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Biomimetic file 161: Extreme Micro Architectures

Extreme Micro Architectures

Image source: J. Bauer/KIT

Highlight: “Nanotechnology, the ability to manipulate structures on an atomic level, has the potential to revolutionize our world. From creating artificial skin that allows the user to “feel,” to using nanoscopic algae “backpacks” to deliver chemotherapy treatment, it is a technological field that constantly breaks new ground. 275 more words

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The 1960s was the last decade when storytellers and UFO evangelists could effectively use Venus as the world that our alien conquerors were coming from. 549 more words

Science Fiction

Out Of The Box

The dead live again. Normal. Almost as if nothing happened. And there’s big money in it.

But the woman hired to run the secret lab finds herself in the grips of a body-selling industry and begins to wonder: “Am I assisting in a crime without knowing it? 147 more words


Kids On Monster's Menu

Law enforcement officials try to calm nerves in the wake of a series of disappearances involving children across the county in recent weeks. Community grief has turned into anger as nervous parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers press authorities for decisive action despite the absence of any firm clues. 381 more words

Science Fiction

The ‘peculiar’ history behind science’s race to bring extinct tortoises back to life | The Washington Post

Don’t get me wrong, I love these stories. I just wonder how long science will be cleaning up the messes that humanity created before all the mistake we made will be corrected?

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Biomimetic file 157: Communications

World’s first cyber plant

Image: Linköping University

Highlight: “A team of scientists at Linköping University in Sweden have developed the first electrically augmented plant, creating both analog and digital circuits inside a living rose…This technology could allow scientists to regulate growth and chemical processes in plants, as well as harness photosynthesis to create new solar cells… The Swedish group added a polymer inside the rose’s natural system of vessels and its leaves, and they were able to show it’s possible to create electrical components that resemble wires, transistors, and even display elements…” 235 more words

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Chemtrails Infecting Everyone With Alien Biology


This important video presentation was produced in two parts by Clifford Carnicom and Dr. Gwen Scott in circa 2008.

Carnicom’s central message is to alert the audience that chemtrails are far more than for the purpose of atmospheric modification.  141 more words