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Zara joins sustainability movement in fast fashion industry

Zara, a Spanish fast fashion retailer, has just launched their Join Life fashion line. The line uses organic and recyclable materials, similar to H&M’s Conscious Collection. 345 more words


Tipos de arenas

Hoy en día podemos encontrar gran variedad de arenas en cuanto a colores, olores o tipos. Aquí se exponen los tipos porque los colores y olores son infinitos! 281 more words


Why Recycling is the new Moisturising.

Of all the business workings you must archive and report, ‘waste’ is probably the least appetising. Trying to tot up the margin of product that fell off the production line, the bits you’d like to pick back up off the scrapheap… it’s not an auditor’s most exciting way to spend a day. 673 more words


Breakdown of sustainability in the fashion industry

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is defined by Webster dictionary as “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” 423 more words


The Original Recycler

Recycling is in vogue, but our generation can’t take credit for it. God is the Original Recycler.

God does good work!

God uses evaporation and condensation to turn filthy water into fresh. 108 more words




Concept produtcs – dezeen.com

Piñatex is a material, developed by Ananas Anam, made from 80% pineapple leaf fibres and 20% PLA (a biodegradable fibre made from lactic acid). 987 more words


Zero waste - Period: Using a menstrual cup

Using a menstrual cup.

When I am on my period, I use a menstrual cup and I have done so for more than a year. 282 more words