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Why I love Google Maps over Bing Maps; and why you should too!

Google Maps and Bing Maps are 2 of the most used mapping services/tools over the internet. In this age where data is power, Google and Microsoft are spending a whole lot of money on these 2 product, and why not, maps are the most efficient ways to gather data from a users like where they live, what path they choose everyday to go to office, where they eat, etc. 930 more words


Adding Polylines to Bing Maps

Hi guys! Sometimes its useful to point out certain areas or paths of a map with polylines or polygons. Bing Maps gives us this abilty to add them so we can draw routes, shapes, or pretend there’s traffic by coloring it green or yellow…(the world is our oyster). 304 more words

Windows Phone 8.1

Business Directories on the Internet - A Lesson in Business Control

I’ve helped a client recently with their business directory listings on the internet. This particular client has just moved premises due to a change of circumstances. 824 more words


MapPoint Discontinued from 31 December 2014

MapPoint, and its best friends AutoRoute and Streets and Trips, are discontinued from 31 December 2014. The Microsoft announcement gives details of mapping alternatives including, of course, Bing Maps, as well as Power Map for Excel, and there’s a link to the story behind AutoRoute too. 7 more words

Fire Sale on Amazon Fire Phones


Yep, there’s a fire sale on Amazon Fire phones. Already 99 cents with a 2 year AT&T contract, geekwire.com says now you can buy an unlocked one for $199, down from $649 when it came out. 87 more words

Visualizing data with the XtraMap control

One important tool in my company’s flagship software offers users the ability to search for trucks and visualize that information on map to see what is available and where it is. 1,702 more words


Using Skype and Bing Maps to navigate the Tricks and the Treats this Halloween

Zack, while on a quick trip to grab coffee for his coworkers, somehow ended up in a corn maze a few miles north of nowhere. Despite a couple wrong turns and a few cold Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Louie managed to make it out of the maze and back to the office by getting directions from his coworkers over Skype on his smart phone. 420 more words