for her EPP, finding fabulous secondary patterns when the pieces are put together Sue E is up to here with her “ 246 more words

Week 6 Thursday - Exploring Image Format


What we did

Today’s session consisted of learning about different types of image rendering.

Once the class was divided into groups this morning, our group’s experience began within the Mac Suite, where the image rendering lesson was more specifically to do with our blog images. 296 more words

Project 1

Binding Basics - How To

My goal in doing my binding is to make the quilt lay flat.  It’s VERY important to me that my quilt lays flat!  I like straight and square (that left brain thing)… so if my quilt doesn’t lay flat, it feels ‘off’ to me.  213 more words