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Sowing the seeds...

Well, gathering them if you really want to get pedantic… It’s been a glorious week back in the garden. Filthy hands, knees, face – a growing collection of scrapes and bruises to be nurtured and the most perfect of weather for harvesting…My mental health can but profit ! 798 more words

Glorious Grub

A Selpulcher of Profit

A Selpulcher of Profit

by Jay Burney

I first published this article in October of 2011 Artvoice: http://artvoice.com/issues/v10n42/guest_essay

It, or parts of it were subsequently republished in a variety of places including a partial publication in GROWWNY:  5,421 more words

Critical Thinking

A variation on a theme

I Become Obsessed With Moths
The past summer found me spending a lot of time looking at insects especially moths and butterflies. Two books that got me very interested in moths are the Peterson Field Guide to Moths by David Beadle and Seabrooke Leckie and Tiger Moths and Woolly Bears edited by William E. 279 more words


Only thing worse than being labelled 'deadly', is not being called anything at all

I had an interesting exchange on Twitter today that deserves some discussion, not because the brief internet argument that ensued offers some insightful wisdom (internet debates rarely do anything more than… 645 more words


Mexico to step up vaquita conservation efforts

Focusing on illegal trade could help protect world’s most endangered marine mammal

By Bob Berwyn

In a hopeful sign for the critically endangered vaquita, Mexican environmental and law enforcement officials have indicated they’ll work more closely with conservation groups to track illegal fishing in the upper Gulf of California, and try to stop the trade of illegal fish in the region. 396 more words



As the season gets colder bee numbers are rapidly declining but there are still some hoverflies about enjoying the last of the garden flowers.

Eristalis spp and unidentified

Helophilus Spp

Eristalis spp


Botanical Wolves Scatter the Seeds for Biodiversity

(COVINGTON, La.) — When people visit the St. Paul’s School campus, they are often struck by the natural beauty that the many plants and flowers provide. 436 more words

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