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Not many ethics...

…to be  found in  the field of bioethics these days,  is there?

Buzzfeed Advocates for US to Partake in Unethical Three Parent Embryos

Buzzfeed recently published an article that advocates for three parent embryos. While I respect their right to free speech, I must inform you on their shortcomings. 745 more words

US News

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice and “Freedom of Speech”

The pro-life community, in its efforts to protect the lives of the unborn, attempt to give a case—both intellectually and visually—for the immorality of abortion. I have come across, though, an interesting article critiquing Western University students’ pro-life endeavors to save the lives of the unborn through “post carding.” I think that many things can be learned from this article; however, I think the article is (i) not correct in many of its premises and (ii) at any rate begs the question in favor of a pro-choice stance. 1,809 more words

Disability and the Decisional Capacity to Vote

This post is a part of our Bioethics in the News series

By Devan Stahl, PhD

When Voting Rights Are Barred
With upcoming elections only weeks away, many Americans with disabilities will be barred from voting as a result of state competency and guardianship laws. 1,480 more words


Life-Altering Science Moves Fast, Sparking Debate

Scientific techniques that can wipe out invasive species or alter mosquitoes’ ability to carry disease are pushing ahead, raising concerns about the ethics of permanently changing the natural world, experts say. 852 more words

On Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Interventions

I work for a dermatologist who focuses his practice on medical dermatology. While all treat many of the same medical conditions, an ever-increasing percentage of dermatologists devote a substantial portion of their time to performing cosmetic procedures, from Botox and filler injections, chemical peels, and laser treatments to surgeries: facelifts, chin implants, eyelid modifications, and so on. 4,690 more words

The One & The Many

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I published this essay about a year ago today. Cosmetic medical intervention is a subject of special interest for me, and problems associated with it, especially those performed for non-functional or non-reconstructive purposes, are often brought to mind at the medical practice I work in.

Informed Refusal at 22 weeks

While we draw the line at 22 5/7 weeks for offering active resuscitation where I work, what does one do when the family requests resuscitation prior to that point.   739 more words