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Resource group to test biochar on soil productivity

Funding from the federal farm bill is being put to innovative use in Wallowa County, allowing a local group to continue experimenting with biochar as a soil amendment. 72 more words

La Grande Observer

Little known side of Hong Kong: Conservation and Restoration work at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG)

James and Thibaud Aronson made a stop in Hong Kong recently, and post a report on what’s going on restoration-wise at the 60-year old Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens.

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Tropical Ecological Restoration

Biochar to Terra Preta aka "Black Soil"

Wikipedia tells us Terra Preta is said to have a minimum proportion of 2.0-2.5% organic matter at 50cm depth as the photo below of field-based Terra Preta indicates. 631 more words


How much Soil Organic Carbon is best?

David Johnson’s excellent talk tackles this very question.

His finding correlates very well with my own readings on soil organic carbon (SOC) reaching a tipping point along with fungal diversity at about 3-4% SOC. 97 more words


geoengineering explained: the benefits and challenges of biochar

Biochar, a form of carbon dioxide sequestration (SDR), is a solid material obtained from the carbonization of biomass. This produces a highly porous charcoal. The biomass is then buried in order to lock the carbon into the soil which can improve soil functions and the CO2 typically produced by the natural degradation of biomass is reduced. 205 more words


Make Graphene with an Oxy-Acetylene Torch?

It’s been discovered by University of Kansas researchers that filling a chamber with acetylene and oxygen, the same gasses used in welding and cutting torches, can produce quantities of graphene when ignited by spark plug at one atmosphere. 47 more words


Terra Preta Recipes by Work With Nature

Work With Nature

How did they make it? David gives two interpretations of his own:

Vermicompost version:

Micronized biochar 20%,
Cow manure,
Weeds, 49 more words