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Beetle Trapping Expedition

It was a beautiful, hot, Spring morning, and 3 out of shape committed scientists set out to bait and trap beetles in a mountainous and rugged sub-Mediterranean area of Romania.   1,466 more words


You will keep forever, I'll bury you like treasure

And so to bogs…

Over the years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time leaping from tussock to tussock, squelching through wet  springy moss  and sometimes up to knees or thighs in glaur – all while passing through our mountain bogs.   687 more words

Loch Lomond And Trossachs National Park

It's Nature

By now, we have realized that without Nature we would not survive. All the species on this planet lives off Nature. It is the resources of Nature we spend. 417 more words


Things that Sting

I love scorpions. They’re fast, predatory, venomous … really, everything you could want in animal. So in Arizona, while I was supposed to be collecting caterpillars, I occasionally took a “scorpion break,” flipping rocks and digging in the sand. 667 more words


Global warming could unravel UK's peatland ecosystems

More research showing the cascading ecosystem impacts of climate change

Staff Report

FRISCO — Plovers, grouse and other bird species will suffer as global warming changes the hydrology of the UK’s far-reaching blanket bogs, scientists warned after developing a model that shows how climate change will play out in those wetland ecosystems. 485 more words


Warm blooded fish????

The  opah, or moon fish,(Lampris guttatus) a large colorful fish living across the world’s oceans,Although fish is regarded as poikilothermic(Cold blooded)  in nature ,but his one  has been found to have a warm heart and maintain  homeostasis, according to a  journal  report.  140 more words


Deer Shield fungus

Deer Shield (Pluteus cervinus)

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At the same time yesterday evening that I found the Yellow Swamp Brittlegill fungus, I also found, not far away, this Deer Shield or Fawn Mushroom (Pluteus cervinus). 115 more words