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Imagine a world without fish...

Imagine if you weren’t able to eat your favourite seafood dish, or if all aquariums in the world disappeared? Think about how complicated and intricate the food chain is and if one whole species were wiped out, how detrimental will this be to our planet.   532 more words


Traditional forest management practices stop forest succession and bring back rare plant species

In this post Jan Douda discusses his recent paper ‘Traditional forest management practices stop forest succession and bring back rare plant species

The past management practices may continue to influence ecosystem functions and processes for decades, centuries or even longer after they have been abandoned.

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World's largest marine reserve to be created in Antarctica in historic multi-country agreement

The countries that decide the fate of Antarctica reached an historic agreement on Friday to create the world’s largest marine protected area in the ocean next to the frozen continent. 354 more words


Rewilding Discourses

Here is my dissertation submitted for the MSc in Agroforestry, Bangor University, September 2016.

Rewilding Discourses:

Evaluating different discourses of rewilding amongst land-use           stakeholders in the UK… 945 more words
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58 percent of wildlife has vanished: WWF report

The World Wildlife Fund’s biennial report on the status of global species contained some alarming new findings: almost two-thirds of wild vertebrate populations have disappeared… 125 more words


How tree cover can offer shortcut to estimating biodiversity

A research team from Stanford University has developed a more efficient method to measure and quantify the level of biodiversity across landscapes from wilderness to urban centers. 80 more words

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Get It Done - Simply

Turns out, the world is full of people just getting it done by finding simple solutions.  Simply solutions aren’t always easy to do.  But they are always uncomplicated and cost effective.   172 more words