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Scientist Develop Non-Plastic Biodegradable Bag

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Scientist develops biodegradable, edible non-plastic bags to halt the continued plastic pollution of the world

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One country that has been making a concerted effort to reduce plastic waste is India. 642 more words

OXO biodegradable plastic

Need of biodegradable plastic whose waste management is not as a hazardous as that in case of conventional plastic in use.


Swachh Bharat

The Power To Achieve and Maintain Quality, or Presentation is Everything

One lesson I took away from taking  typography classes at a for-profit commercial design school, was presentation is everything.

It seems today, more than ever there exist many loud vociferous people who will stand up to shout down those of us who desire or think being Eco-friendly, sustainable, and responsibility is and should be a core value when it comes to doing business. 220 more words


Vasos de Papel con PLA

Conocemos los vasos de papel con PE para poder usar con líquidos, tanto fríos como calientes. Ahora disponemos también de los mismos vasos y soperas para bebidas, helados y sopas con recubrimiento de PLA (ácido poliláctico). 36 more words


The best diapers on the planet, and other related things.

I used to envy cloth diapering moms just a little bit. But I have found a diaper I love so much that I no longer feel guilty for not using cloth: Poofs. 242 more words


Harry’s wife, Mildred, had told him they would do anything he wanted for his birthday. I don’t think she expected him to say he wanted the town undertaker to come by, but she was true to her word, so Mildred put on the coffee pot and welcomed me in. 809 more words


Wolford presents the Cradle to Cradle project at Avantex Paris

       I have always wondered where those worn tights I threw away went to.  Since they are generally made from synthetic fibres, incineration is not environmentally-friendly, and they can take up to 30-40 years to decompose when placed in a landfill.  148 more words

Wolford AG