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BIOCHAR Ancient Origins, Modern Inspirations

Guest Article by Paul Taylor, PhD
Biochar Consultant,

“Biochar, produced in pyrolysis of residues from crops, forestry, and animal wastes, can be used to restore soil fertility while storing carbon for centuries to millennia. 3,013 more words

Sustainable Gardening

I'm a Geoscientist: Viktor Bruckman - 'Above Ground' Officer

It’s I’m a Geoscientist week! Or more exactly: weeks. From March 9 until March 20, the EGU supports I’m a Geoscientist to help students engage with scientists about real science. 856 more words

CO2 Storage

A $10 million dollar pilot biomass plant will be constructed in the Western Australian Capital of Perth.

Now you may be wondering, how can there be enough pilots in Western Australia to make rendering them down into biofuel worthwhile? But rest assured, in this case the word pilot does not mean aviator, but rather means the facility will be leading the way in terms of technology, and the feedstock to be used will be plants. 408 more words

Climate Change

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Thank Christmas That’s Over

We’ve made it through the festivities for another year. I hope you had a great time. We managed to get into Palma for the Three Kings Parade and watched it alongside some very excited children! 1,031 more words

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