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Protecting Nature in the Anthropocene

The last known original depiction of a Dodo head before it was driven to extinction (Commons)

For most of our history, humankind viewed “nature” as something eternal and imperturbable. 1,284 more words


Hyde Hall RHS Gardens

So I feel its nessesary for one’s mental health to get out of the city every now and then and surround yourself with nature. This month I have chosen to do that by heading the the Hyde Hall RHS gardens near Chelmsford. 506 more words


Fall in Love for Nature this Autumn

Here are some tips to grow a great relationship with your yard and local ecosystem, now that summer has finally flipped off the calendar. While you and I are just one proverbial drop, our landscape actions accumulate, and then fill the bucket (our local ecology) with a certain flavour – pollution or purity, resilience or climate change fragility, sharing with other species or taking away from them. 710 more words

How to Make the Rio Grande Grand Again

Here’s a better vision for the US-Mexico border.

Gabriel Diaz Montemayor, University of Texas at Austin

The United States and Mexico have shared their current international border for nearly 170 years. 1,362 more words


Methanogens: Members of Archaea

Thought to be among the oldest organisms on earth, methanogens live in extreme environments and have adaptations allowing them to thrive in their harsh habitats. 641 more words


For Humans, Bugs and Beauty — An Urban Food Forest Demonstration

“This place is famous. People loving coming by here because at any time of year you can get something to eat.” Architect Mark Lakeman, co-founder of the City Repair project, gives a tour of the corner sidewalk outside his Portland office building, where a food forest is bursting with life. 70 more words


PCOS Treatment Options: Is There a Cure for PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a condition which cannot be cured. It is possible for the symptoms of PCOS to be managed, however. Women who suffer from this condition should be sure to talk about all of the potential PCOS treatment options, as the right treatment will be different for every individual. 427 more words