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Day 15: half way there

I need to stop ordering things from the Internet. Boxed items arrive in slightly larger boxes. Bagged items arrive in slightly larger bags. And void-fill (the fancy name for packing foam etc.) has to be in the… 325 more words


The Earth Shoes

Summer is here, time for sandals, but my favorite black pair has fallen apart. What can I do? Maybe I can look on the Internet and find a pair just like them.  599 more words


Celebrate Earth Day! Eco-Friendly Capsules for Keurig

In the past year, manufacturers have begun producing eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional plastic K-Cup® pods. This is exciting news for consumers, who can now enjoy single serve coffee, lattes, hot chocolates and teas without contributing to landfills. 561 more words

Coffee & Tea

Toilet roll pots

..in which I experiment with toilet roll pots and learn what NOT to do next time..

I had a lot of toilet rolls waiting to be recycled about the same time I was thinking about getting planting cells for my seeds. 189 more words

Wear No Evil: Book Review

Since this week is Fashion Revolution week and Earth Day I decided to share a book that inspired me and made me believe that I could make a difference in the world using fashion. 343 more words


Day nine: free magazines

Today at work, because I recently signed up for a training course with a particular training organisation, they took it upon themselves to send to me a 110-page magazine from an associated company. 334 more words