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Using one ViewObject for Global Lookup Data (Part 3): Multi Language Support

In an earlier post I blogged about a how to use a DB table to hold look up data like gender, weekdays or title which can used in different locations as ‘List Of Value’ data ( 1,308 more words


JDeveloper & ADF: Carefully Select the Data Control Scope of Bounded Task Flows

A customer asked me to look into an error which showed up in one of their applications. Without going into the details of real use case I like to bring this issue to your attention as it might happen to you too. 754 more words


JDeveloper & ADF: Use the Application Module Tester (BC4J Tester) to Test all your BusinessLogic

This blog post describes how to use the Application Module Tester provided together with JDeveloper to test all your business logic without having to write or design the client UI (view controller part of a Fusion Web Application). 757 more words


JDeveloper: Case Insensitive Search and Performance

A couple of days ago Frank Nimphius published a new ADF Insider Essential video about Search Forms Customization where he also showed how to implement case insensitive searches. 607 more words


JDeveloper: Preventing return of large row sets on page load of VO using bind variable

Back in 2009 Andrejus Baranovskis blogged about how to prevent the execution of a (default) query when ADF loads a page here. This is sometimes necessary if the query defined for a page consumes a lot of time or return a lot of rows. 478 more words


Dump VO query and it's parameter with their values

Based on a request on JDeveloper and ADF forum I wrote a small method to dump the query of a VO together with it’s bind variables (autom. 284 more words