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On Thinking Ethically (2)

By Analyn Morales

August 15, 2015

What is biocentrism?

“The term biocentrism encompasses all environmental ethics that “extend the status of moral object from human beings to all living things in nature.” Biocentric ethics calls for a rethinking of the relationship between humans and nature. 460 more words

Environmental Articles

Arthur, Otherkin, and Anthropocentric Ethics

In this post, I make some (very) brief comments on how respect for otherkin might blur the boundaries of an anthropocentric ethics, in a way that loosely parallels what I would expect in the television show… 1,253 more words


New Birth, Rebirth

The days and months have passed by so quickly. My last post I’m Not Coming Over for Dinner was the last real communication I’ve had with my daughter. 458 more words

Literary Analysis: Why canon texts of ecocriticism are successful

The Domestic and the Wild

Yasemin Çelebi, 6 April 2015

            In Christopher Manes’ essay “Nature and Silence”, Manes draws a distinction between the understanding of nature within animistic societies and those of societies under the influence of Western philosophy. 2,007 more words

3rd Year Essay


Yesterday Grandma surrendered to the immense relief which is death.

The whole of our family was packed up in the car, ready to travel the 7 hours to say our last farewells. 175 more words


Death Philosophy

What is death?
In complicated words, death is the cessation of the connection between our mind and our body.
In simple words, death is the stoppage of biological processes. 1,239 more words