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Growing Apples from Seeds in Sub-Sahara Africa Step 2

Ok, After 1 month in the fridge I took out my sprouts and separated them gently using water and a fork, you can probably use tweezers or anything handy as long as you don’t brake the roots. 114 more words

Hi! I'm Snow :-)

My name is Snow, and I made this blog so humans, like you, can read what it’s like to be us – ‘dogs’. I thought I would start this off with a little background on me. 295 more words


A little about me

Hey! My name is Angela and I am a very simple woman. Life doesn’t tend to be simple, though, and that’s why I need to write. 161 more words


About Me

Hello readers, my name is Angela Charles and I am currently a Mass Communications student. I work as a Test-Administrator at Pearson where I spend most of my shifts day-dreaming about being a kick-butt public relations specialist. 113 more words


Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare

“It is true that the threat of war can still be used, but only by a lunatic. Unfortunately, some people are lunatics, and, not long ago, there were such lunatics in command of a powerful State. 260 more words

Music & Creative Workshop

A Blogger by Any Other Name...


That’s me.

But what does it mean? Have I misspelled a beloved character from Harry Potter? And what’s with the number?

The story behind my name is actually pretty simple. 215 more words

Generic Ramblings

Falcons pay tribute to Devin Hester after 'probably' his final game

As exciting as it is to advance to the NFC championship, the Atlanta Falcons’  36-20 win over the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional playoffs on Saturday is bittersweet because it was also likely the final game of Devin Hester’s remarkable NFL career. 403 more words

Atlanta Falcons