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Thoughts On Binding

I am so excited to share that I actually finished a real quilt in 2016! Here is a picture of the binding. It’s not perfect but pretty good considering I probably went all of 2015 without putting on a traditional binding. 417 more words


Woolly Bits Class

Sunday was Woolly Bits Class, well, technically it wasn’t our Woolly Bits Class, we gate crashed the First Sunday Class, but they were lovely and didn’t seem to mind us joining them, just the once, at all! 234 more words

Japanese Stab Binding 2

I have been working on various forms of Japanese Stab Binding.  Specifically I have been working on different patterns and how to create the most interesting forms with the least effort.  101 more words


Space between...

Say “space” and my head fills with galaxies, my heart empties into oceans. It doesn’t always occur to me that the small spaces between words allow conversation to take place and stories to be told. 128 more words

Another Final Fantasy 14 Update

Holy crap it’s been a productive couple of days, firstly I managed to hit level 60 with my Scholar and yesterday I tied up the Summoner Quest line as well as updated the summoner gear. 318 more words


The Super-Shulgin Academy: A Singularity I Can Believe In

Imagine that the year is 2050. A lot of AI applications are now a normal part of life. Cars drive themselves, homes clean themselves (and they do so more cheaply than maids possibly could) and even doctors have been now partially replaced with neural networks. 4,081 more words

A Quilting Bee

The thing that kept Monday’s guild meeting from looking like a sweat shop, were the smiles and laughter.

There was a crew making “quilt sandwiches” – basting the top-batting-backing together to get them ready to quilt. 129 more words

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