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Repair? Replace? Upgrade? The spare body part market is heating up.

Nature writer Heidi Ledford got all het up last week about a 3D printing conference featuring customised body parts. They had ears, dissolving splints, bones, a skull implant, a living kidney, and the now-obligatory 3D printed… 716 more words


Brain-jacking is nearly here

We reckon weightless ‘net-surfing will put a rocket under the  development of cybernetic internet terminals. But we’re starting to think we’re wrong about how it will happen. 626 more words


My rose bush just called me!

In the not-so-distant-future. . .

My rose bush “Angela” was genetically modified with bioelectronics and a few dozen nano computers and a carbon nanotube antenna.  She doesn’t call me.   154 more words

The Future

[ARTICLE] Bioelectronic Medicine and the Dawn of Robotic Training to Improve Motor Outcome in Chronic Stroke - Full Text PDF

Engineers and clinicians have cooperated to produce and test new classes of bioelectronics that have altered motor impairment that occurs after stroke. The rationale that increased intensity of training alters outcome derives from past clinical and preclinical work. 430 more words

Upper Limb

on bioelectronics - 'digital drugs' (literally)

GSK switches to electronic medicine

“GlaxoSmithKline is betting on this new vision of medicine — curing patients through electronics instead of chemicals”
By Clive Cookson, Financial Times… 44 more words

Clinical Use

Lab in a Lab: from Circuit design to Webcam Hack

From 21 September 2014 to 28 October 2014 I did a project called Lab in-a Lab as my residency program for Age of Wonderland from… 894 more words


Neuroimmunology's Future - Bioelectronics Treats TNF Diseases - Will replace drug industry



This is an earth changing, once in a century paradigm shift in medicine.

TNF Alpha Diseases

Bioelectronics reduces TNF alpha

Inflammatory Diseases treated without drugs. 943 more words

Chronic Pain