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From Across the Net: "Sharing FFXIV with my kids"

Enjoyed this piece by Justin (aka Syp) titled “Sharing FFXIV with my kids“.

And then I tasked them with helping me find on-screen clues leading us to the poacher, so there were three sets of eyes combing the screen and pointing to anything with a name tag over it.

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When I’m playing a game, I zone pretty hard into it so that I’m not seeing the room around me anyway. But I also like the option to turn my head and look at other things — for instance, my family if they’re around.

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Panic Slowly

The title says it all. We were at my daughter’s college graduation last weekend and the commencement speaker said that was one of the most important phrases he’s ever come across. 799 more words

Tim Braun

Procedural Serendipity: Redux

Syp’s recent post about procedural generation in games over at Bio Break has created a stir.

At least for me, I do not find any aspect of procedural generation exciting or engaging.

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Healing The Masses

Quote of the Day: Childish or Childlike?

Syp has a few things to say about Wildstar today. I have not been a big advocate of the game, which I have IRL taken to jokingly called “WoW 101 In Space.” But today’s post help me put a finger on one of the things that I have struggled with in everything I have seen about the game so far. 365 more words


Time and Pressure

It is 10 pm. The belly is empty, the back limp and the mind is a mess. The stale air and the cheap biscuits have sapped your vitality. 492 more words

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