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Calling all Biosteoarchaepologists!

I think about terminology quite a lot. So much so, that I am participating in a roundtable session at a conference in September on ‘terminology in funerary archaeology’ 825 more words


National Anthropology Day (US): What do anthropologists do?

Today is National Anthropology Day in the the US. The goal of this day is to celebrate anthropology and anthropologists worldwide. It is in the celebration of this day that I share with you what anthropologists do in our societies. 414 more words

Aging: ldentifying Puberty in the Osteoarchaeological Record

Aside from some recent technological mishaps (now resolved!), which has resulted in a lack of posts recently, I’ve also been doing some preliminary research into human skeletal aging and human biological aging in general.  2,257 more words


Niche Construction, another ingredient for Evolution.

Descent with modification—a Darwinian term that initially fortified a schism between religion and science, garnered plenty of attention for its polemical roots. The unprecedented, obscure notion was, at the outset, denounced by devout followers of Christianity who firmly attributed human origin to Adam and Eve and who embraced the idea that all beings were God’s masterpieces individually carved to perfection. 1,326 more words

Biological Anthroplogy

Article: Levantine cranium from Manot Cave (Israel), the first European modern humans?

New evidence from the Levantine region further suggests that neanderthals and modern homo sapiens were living in the same area (in Levantine region) at the same time! 80 more words


Love, Nurturing and Need

I have resolved not to get caught up in the notion that it is better to be independent. It’s nice to know that I am capable on my own but there is too much mythology in Western culture that promotes individuation and separation over connection. 108 more words


So...I mean...What IS Anthropology, Anyway?

I get it a lot. Not directly. But so often, people say things about my field and it makes me want to launch into a 45 minute lecture about exactly what anthropology is. 4,329 more words