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A low-key day, plus a movie

Greetings, readers. I just woke up from a nap and my eyes are killing me. Sometimes when I sleep my sinuses back up and put pressure on my eyeballs, causing pressure and blurriness. 218 more words


Base Ten Bingo

We have been using the ‘Base ten equipment’ in maths this week!

This game is great for practising and recapping how to use the equipment, how to make three digit numbers and understanding place value as the children can see the hundreds, tens and units.

The Winter Bookish Bingo Update

In December, I joined Winter Bookish Bingo hosted by Pretty Deadly Blog to add a little spice to my reading life. So far, I haven’t gotten a bingo, but I am well on my way to one soon! 209 more words


I don't believe it!

I get online tonight and the first thing on my Microsoft feed is the news that the country’s oldest circus is shutting down operations.  I know I have linked to snopes.com but it was everywhere!   449 more words


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Monday Night Bingo!

Sponsored by Orielle

Bonus pot 42K tbux I18


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