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A Waste

Last Sunday as I left a Starbucks in North London, I glanced into the trash bin and saw heaps of plastic cups. I was both annoyed and confused. 802 more words

Paperculture instead of plasticulture

How was a biodegradable but sufficiently durable paper mulch developed commercially to replace slowly degrading plastic? Senior Scientist Antti Korpela explains the research and development behind the product. 1,043 more words

Antti Korpela

Little By Little

Where do used cotton buds go? It is something that I never, ever thought of. Read on to find out why you should replace those plastic sticks in your bathroom cabinet. 308 more words

Reducing Waste

5 Quick and Easy Tips for an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

Ditch the Styrofoam

It may seem obvious, but the easiest step to turning your restaurant green is to eliminate as  much excess waste as possible. And where does most of that waste come from, you ask? 254 more words

News & Industry Trends

Coffee and Beyond: Tiny Buds for your little tots

What mommies are looking for in products for their little ones are normally the safety and convenience in using. Since babies and toddlers have the most sensitive skin of all, we wouldn’t want to just use any unproven brands. 416 more words