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Everything will help you, go ahead

My dear, if you want anything in life you must desire for it.

But is desiring sufficient? Nothing else should be done?

Absolutely no!

There are so many other things which have to be done apart from desiring and they are really simple. 554 more words


REWA Ultra Mega Solar Power Plant

Rewa the City of Waterfalls.The land of white tigers is now going to have Asia’s largest solar power plant.

Recently India’s PM Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi has launched Asia’s largest solar plant in Rewa MP. 760 more words


Slow steps matters a lot

There are millions of task we perform everyday through billions of way. Some of us perform them day by day while other’s pile up, then complete it in a single day. 535 more words


Prevalent problems being ignored

When we take birth in this planet there are some most important things which we require- the fresher to breath, clean water to drink, healthy food, good relations, positive people in your surrounding and your loved ones. 371 more words


Life Lessons-1

Lacking something is a blessing because we are provided with a bigger gift as compared to that defect or lack of quality.

Now there will be a question that how being defective or lacking can be a blessing for any person in this earth. 730 more words


Keep Going

“Life will put you down... 
But you have to maintain your courage. 
Life's lessons will give pain... 
But you have to be brave. 
Maybe, mornings will be filled with tension... 97 more words