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New Tank Build Elder Scrolls Online

I did it with 7 piece hist bark lol, in purple and only in 2 hours.. Look, he only has 22k health and 10k mag, but he’s a good tank. 62 more words

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Maximum group size in ESO would suit Imperial City best

I’m very surprised at the general reception of the IC event thus far. Personnally I have been thoroughly enjoying all the action accross the districts and sewers, but then again I always loved it. 158 more words

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From Across the Net: "Time well wasted"

Justin, aka “Syp”, reflects on time in his piece titled “Time well wasted“.

I don’t want to hobble my personal and professional life with an overabundance of gaming.

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From Across the Net: "Sharing FFXIV with my kids"

Enjoyed this piece by Justin (aka Syp) titled “Sharing FFXIV with my kids“.

And then I tasked them with helping me find on-screen clues leading us to the poacher, so there were three sets of eyes combing the screen and pointing to anything with a name tag over it.

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When I’m playing a game, I zone pretty hard into it so that I’m not seeing the room around me anyway. But I also like the option to turn my head and look at other things — for instance, my family if they’re around.

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