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Legalization of Marijuana Reduces Teenage Use

According to the results of a biannual poll conducted by Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment, teenage marijuana use has not increased since the state legalized the use of recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. 180 more words


Essay: Violence, Laws and Money

A law exists, presumably, because humankind is not, on the whole, capable of harmonious self rule.  So, laws are made, hopefully, by those that are capable of making choices that lead to self rule that is peaceful. 768 more words

Paradigm Shift

Child's Play

By Loke Ting Wei

We pop pills every time we are sick. Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes before these come into the market or are deemed fit for human consumption? 496 more words

Obamacare, republican alternatives, and intellectual dishonesty

I recently listened to an interview with Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) about the proposed republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act, and I was appalled by the blatant intellectual dishonesty of the presentation.   866 more words


Difference, Disability, and Epistemology

One of the most influential texts I ever encountered was a broadside by Jane Addams titled Women and Public Housekeeping, to which I am indebted to… 1,189 more words

In Vitro Fertilization: An Islamic Bioethical Perspective

IVF and Islamic Bioethics

Nasir Malim MPH and Aasim I. Padela MD MSc

The Initiative on Islam and Medicine, University of Chicago

In Vitro Fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF, is a medical procedure that was introduced in 1978 and joins a women’s egg and a man’s sperm outside the body in a manner where the sperm is able to enter and fertilize the egg. 1,088 more words