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Marilyn Vos Savant:  People on the street seem to be getting younger.  At what age will I be older than most people?  If you’ve passed your 38th birthday, you’re already older than half of the U.S population.  391 more words

Halloween Bingo

Monday, October 31

Bingo 1000AM – 12:00 noon; Lunch12 noon

Ticket s $8 includes 2 Bingo Cards and lunch

Wear a costume and Receive 2 extra Bingo Cards… 37 more words

Bobs Bingo one month in..

Hiiii everyone,
I wasn’t going to write a blog post on Bobs Bingo because I thought that people would think I am being biased with the pub being my own family pub but then I thought well why not?? 450 more words

Digital Bingo Number Generator

BINGO!, is a word that is shouted by a person to alert other player of a possible and let officials confirm. The circuit is a bingo number generator. 15 more words

Year 10 Multiple Events using tables

Came across a blog from Sarah Carter with a “Probability Bingo” game. She provides the link for Dave Ferris’ site who provided the idea in the first place – see file attached with the… 124 more words