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Hot Sugar! The New Algae Biofuel

New Algae Biofuel: Holy Hot Sugar, Batman! | 20/02/14
by Tina Casey

When we say ‘hot sugar’ we mean a new generation of low cost industrial sugars that could help pull the biofuel market out of dependence on conventional crop based sugars. 561 more words


Promising New Gasoline-Like Biofuels from Plant Waste

Gasoline-Like Biofuels From Plant Waste — Promising New Process Developed | 08/02/14
by Nathan

A new process for the creation of gasoline-like fuels from cellulosic plant waste materials has been developed by researchers from the University of California, Davis. 393 more words


Israeli company uses sunlight to make biofuel from waste CO2

by Tina Casey

The name pretty much says it all: the Israeli company NewCO2Fuels has developed a solar powered carbon capture process that converts carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and oxygen, which are reclaimed and processed into fuels. 825 more words


Alternative Energy BioFuels

Biofuels as Alternative Energy

Alternative energy biofuels originate from organic biological masses, derived from biological materials including crops, such as hemp, soya, oil seed rape, sugar and palm oil. 879 more words

Biofuel Energy

Business Outlook Survey: Bioenergy Industry Is Optimistic

The results of the latest Biofuels Digest/BIO Quarterly Business Outlook Survey show that 85 percent of bioenergy industry executives say they are more optimistic than 12 months ago both about their organization’s prospects for growth and industry growth. 109 more words


The Latest in Advanced Biofuels and Climate Change

“Four more BIO interviews remaining in the pipeline (woohooo!). This one is my interview with Dennis McGrew, Genomatica’s new executive vice president of business development and chief business officer.”

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