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Taipei Times: ‘Frozen ark’ to preserve species

Taipei Times: ‘Frozen ark’ to preserve species. “Taiwanese researchers are contributing to a global initiative to identify, document and preserve the world’s species and biodiversity by developing cryobanking, DNA barcoding and online database programs, officials from the Forestry Bureau and the Academia Sinica’s Biodiversity Research Center told a news conference in Taipei on Thursday.”

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Ugly produce is likely to benefit biodiversity

I believe that produce need not be held to commercial beauty standards. Here’s why. Produce at commercial supermarkets is usually plump, cartoon-ish, vibrantly colorful, and generally “seedless.” These kinds of standards create a very narrowly defined norm for the image of many fruits and vegetables. 428 more words

Tinder Dry Days- Muir of Dinnet NNR

What a glorious week it’s been! With the exception of Tuesday, when it was cold enough to need gloves, it’s been a warm, dry and sunny week. 853 more words

Muir Of Dinnet NNR

Nature for future Generations – where next?

Cath Denholm,  our Deputy Chair, shares reflections on this week’s British Ecological Society/UK Government Conservation Agencies’ Conference on nature for future generations.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was invited to attend the Nature for Future Generations conference (as the new SNH representative for the JNCC): But I enjoyed it greatly and came away with a lot of impressions. 489 more words

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To bee or not to bee

This Sunday the UK celebrated World Bee Day (May 20th); the first year of the now to be annual UN awareness event aimed at increasing our sensitivity to the global importance and increasing struggle of pollinators. 670 more words


Community consultation - Marrickville Golf Course & Dibble Avenue Waterhole

This is important community consultation & something we should all participate in even if we are not a golfer.  As our area gets more developed, places like this & the Golf Club’s activities are going to become even more important for the community. 561 more words

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National Biodiversity Week

We are already half way through Ireland’s biodiversity week, and computer issues and work have meant that I am only now getting around post about it. 201 more words