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Clothes, Passing, and 'Hey, Man!'

Clothes can change how we feel about ourselves. When we think that we look good, we tend to feel good. What we are wearing can make us feel elevated and proud walking out into public. 827 more words


Problem #1 Boobs


Boobs are a problem.

I have many female friends  who want their boobs to be a bit bigger. But not me, unfortunately my genes gifted me with moderately big breast, big enough that they are not easily hidden. 726 more words


Cancellation of my Pity Party

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a perfectionist! The last week of producing my thesis was definitely the hardest! Formatting and getting everything just right was oh so tedious & time consuming. 530 more words


The best chest!

I figured it out, guys! I figured out how to get my DDs into the ideal chest configuration. I walked around like this all day, not feeling too constricted and not having to readjust at ALL. 437 more words