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Major Compelling Reasons for Thrust on Cellulosic Ethanol

I have been asked by some friends regarding the compulsions for focusing so much on Cellulose when we can do the same in a much simpler manner at a much lower cost with other renewable materials like Sugar cane or corn grains. 704 more words


Biofuel Production Facilities Spotlight Next Generation

May 18 (Reuters) – After a decade of promise, advanced biofuels makers are entering a crucial make-or-break period with the first of a new generation of production facilities about to come on line. 1,441 more words

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Syngas as Feedstock for Biofuels

An attractive approach to converting biomass into liquid or gaseous fuels is direct gasification, followed by conversion of the gas to final fuel. NKGE98YUDMEC Ethanol can be produced this way, but other fuels can be produced more easily and potentially at lower cost, though none of the approaches is currently inexpensive.  367 more words

Biomass Energy

The world has an energy problem. And a carbon problem. Amidst the debate about the various forms of renewable energy and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, one new technology strikes out which promises to deal with both of these major global issues. 582 more words


Future Perspectives for Biofuel Production

Fuels produced from biomass provide unique environmental, economic and social benefits and can be considered as a safe and clean liquid fuel alternative to fossil fuels. 238 more words

Biomass Energy

What is Lignocellulosic Biomass?

First-generation biofuels (produced primarily from food crops such as grains, sugar beet and oil seeds) are limited in their ability to achieve targets for oil-product substitution, climate change mitigation, and economic growth. 273 more words