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The Friday Dose #133: Biocentrism

I haven’t changed my view of how the universe works since I was five. It all makes sense, but it makes sense as dreams within dreams. 256 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought

Biocentrism - Dr. Robert Lanza Interview on CBC Radio

A year or two ago, I found myself quite taken by an online article title “Where Does Our Consciousness Go When We DIe?”   The answer is… another planet according to Dr. 242 more words

Resonance Repatterning

Deathbed Wishes


For whom the bell tolls?

I saw a posting on Facebook where someone suggested that what most people regret on their deathbeds is what they didn’t do. 950 more words


Quantum Mechanics: Not Just Kinda Cool But Essential to Life

It has long been clear quantum mechanics (QM) effects are basic in life. This was something I have taken for granted from what I learned starting in pre-med about cellular biology, though research bears this out in many new and interesting ways. 502 more words


Review: Biocentrism by Robert Lanza and Bob Berman

Biocentrism purports to outline a new scientific hypothesis strongly suggested by both the results and the blind alleys of current science. According to this theory, life and consciousness must be understood as not being merely emergent phenomena in a universe built of physics, but something fundamental that the physical universe depends on. 1,212 more words


'Noble Savage' Tarzan Schools Us on Politics

The Legend of Tarzan released at the perfect time in our current political environment.

The local African tribe represents the innocent-selfish way we disrespect nature. The tribe required young men to hunt a big animal as a rite of passage to manhood, which killed Tarzan’s ape-mom. 420 more words

It's All About Mind at Play; That Is, It's All About You

From the book “ A Beautiful Question” by Nobel Prize winner for physics Frank Wiczek:

“The human mind is our ultimate sense organ.” p. 159… 1,527 more words