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Energy auction will contract wind power and biomass

An energy auction for alternative sources is scheduled for April 27th and will coincide with the end of the sugar cane crop. In addition to cane marc, the auction aims to hire wind power, solid waste power and other types of biomass. 684 more words


Short rotation coppice

In summer 2014 I was engaged in my new working position to be a volatile compound specialist in the group in charge of a PTR-TOF-MS (proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometer). 257 more words


Energy research in South Africa (Day 284)

284 days into my blog and counting. By now, I trust you’ve realised that the chemical engineering profession is truly global.  But it’s still all too easy to focus on our own back yard. 606 more words

Geoff Maitland



By Fasiha Khan: Columnist


Fasiha joins The Inflectionist as part of the Mentorship Programme, this is her fourth article.


When we wake up in the morning, we all have distinct thoughts going on in our minds. 488 more words


"Carbon-removing" gas stations: the future of transportation?

Over the past several decades, gas stations have remained largely immune to the disruption that has radically altered other industries. But as climate change continues to increase, the imperative for innovation at the pump will start to increase significantly. 596 more words

Hello world!

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla


Greetings !
My name is Nikola Vrač
Energy therapist with Certificate on completion of training in bio-energy by the method of “Ruben Papian” 14 more words


Photosynthesis and growth of Igniscum

Effects of nitrogen and phosphate fertilization on leaf nutrient content, photosynthesis, and growth of the novel bioenergy crop Fallopia sachalinensis cv. ‘Igniscum Candy‘

The aim of the study was to determine the effects of nitrogen and phosphate fertilization on the growth performance of the novel bioenergy crop Fallopia sachalliensis cv. 225 more words

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