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The Man Who Made Lists // by Joshua Kendall

Love, Death, Madness, and the Creation of Roget’s Thesaurus

I’ve always been passionate about words, and have had a fondness for Roget’s Thesaurus my entire life.  758 more words

Book Review


One day, we were driving through the roads of inland town Onitsha when something starting forming pictures in my imaginations, I remembered those times we would laugh at a moron, despise people who has body deformities or even use certain features of a person to judge them. 1,026 more words


It’s Open Season

Sometimes I just want to find a stargate into another dimension – an alternate universe- and never return.

A universe where Black families don’t lose their children over the smallest infraction without any chance of rehabilitation. 936 more words


New Life

I haven’t blogged much about the fact that I am about to embark upon a new era in my life- being a grandmother. Writing my book has taken up all my spare writing time anyway. 1,609 more words


A Year in the Life of Basil Rathbone — 1930

1930 was a busy year for Basil Rathbone. Let’s take a closer look at where he was and what he was doing.



I recall some years ago from my childhood, I had a hole in my teeth which grew up with me! In fact, I was the senior with just few years! 1,445 more words


Becoming Dallas Willard: The Formation of a Philosopher, Teacher, and Christ Follower by Gary Moon

This biography is a joy. It has both an interesting subject and a skilled examination of the person that creates life upon the pages. If you’re tempted to think a biography of a man who is a philosopher and a college professor is too dull for pleasant reading, I challenge you to prove yourself wrong by reading this book. 408 more words

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