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Foundations Sponsoring Putin’s Re-Election

 Russian President Vladimir Putin may be running for reelection as an independent candidate, at least officially — but his electoral campaign is wholly funded by the ruling United Russia party and 22 affiliated foundations. 3,341 more words

Useful Apps and other things you may want to know.

According to This Week pulication:

Some good search engines:

Bing.com-can’t beat Google for general searches.  But Bing has edge on images and ideas offering more filtering options, a better display interface and excellent suggestions for related searches. 251 more words


Sun god Lugh Lamhfada "Lightning-Flash" Celtic mythology


Lugh’s name has been interpreted as deriving from the Proto-Indo-European root *leuk- “flashing light” and he is often surrounded by solar imagery so from Victorian times he has often been considered a sun god similar to the Greco-Roman Apollo though historically he is only ever equated with Mercury. 607 more words


How To Verify Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing webmaster tool is a free tool service. They offer useful features to analyze and optimize the visibility of your website in Bing. Its a part of Microsoft search engine. 627 more words

SEO Tools

Google vs Bing search operators - An indepth analysis

In this post, I draw an in depth comparison between the heavyweights in search engine. Which one is best suited to you? This post would help you leverage all the key searches that are suitable to pull up a vast amount of candidate pool for you start sourcing from. 558 more words


Make Change, a feminist giveaway and a lot of coffee #LittleLoves

I’m sat here writing this post at 8pm on Thursday and I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself. Every night this week I’ve fallen asleep with Jenson by this time and it feels strange to have this time to do what I want. 571 more words