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Welgevonden’s Placid Pachyderms and why we monitor their movement

Welgevonden’s elephant monitoring programme was first initiated in 2006 where Dave Powrie (current warden of Sabi Sands) was given the task of observing elephant behavioural response to the (then) experimental, newly introduced contraceptive drug, Porcine Zona Pellucide (PZP). 561 more words


Auditor critical of "informal" choice of projects for Australian threatened species funding

Australia’s auditor-general has questioned the process used by the Department of Environment to select 51 projects for a federal program aiming to raise more than $50 million for threatened species conservation. 730 more words


Mobile pastoralism—A 10,000-year-old practice still robust, if threatened, in the Mediterranean today

A Spanish shepherd and his flock (photo via Flickr/Jeromy Johnson).

From the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture
‘Mobile pastoralism is the movement of people and livestock through the landscape in search of water and pasture, and includes different practices such as transhumance, semi-nomadic and nomadic pastoralism and certain practices of extensive grazing—all involving people, herds and movement, and all having a positive impact on biodiversity. 555 more words

Climate Change

Illegal ‘white gold,’ South Africa’s abalone, pouring into Hong Kong

Illegally sourced South African abalone (Haliotis midae), a marine snail considered a delicacy in East Asia, continues to flood Hong Kong markets, according to a new report by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. 80 more words


Trafficking, Poaching & Illegal Trade Must Stop!

The next target in the struggle to stamp out ivory trade and its debilitating effect on elephant populations across Africa is the European Union (EU). A petition signed by 32 African leaders has called on the EU—the world’s largest exporter of legal ivory—to close its thriving market.

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There is a mountain behind the house where I used to live where I would go when I wanted to feel peace. Walking among the towering pines, soft needles underfoot, I myself felt rooted – my lungs would open and I could breathe easier. 2,254 more words


Can pollinators survive sudden changes in the weather?

Just how pollinators cope with sudden changes in the weather early in the season is a bit of a mystery.  Take 2018 as an example; my wife Karin spotted the first queen bumblebee in the garden on 6th January, investigating a camellia flower just outside the kitchen.  405 more words