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Your Biological Age

Each of us has 2 different ages:  1) chronological age, 2) biological age. Chronological age is the number of years one has been alive.  Biological age is an estimation of how an individual is functioning in comparison to others who are the same chronological age.  675 more words

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Chinese Researchers Create Test for ‘Biological’ Age

Frank Tang wrote . . . . . . .

Chinese researchers say they have come up with a simple way to find out a person’s biological age – how much the body has aged physically – through a urine test. 280 more words

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The function of genes in personality as well as schizophrenia

Researchers have actually determined genetics that influence both the danger for schizophrenia and also the advancement of particular personality traits.
The work published late last month in the journal Scientific Information, a Nature Research study publication, follows on a research study released late in 2014 by the very same team of scientists that recognized 6 loci related to characteristic. 408 more words

Biological Age

Biological Age Calculator: Examine Your Real Health Age

Biological Age is a principle utilized loosely, and also with little neutrality, to describe a shortfall in between a populace friend typical life span and also the perceived life expectancy of an individual of the exact same age. 285 more words

Biological Age

A New Way To Examine Your "Biological" Age

From denying that age is important to obsessively monitoring the calorific content of our diets, humans obsess one way or another about getting older. How we define ageing or when you become “old” is not trivial. 778 more words

Biological Age

Want to shave 9 years off your biological age?

The results recommend that to really reduce aging, it may take a complete commitment to exercise
From brand-new courses of drugs to all-natural solutions like beetroot juice, cannabis and erm, human umbilical cable blood, science has actually long teased us with potential solutions to that little trouble we call aging. 559 more words

Biological Age

Just what is your real Biological Age?

Each year on our birthday celebration we commemorate your chronological age, yet are the number of candles on the cake a real depiction of the body’s actual physical age? 210 more words

Biological Age