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"13 Hours" movie review

An excellent depiction of what happened on that fearful day, but poorly shown cinematically. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is the latest Michael Bay film. 888 more words

Movie Review

The ordinary becomes extraordinary. About Joy

Mangano family is the most bizarre mixture of people: Joy keeps her perpetually arguing ex-husband and father in the basement, helps out her careless mother whose only entertainment are soap operas, takes care of two kids and gets the strong support of her grandmother. 780 more words


Steve Jobs (2015)

Our reviewers Maysa Moncao and Claire Durrant both downloaded themselves into their local cinemas to see Steve Jobs, the biography of the late Apple CEO starring Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet. 904 more words


Movies in Review: "Steve Jobs"

There must be some overwhelming fascination with Steve Jobs with this man sparking 2 biographical films within 3yrs of each. I would usually ask if this was necessary, but in this case it definitely was, since the first film was just mediocre for such a brilliant and complex man. 220 more words

Biopic on Olympian Hussain Shah to release on this Independence Day

SHAH, a biographical film based on the true story of the legendary Pakistani boxer Hussain Shah, is set to release in cinemas across Pakistan on Aug 13th 2015. 232 more words


The Mirror

The Mirror
Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975

Storytelling: 7

Entertainment Value: 7

Artistic Value: 7

Technique: 8

SEAT Score: 7.25

“Under our feet the mint grass spread,

195 more words

The Biopic

The biopic starts when she’s smiling as a baby, her outdated eighties toddler clothing mixing daisies and plaid, her baby pictures an odd juxtaposition with the fact that we (in the dark room in the velvety seats in front of the screen) all know that she died of a coke overdose at twenty-nine. 651 more words