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Abengoa Biofuels Selling Ethanol Refineries to Avoid Backruptcy

– by Erin Voegele, January 26, 2016, Biomass Magazine

On Jan. 25, Abengoa announced plans to sell its non-core assets, including its first-generation biofuel plants, as part of a new restructuring plan to avoid bankruptcy. 410 more words


Indiana Residents Concerned About Plans to Burn Paint Thinner and Antifreeze at Cement Facility

– January 22, 2016, WHIO

Residents living near a cement-making plant in a small southern Indiana community are worried the plant’s plans to use a new fuel type could pose a public health and environmental threat. 446 more words


New York Incinerator Dumps Mercury-Laced Wastewater Into River

– by Brian Nearing, January 21, 2016, Times Union

A long-time hazardous waste kiln in Cohoes would have to cut mercury and other pollution spilled into the Mohawk River and a stream that feeds the Hudson River, under a proposed new water pollution permit from the state Department of Environmental Conservation. 728 more words



来源于 Chemicals-technology.com


自从2015年六月,两家公司就开始在位于San Diego 和 Campinas的Genomatica创新中心进行实验室规模的丁二烯生产。

在2013年, 两家公司就合作开发用可再生原料生产丁二烯的商业应用工艺。

在研究计划执行过程中, 两家公司的研发团队成功在两升发酵器中培育出一种可以消化糖并将其转化为丁二烯的微生物。




Genomatica研发中心高级副总裁Nelson Barton说 “我们的联合团队充分利用Genomatica的整合生物工程平台的计算技术和高容量的克隆和筛选能力迅速完成了一个重要里程碑。”







Genomatica and Braskem produce single step butadiene through biological process


From Chemicals-technology.com

A group of scientists at Genomatica and Braskem have announced that they have produced butadiene through a direct, bio-based process in a lab. 264 more words


Maine Towns Debate Trash Incineration

– by Arlene Karidis, January 20, 2016, Waste Dive

Dive Brief:

About 187 Maine towns and cities are considering new trash services starting in 2018 and, as reported in Bangor Daily News, they have two serious candidates: the Penobscot Energy Recovery Co. 512 more words


Rutherford County, Tennessee Considers Trash Incineration

– January 19, 2016, Renewable Energy from Waste

Officials in Rutherford County, Tennessee, who rely on a privately owned landfill for municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal, say they are considering waste-to-energy (WTE) alternatives as that landfill draws closer to reaching its capacity. 302 more words