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Why ecocentrism is the key pathway to sustainability

GR: Attention Biophiliacs (lovers of animals and plants). Here’s an article from the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere (MAHB) that deals with the central ideas of nature conservation. 429 more words

Nature Conservation


Often, people ask me: “How do you define ‘God’?’

You don’t have to define God at all. What god is isn’t what’s written in The Bible, The Qu’ran, or any religious book out there. 394 more words

Judi Bari: Revolutionary Ecology and Biocentrism

GR: Judi Bari (1949-1997) wrote clearly and passionately about nature conservation. Her explanation of biocentrism is excellent.

Biocentrism Definition of Nature Conservation

“Deep ecology, or biocentrism, is the belief that nature does not exist to serve humans. 658 more words

Nature Conservation

Biocentrism Book Review

Today’s book review is on the topic of Quantum Physics, Consciousness, the universe and the like. It’s a topic I always found fascinating, why are we here? 306 more words


Do We Have Judgemental Love, or Free Love?

Have you ever wondered whether your love is limited by your judgemental mind, or do you think your love is free of it ?

Often, we tend to think that love is deserved to those who do good, and to the innocent.

295 more words

Nature Shows, Mind, Non-Dualsim and Intelligent Design

Straight up:

I do not, as I have written before, believe in intelligent design.

It is a dualistic concept, and so misses the deep Truth of how things are… 1,615 more words