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Nature Shows, Mind, Non-Dualsim and Intelligent Design

Straight up:

I do not, as I have written before, believe in intelligent design.

It is a dualistic concept, and so misses the deep Truth of how things are… 1,615 more words


Mandela Effect ReBirth Blog: The Freemason Connection, A Royal secret that Isn't so Secret

In this digital age we tend to think that the ideas and trends of the day are fresh and new.  Take for example the Mandela Effect, which to me represents a mass awakening in the collective consciousness that reality is not what our culture has lead us to believe.   1,034 more words

A new theory of everything: Biocentrism

Biocentrism (from Greek: βίος, bios, “life”; and κέντρον, kentron, “center”) — also known as the biocentric universe — is a theory proposed in 2007 by American scientist Robert Lanza, which sees biology as the central driving science in the universe, and an understanding of the other sciences as reliant on a deeper understanding of biology. 912 more words


An Unbroken Loveliness

Now comes Eileen Crist, with excerpts from her brilliant essay, I Walk in the World to Love It; images are from the Aviary of Sara Angelucci. 19 more words


All in the mind? The argument for idealism in Biocentrism

I reviewed the book Biocentrism: How life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True nature of the Universe By Robert Lanza and Bob Berman earlier, and I was rather critical about it. 1,571 more words


Planetary Endemism and the Overview Effect


A Conceptual Overview

What is the relationship between planetary endemism and the overview effect? This is the sort of question that might be given a… 1,722 more words

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