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SipSticks Paper Drinking Straws Biodegradable 50 Pack - Lime Green Stripe

SipSticks paper drinking straws last for hours. These are not like the straws your parents used in the 50’s. Over the years we’ve figured out natural methods to make the straw last for hours and hours without breaking apart and getting mushy. 76 more words

Kitty Modeling

Here’s our kitty, Solé, who decided to improvise his modeling abilities in front of the backdrop of Michelle’s hand-crafted pillows. These burlap, felted wool pillows are available to purchase at the Ranchette’s Etsy store, MichelleLynnDecor.

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If structures were biodegradable…

Whenever a building needs to be demolished, the debris should not pollute the earth. But the reality is different.

The human race appears to be very good in doling out data and statistics, including about impending disasters. 472 more words


This biohybrid robot uses sea slug muscles to scoot around

To power a swarm of tiny robots, scientists are turning to the humble sea slug. A team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University has developed a small sea-turtle-inspired robot that moves a 3D-printed shell with contractions using muscles from the mouth of a California sea slug. 407 more words

Developing biodegradable 3D printing composites for bone fracture implants

Evonik, a German speciality chemicals company, is conducting research on new biodegradable 3D printing materials which could be used in the fixation of fractured bones. The composite materials could eventually replace the metals traditionally used to fabricate implants. 119 more words


Biodegradable glitter? It's really a thing!

I had honestly never given glitter much thought in terms of its impact on the environment. I had wondered about its safety and potential toxicity given it can stick to the skin or scalp for such long periods of time and be hard to remove; but beyond that simple pondering, glitter has simply been glitter. 160 more words

Belly Dance

Why I Don't Subscribe to Zero Waste

The idea of going zero waste is great. But does cutting back on your individual waste really help the planet?

The other day on Instagram I saw someone post about the plastic-free July challenge. 622 more words