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Days of Wine and Sichels

You might want to open a bottle of wine as you read this post.

As I wrote last time, Caroline Seligmann (my 4x-great-aunt) and Moses Morreau had two children, Levi and Klara. 3,056 more words


⚡Hell's Belle, Wedding Bells & Bingeing in Bingen⚡

During my time in London, I have met many, many people. A mix of wierd, wonderful, strange, random, amazing and … idiotic.

For sure, London is a cool city with so much to offer, but sadly, it does turn a lot of individuals into pretentious, pompous arseholes – especially in some social “scenes” where a lot of  people treat others like props. 779 more words


I know that this was taken in the Rhineland.  If my mind does not fail me, this is the town of Bingen.  I was thinking of the medieval saint, Hildegard von Bingen when I took this photo.