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Robert Kerr (1874-1957)

I added a new page on Robert Kerr. He was a carpenter who lived at 1917 Pendrell Street in 1904.


Sazaku Hayato - One Page Biography

The file below is a one page biography for a character named Sazaku Hayato. The character is from Parable of the Arrow, a free-form roleplaying adventure set in the collaboratively-designed world of Solest. 122 more words


Il Giornale di Emilio

A month after the flooding and the death of his classmates he experienced a loss himself. His best friend had taken ill. He visited him when he could but because the streets were miry and at times engulfed in still water, he couldn’t. 207 more words


A Desmond Thanksgiving, c. mid-1970s

Thanksgiving in the mid-1970s at the home of newlyweds, Gerry & Donna Desmond, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Doing the honors with the turkey is our Dad, Gerald J.Desmond, Sr. 43 more words


Colorizing Cushing

In 1863, Alonzo Cushing would find himself within the eye of the largest engagement of the American Civil War: Gettysburg.

Twice-wounded while desperately attempting to return fire, Cushing defiantly ordered more guns to the front, with an orderly-sergeant propping him up on his last remaining piece. 160 more words



My favourite story from the biographies of great men or women of the west is the one about Friedrich Nietszche and a horse.

“After seeing a horse being whipped in the streets of Turin, Italy, Friedrich Nietzsche had a mental breakdown that put him in an asylum for the rest of his life.” 96 more words