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Happy Birthday to ME!

I’ve maintained for some time now that the older I get the longer I get to celebrate.  This year I’m pushing that edge with everything I’ve got.   579 more words


Vicki Kirby "Autoimmunity: The Political State of Nature"

Kirby, Vicki 2017. Autoimmunity: The Political State of Nature. Parallax 23(1): 46-60.

[…] autoimmunity’s riddle must accommodate the following paradox: the concept of autos, or ipse can no longer be something which is compromised, threatened or even secured, and this is because an identifiable self which appears under attack may never have existed. 560 more words

Ed Cohen "Self, Not-Self, Not Not-Self But Not Self"

Cohen, Ed 2017. Self, Not-Self, Not Not-Self But Not Self, or The Knotty Paradoxes of ‘Autoimmunity’: A Genealogical Rumination. Parallax 23(1): 28-45.

[…] the preponderance of contemporary immunological accounts continues to rely, mutatis mutandis, on a theoretical axiom classically formulated in the late 1950s by Frank Macfarlane Burnet’s Clonal Selection Theory. 1,097 more words

Software and Hardware, BIN, Turnhout, 2015

An autobiographical text published during the exhibition Wiews from above at the Belgian Institute for Normalization (BIN) in Turnhout:

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Wolfscraft Pils


/bright, lemon-like yellow

/mixed foam, weak consistency

/bought in a Bio-Supermarket because of the evil wolfs face. Found it overly tasty. A fruity, not bitter but still tart brew. No complains here!



He Can Control It Then - Those annoying phrases we parents hear.

We all hear things at times, that annoy us, and part of the reason I called my book he can control it then, was because of just how annoyed I get when I hear it. 303 more words

Meet Xora Lou


A natural class clown grew up in Raleigh,NC. Former radio personality in Richmond, VA relocated to Atlanta, GA and later decided to hit the stage!  96 more words