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Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation

Lisa Henriques

The world’s ecosystems are a result of biodiversity. Biodiversity conservation responsibility must be observed in order to achieve the favorable state and the maintenance of our ecosystem. 497 more words


Qinghai Bird Watching Event July 2017

In our continuing effort to create awareness to the rich natural heritage of Qinghai, as well as to advocate for the protection/conservation of the environment, ENVIQO organized our very first Bird Watching Event, near Qinghai Lake on the 11th July 2017. 168 more words

Biodiversity Conservation

The Twin Lakes of Negros Oriental


The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board has invited me last week to its planners’ forum in Dumaguete City, to talk on the different management regimes on forest ecosystems as well as other conservation modalities. 840 more words

Biodiversity Conservation

DNA barcoding of East Asian Amentotaxus (Taxaceae): Potential new species and implications for conservation


DNAbarcoding is a useful tool for species identification using standardized genomic DNA fragments. The genusAmentotaxus, consisting offive or six species, is confined to South China, Northeast India, Laos, and Vietnam. 509 more words

A hotel for wild bees

I was amazed to see shelters for bees to pop up across Paris. This one is at Cité Universitaire, where there are at least four hotels alike. 192 more words

Green Stories

Welcome to the world of 'DIVERSITAS'

Diversity among living organisms have always been a great WONDER for all of us. It is this diversity, that makes earth the most splendid abode in the universe. 116 more words