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Randy Willis |Trust & Respect

It took me a year to gain his trust. I named him Big Jake after my Dad. He arrived at sunrise (at my barn) this morning for breakfast. 74 more words

Randy Willis

Do you Like?

I decided to start sharing on this site, as a creative outlet. I found that I had composed a few ideas that seemed to resonate with more fellow travelers than I expected. 193 more words


Pamela and the Explorer

Following on the theme from last week’s post, Pamela’s search for that enigmatic “something else” began early in her childhood.

The ordinary day-to-day of the Travers’s household appears to have had a numbing effect on her sensitive little heart. 1,642 more words

Notes on Blindness

My RE colleague, John Hull, was an Australian academic theologian living in the Birmingham who went blind in 1980, and died, aged 80, in 2015. Determined to make sense of his experience, he started an audio diary on an old-school cassette recorder. 757 more words



We follow twinkling little stars,

Want glitter in our lives,

Instead of finding happiness,

With what’s before our eyes

via Daily Prompt: Glitter


Letters to the Power Plants #54 -- Changes at Dell - Oh Well

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.   852 more words


Morning Productivity

I had an interesting morning last Tuesday.  As I’ve mentioned recently, I’ve been getting up early with my fiancee.  She typically leaves for work around 7am, and I don’t need to leave for work until around 9am, which leaves me with almost 2-hours to fill with how I wish. 560 more words