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New Year, New Marketing Strategy!

Did you meet all your marketing goals this past year? If not, we can help!

With the New Year, you should come up with a new marketing plan. 322 more words

Search Engine Optimization

Colouring with Google and Bing

We all know google is the synonym to searching (and finding) stuff on the internet. Microsoft has bing for this. Both platforms offer custom searching as an API. 237 more words


Nephilim Giant - Rubezahl - Goat People - mythology

Rübezahl, The Guardian is a mountain spirit (woodwose) of the Krkonoše Mountains (Giant Mountains, Riesengebirge, Karkonosze) a mountain range along the border between the historical lands of Bohemia and Silesia. 713 more words



In the shadow of nuclear weapons, bank robberies tend to be forgotten. In North Korea’s case, the two are closely connected. Reuters

Conventional wisdom says North Korea is an arsenal-craving backwater under the rule of despots.  3,100 more words

Bing Print Ad-Tag line, Visual and Body copy

We were asked to create a draft print ad for Bing that was not comparative but focused on its relevant and narrowed search results.

I came up with “Not a seek and find, we’re a search and found.” with the visual being a search and find with the word “found” being circled. 35 more words

Black Mirror: Fifteen Million Merits

The spectacle manifests itself as an enormous positivity, out of reach and beyond dispute. All it says is: “Everything that appears is good; whatever is good will appear.” The attitude it demands in principle is the same passive acceptance that it has already secured by means of its seeming incontrovertibility, and indeed by its monopolization of the realm of appearances.  1,864 more words