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#163- Kandahar

Quick recap: A woman,originally from Afghanistan, travels back to her home country to save her sister before she commits suicide. It’s understatement to say that this movie is a downer. 421 more words


Books, Blogs, and Busy-ness

Hi again! Remember me? I used to post on here once a week…or at least once every other week…would you believe once a month? OK, me either. 1,085 more words


April Fool!

We can neither confirm nor deny that the following essay fell out of a fifth-grader’s notebook.

Presidents Pierce, Buchanan, and Garfield were all log cabin Presidents, but Lincoln is the greatest because he was born in a log cabin he built with his own hands. 170 more words


Author/Book Spotlight. Giveaway: No Place for Kid. Ends April 25th

No Place For Kids by Alison Lohans

About the Book: Sisters Jennifer and Sarah were once part of a happy, stable family, but their idyllic life comes to an abrupt halt with the death of their mother. 656 more words


Chapter 3--- The Angel of Death

Except for those few things and simple instructions from my family, before I could really be taught how to protect myself, before all the instruction, the entire family was focused on the health of  Grandpa, the Patriarch of the family, his care and well being. 2,837 more words


artdogs magazine issue 6

thanks for including me and my work in your magazine



Liz Doyle