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If only you could turn back time… Can you?

Hello there, dear readers! Long time, no see… Today’s post is dedicated to the best reason to invest some energy into maintaining a healthy diet and activity regimen. 1,230 more words


The Beady Eye looks at "biology as technology"

Artificial intelligence is all around us.

But what is the most powerful technology on Earth?

You may think of a B-2 bomber, or a nuclear reactor, or maybe even far-reaching social media platforms. 1,734 more words

The Future

Zombie RJ

 A positive attitude cures all ills.


Studies Suggest That Today's Adults Age 15 Years Faster Than Their Parents

It seems like every health article now-a-days has a headline like, “40 is the new 30!” Well it turns out, 40 is the new 55. Many people think that since we are living longer, then we must be healthier than our parents when they were our age. 988 more words

Health & Fitness

Growing Old

When a fews days ago I complained to a friend of mine that I was growing old, on the basis that I recently had to explain to a young student how people managed to communicate ‘before devices’ (answer: they didn’t feel they had to bother), I was put in mind of the following poem by W.B Yeats: 453 more words

General Irrelevance

Could You Be Older Than You Think?

Researchers have carried out a very interesting study into biological aging. Your biological age is a measure of how well your body is progressing physiologically, and is calculated by reference to… 433 more words


Study of 1,000 38-year-olds shows ‘biological age’ ranges from 30 to 60


Members of the first graduation class of Tuscarora High School toss their mortar boards into the air after the completion of the commencement ceremony held in the school’s gym Tuesday, June 12, 2012, in Leesburg, Va. 688 more words

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