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Welcome to the world of 'DIVERSITAS'

Diversity among living organisms have always been a great WONDER for all of us. It is this diversity, that makes earth the most splendid abode in the universe. 116 more words


The Elusive and Iconic Monkeys under Pressure in Tanzania

The Elusive and Iconic Monkeys under Pressure in Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania.

Mohamed Aboud Kambi

The Udzungwa Mountains of South Central Tanzania (10,000 km2) are one of the most important mountains in Africa for conservation of biodiversity and, specifically, the one containing the largest forested blocks, and the richest in endemism levels, of the Eastern Arc Mountains of Kenya and Tanzania. 541 more words


Scopes for Snake Conservation

Broadening Public Perception Beyond High Profile Vertebrates: Scopes for Snake Conservation

Mohammed Ashraf

An unfortunate certainty associated with the ever-growing human population is the loss or alteration of habitat. 536 more words


Rafflesia speciosa found in another site of the Mount Kanla-on Natural Park


The Mount Kanla-on Natural Park in Negros Island continues to manifest its high standard as one of the centers of plant diversity in the Philippines. 954 more words

Biodiversity Conservation

Flowering trees in Mount Kanla-on gaining public attention


Beautiful photos of flowering trees at the foot slope of the Mount Kanla-on Natural Park in Negros Island have spread online during the past weeks. 1,578 more words

Biodiversity Conservation

Jagnath Wildlife Safari: Land of a hunter turned conservator

I got the opportunity to meet a man who was once a hunter but now dedicated to conserve the wilderness in a small piece of land owned my his family. 771 more words