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Importance Of Bio-Diversity

Importance of bio-diversity powerpoint link

My group and I were assigned a project to explain the importance of bio-diversity. The powerpoint is very interesting and will thoroughly explain to you what bio-diversity is and why we need to protect it.

Conserving biodiversity and other surrounding environment through a massive tree-sapling transplantation

Eco-restoration project implemented in Rajshahi

A forestry project is being implemented here with the main thrust of checking desertification in the country’s northwest region besides conserving biodiversity and other surrounding environment through a massive tree-sapling transplantation. 218 more words


New paper published - Both spatiotemporal connectivity and habitat quality limit the immigration of forest plants into wooded corridors

Text by Taavi Paal and Jaan Liira

What limits forest plant migration along wooded corridors?

Europe’s natural forest is heavily fragmented by agricultural land. Such isolation threatens the long-term persistence of forest biodiversity. 664 more words

New Publication

Editor's Choice 54:1 – A new tool for rapid eradication assessment

The Editor’s Choice for Issue 54:1 is written by Associate Editor Ayesha Tulloch. The article chosen by the Editors as this issue’s Editor’s choice article is ‘

770 more words

Spotlight: Ecosystem restoration under the microscope

The Spotlight for Issue 54:1 is on the subject of genetics and restoration. The post about this Spotlight is written by Ryan Sadler from University of Toronto.

562 more words

[BOTANI] Etnomedicine, Shortcut Penelitian Farmakologi Terkini

Pembicara ketiga pada talkshow etnobotani adalah pakar farmakologi dari Balai Besar Penelitian dan Pengembangan Tumbuhan Obat dan Obat Tradisional (B2P2TO-OT a.k.a. BPTO) Tawangmangu, Ibu Yuli Widiyastuti. 330 more words