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What's Your Biological Age?

People often tell me that I look younger than I actually am. When I tell some people my age, they swear that I’m lying. I must admit that I do not look like I am 41 years old. 576 more words

Exercise And Weight Loss


Why do you need to know your biological age is because despite what people say that you are only as old as you feel, the harsh truth is that you mentally feel as old as your body is. 22 more words

Healthy Lifestyle

Blood test could reveal Biological Age.

Researchers in Sweden say that a simple blood test can reveal your biological age. Is this useful?


A Simple Blood Test Can Predict Alzheimer's

If you’ve ever known anyone with Alzheimer’s, then you know what a truly awful disease it is. The only thing you can really do is hope and pray that the person you love isn’t really aware of the disease. 163 more words


If only you could turn back timeā€¦ Can you?

Hello there, dear readers! Long time, no see… Today’s post is dedicated to the best reason to invest some energy into maintaining a healthy diet and activity regimen. 1,230 more words


The Beady Eye looks at "biology as technology"

Artificial intelligence is all around us.

But what is the most powerful technology on Earth?

You may think of a B-2 bomber, or a nuclear reactor, or maybe even far-reaching social media platforms. 1,734 more words

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