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Why can't monkeys talk? Their anatomy is 'speech-ready' but their brains aren't wired for it: neuroscientist

Why can’t monkeys talk?

For decades it has been a textbook fact that monkeys cannot speak because their throats and mouths are not set up for it. 724 more words


College Major: Anthropology

A degree in anthropology opens graduates to a variety of career paths.

 A few months ago I read an article in Fortune magazine that featured this caption in an article: “Hormel developed Rev, a new line of on-the-go-meals with input from its house anthropologist, who noticed that today’s students don’t put down their phones during meals.” The phrase “house anthropologist” jumped out at me. 798 more words

anthro in the news 11/28/16

dear “comrade”

Quartz published an article about the changing use and meaning of the term tongzhi, “comrade,” in China. Originating in the early Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.E), the word tongzhi was a common form of address during China’s Communist Revolution of 1921-1949. 1,124 more words

Gender & Sexuality

Why Anthropology Matters (now more than ever)

Excited chatter echoes down the second floor corridor as a group of middle school girls approaches the door to the osteology lab. The young women file into the lab wide-eyed, curiously craning their necks to see the rows of bones on the shelves and tables. 1,170 more words


anthro in the news 10/24/16

Interview with Paul Farmer

National Public Radio (U.S.) carried an interview about the situation in Haiti with Paul Farmer, medical anthropologist, medical doctor, and co-founder of… 2,356 more words

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Dr. Adrian Jaeggi's Research featured on Emory's eScience Commons

Dr. Adrian Jaeggi’s work studying the relationship between male social status and reproductive success in non-industrial societies has been featured in Emory’s eScience Commons. 67 more words


Foster's Island Rule

What is it?
Foster’s rule states that a species will grow bigger or smaller depending on the resources available to them.

J. Bristol Foster first suggested in  144 more words

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