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Dryer lint urns were an Earth Day 40th Anniversary initiative. Out came the beautifully hued lint from the dryer trap when my little daughter, Sofia’s pastel clothing was dry. 604 more words


Homemade confetti tutorial

For the purposes of populating my blog I have revisited some old projects from this year so although this isn’t particularly seasonal, it’s a good tutorial and a project that I have repeated again and again. 551 more words


Union Market utensils

“What a shame that these utensils are going to be thrown away,” remarked my father after finishing up a plate of tasty masala dosa that was just made and served fresh from a food stall. 1,347 more words


Amado Gudek

Amado Gudek – Imaginative Jewellery Cast in Clear Conscience

Amado Gudek provides imaginative jewellery that are hand crafted in Singapore using environment-friendly bio-resins, biodegradable green plastics and other mixed media. 17 more words


Organic All Natural Deodorant

Tired of using harsh cancer causing chemicals and irritated armpits, I set out to find a natural alternative that ACTUALLY WORKED. I stumbled upon a pricey cream deodorant at a natural beauty shop in Boston that I feel in love with. 245 more words


Breaking Down the Biodegradability Myth in Fashion

Biodegradability comes up a lot when we talk about sustainable fashion. The prevailing belief seems to be that if a fabric is made with natural fibers… 650 more words