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We can say all God made is the heavens, earth, and the seasons. The earth at Creation consists of the forest and man.
God made the earth a forest before man because he knew that is the best environment for man and also he designed it in such a way that it meets all our desires. 58 more words

Biodiversity Conservation

Become A Nature Doctor@Nature Rehab Initiative

Become A Nature Doctor!

Hi everyone, I trust you are enjoying your day, the Nature Rehab Initiative, is to discuss restore Nature to its previous state. 31 more words

Biodiversity Conservation

Divergent Landowners' Expectations May Hinder the Uptake of a Forest Certificate Trading Scheme

I’m very excited to say that we’ve just had a paper published in Conservation Letters. Led by Marta Giannichi, a PhD student based in the School of Geography here at Leeds. 304 more words


A visit to Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences , Kottayam, Kerala

To learn about the amazing world of diversity, field trips are truly essential. A visit to a place of valuable diversity fosters curiosity in our minds. 873 more words


World Tiger Day 2017

Happy world tiger day!

Thank you for dropping by to hear about tigers. The last tiger consensus was made in the year 2014 and the last tiger estimation phase had begun in the year 2016, using the proven scientific statistical methods of estimation, projecting a staggering figure of 2,226 tigers taking the world tiger count to 3,890. 425 more words


Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation

Lisa Henriques

The world’s ecosystems are a result of biodiversity. Biodiversity conservation responsibility must be observed in order to achieve the favorable state and the maintenance of our ecosystem. 497 more words


Qinghai Bird Watching Event July 2017

In our continuing effort to create awareness to the rich natural heritage of Qinghai, as well as to advocate for the protection/conservation of the environment, ENVIQO organized our very first Bird Watching Event, near Qinghai Lake on the 11th July 2017. 168 more words

Biodiversity Conservation