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'Nano-paper' semiconductors that can be composted

Engadget reports on research into biodegradable electronics; specifically semiconductors composed of cellulose nanofibril (CNF) which help produce both flexible and compostable electronics.

Source: Engadget


Baby poop and zero waste diapers

Here I am, 3 months after giving birth, finally able to sit down and write for a few minutes before my baby wakes up again. I tell you, a newborn is, like everybody tells you, hard work, but it’s also very rewarding. 471 more words

Biodegradable Diapers

Is it normal to Love Cleaning so much?

Cleaning! It never ends, or at least it doesn’t in my house.. I can walk from room to room and see something that needs cleaning, wether it’s a bit of dusting, tidying the clutter, hoovering… something will catch my eye. 257 more words

clean the ocean

The cleaner itself has no unique features. But its packaging and its sales idea make it unique: It’s the only household cleaner that also cleans beaches and oceans. 41 more words


Taking Good Care of the Planet...!

Non-bios shall be the only standing artifacts in the planet even after the extinction of the species called the “homo sapiens”…!

What will the future alien archeologists will say about us?

In The City

Thoughts on Being Biodegradable

Under my fingernails
there is black.
Not only is it
ash and ‘what is left’
but it is my flesh soon
to return to
ashes to ashes, 25 more words

Reusable Systems

To tie up into one term the systems behind permaculture, recycling, upcycling, and renewable energy sources, the term “Reusable Systems” is used. It is both actual practical processes, and the philosophies behind them. 225 more words