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Kök Hücre Araştırmaları ve Biyoetik (Prof. Dr. Ülman) 24. şubat, saat 19:00'da Orient-Institut Istanbul'da, katılım ilgililere açıktır, sunum dili türkçe

24. şubat, Cuma, saat 19:00’da Orient-Institut Istanbul’da Prof. Dr. YEŞİM IŞIL ÜLMAN’nın yapacak olacağı “Kök Hücre Araştırmaları ve Biyoetik” adlı sunum ilgililere açıktır, sunum dili türkçe’dir. 374 more words


20 years on since Dolly - how do we feel about the ethics of cloning now?

Today marks 20 years since Dolly the Sheep was unveiled to the world by British scientists, at BBSRC’s Roslin Institute – which this month welcomed the appointment of a new… 1,383 more words


The clone armies never happened, but Dolly the sheep still changed the world

Twenty years ago today, scientists at Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute introduced the most famous sheep in history. The Finn Dorset born seven months earlier was the first mammal cloned from the cells of an adult. 431 more words

Where I stand on things

With the recent growth in popularity of extreme right parties and policies in Europe, as well as racist and dangerous leadership in the US, I think it is important for bioethicists to state clearly where they stand on things. 204 more words


Bioprinting Technology May Ease Donor Organ Deficit

Each year, about 120,000 Americans need organ transplants, yet the demand for donor organs far outweighs the supply. The solution: Bioprinting. A 3-D printer is used to dispense different cells, creating layers of cells that form tissue. 188 more words

There’s a completely legal reason this American dentist has an office full of human heads

Jordan Sparks found cryonics while sifting through the Portland State University library as a student in the early 1990s. He was fascinated. He stayed fascinated through dental school, and as a practicing dentist, and while building a dental management software whose success has given him the freedom these days to pursue the dream of a deep-frozen future full time. 4,307 more words