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KNPPB A Rival Organization Created By Indonesia To Compete With KNPB

by wedaumamo at KNPB News

November 17, 2012

Analysis / Opinion

Jayapura, KNPBnews – In their continuous efforts to destroy the legitimate movement of the people of West Papua who are fighting for their rights, Indonesian counter-intelligence operations have now created a rival organization called the West Papua Youth National Committee (Komite Nasional Pemuda Papua Barat, or KNPPB). 632 more words

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Buchtar Tabuni sentenced to eight months; tight security round the courthouse.

Bintang Papua

24 September 2012

The former chairman of the KNPB – National Committee for West Papua – was sentenced to eight months in prison, having been charged with inflicting damage on the prison where he was held. 499 more words

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Father John Dhonga: 'Level of violence in Papua is getting worse'

Bintang Papua, 24 August, 2012

Father John Djonga has been living and working in the district of Keerom  and is now leaving West Papua and is handing over hist post to Father Ronnie Guntur.On his departure, he reflected on the situation in West Papua where he has been living and working for twelve years.. 421 more words

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DPRP member warns: Continued detention of Tabuni could strengthen pro-independence ideas

Bintang Papua, 8 June, 2012

Weynand Watory, a member of Commission A of the DPRP, said that the arrest of Buchtar Tabuni and his two colleagues  would do nothing to help resolve the conflict in Papua. 271 more words

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Indonesian police threaten Bintang Papua journalists in Yapen for reporting on demos

Threats against Bintang Papua journalists reported by JUBI

JUBI, 2 June 2012Jayapura: According to several journalists working in Serui, Yapen district in Papua, including a journalist from Bintang Papua,  they had been warned against publishing information about a demonstration that took place there on 29 May. 304 more words

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DPRP member: 'Journalists important for the Papuan people

Bintang Papua, 23 March 2012Journalists are very important for Papua
Ruben Magay

Jayapura: Without journalists, nothing would be known by the general public about the aspirations of the Papuan people, said Ruben Magay chairman of Commission A of the DPRP, the Papua Provincial Legislative Assembly. 238 more words

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Defence lawyer in Forkorus trial to be reported to the police

Bintang Papua, 1 March 2012

As a result of an incident during the 24 February hearing in the trial of Forkorus Yaboisembut, it is possible that a member of the defence team  is to be reported   to the police by the chief prosecutor at the trial. 464 more words

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