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Robust lifespan extension & ecological awareness: can an exponentially extended human life be a hyperobject?

Warning: this published draft post has only been completed ~30% the rest will be added hopefully soon, and hope I can incorporate many comments from other humans to give a much better formulation. 1,259 more words

Partial Immortalization

Science Policy Around the Web - June 27, 2017

By: Sarah Hawes, PhD


An Arms Race with Nature

H7N9, a new bird flu emerging in China, has infected roughly 1,500 people and killed 40% of them. 695 more words


Interview with an African Bioethicist - Godfrey Tangwa

During the 2014 Ebola epidemic, bioethicists played a critical role in lending a voice to the world’s most vulnerable people by ensuring that ethical standards were upheld amidst chaos on the global public health scene. 1,036 more words

GET Conference

Can We Talk: Organ Donation (The Basics)

Hey everyone – We are back with another Can We Talk series! *cues Tevin Campbell*

This time the topic is organ donation. Organ donation can have a bit of a bad wrap – especially among people of color. 830 more words

In its ethical cookbook, medicine needs more than autonomy

No one wants to go back to the bad old days of medicine. Not only were treatment options limited, crude and often harmful, but doctors often failed to treat their patients as persons, and instead as objects of scientific inquiry and experimentation. 1,525 more words


About Transhumanism, how it is relevant and its need for political involvement

Transhumanism is the kind of word that you hear and at first it makes you wonder what crazy idea lies behind. Like all “–isms”, transhumanism is a generic term that represents a broad movement of different tendencies. 944 more words


Summer Series: What is the Importance of Genetic Relations?

By Harisan Nasir

The sciences of reproduction has a significant focus on enabling couples to obtain genetically-related children. We see this in procedures such as In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and more recently, In-Vitro Gametogenesis (IVG). 1,198 more words