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Business Opportunities from ZDA...

Zambia Development Agency has the following business opportunities for local companies

  1. SINOTEC Beijing based in China whose main focus is on Renewable Energy Generation, Transmission and  Distribution projects is looking to partner with Zambian businesses in Renewable Energy including Hydro power, Solar /Wind Energy, and also likely in irrigation & water supply projects.
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Algal Microflora of Northeast India

India’s northeast is one of the unique regions of the world. The geography, topography and demography of the region is very different since it is a mishmash of elaborate alluvial plains, himalayan and sub himalayan mountains, smaller hills and plateaus derived from older landmasses, diverse flora and fauna from different parts of the globe, subtropical and rainforest weather conditions and presence of diverse racial groups. 936 more words

Sustainable growth in the aviation in 2019

The aviation industry is expected to explore a substantial growth in renewable energies during this year. The industry is committed to achieve a carbon-neutral growth by 2020 and one major strategy goal is to the use of renewables. 322 more words


Gee, I Guess Biofuels Haven't Actually Fixed Global Warming, After All

The Trump Administration is increasing the amount of biofuel oil refiners must blend into their fuel. But the green image of corn ethanol biofuel is based on big lie. 2,241 more words

Pellet Permit: Biomass plant’s new owner wants to burn different fuel

JAN 14, 2019 | Joshua Vissers | The Daily Mining Gazette

Friends of the Land of Keweenaw (FOLK), are concerned that new fuel pellets could bring new toxicity to the air in L’Anse.

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