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It’s Made From People! The Various Ways We Make Products out of Humans

Cannibalism ain’t what it used to be.

When speaking of consuming humans, many people imagine Hollywood-film-hordes, hungry head hunters stoking the fire under a simmering cauldron filled with surprised tourists. 1,152 more words

You Name It

Book now for IME 'What is it to do good medical ethics?' Conference November 16th, 2015

Following up the 40th anniversary edition of the JME of January 2015 on ‘What is it to do good medical ethics?’ we are holding a one day conference discussing the topic. 272 more words


Check out “Transhumanism & The Singularity” on Flipboard

Transhumanism & The Singularity. I’ve been away for sometime, but despite this, technology is speeding up. Robots are becoming more self aware, and they also dream! 11 more words


Human-Animal Hybrids and Chimeras: What’s in a Name?

Things on the website have been rather quiet of late, though not for lack of interesting science and tech news. But rather I have been tied up with work projects for the last while, and am endeavoring to find some time to take a more in depth look at some recent developments. 238 more words


The Ethics of Professional Ethics

When I was defending my dissertation a few years ago, a committee member asked me how I would respond to a tobacco company who asked me to advise them on the most ethical ways to harvest tobacco grown on farms in South America. 627 more words


Organs, Tissues, & Planned Parenthood

The recent debacle surrounding planned parenthood has been… well, uproarious to say the least. Some people are saying that PP is selling organs for profit, some are saying that PP is not making a profit but using the money for processing fees. 791 more words