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Skulls found in China were part modern human, part Neanderthal — and could be a new species

Modern humans outlasted the Neanderthals by about 40,000 years and counting. But don’t pat yourself on the back too firmly for outliving those troglodytes. Neanderthals crafted tools and tamed fire. 792 more words


Reblogged: A very nice overview of... Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropology is one of the four major subfields of anthropology. Very generally, biological anthropology examines the biological development of human beings–meaning that we study everything from human evolution, our evolutionary cousins (other primates), comparative anatomy, osteology (the study of bones), and ecology.

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Biological Anthropology

Dr. James Rilling: correlation between paternal nurturing and oxytocin

Emory’s eScience Commons reported on Dr. James Rillings research at the Laboratory for Darwinian Neuroscience. In order to study the neurological reasons for differing care-giving behavior, Dr. 39 more words


The Lost

I broke my left clavicle (“collar bone”) when I was 12. It is probably the worst bone to break (we can fight about this in the comments) because you don’t get a cast, you just get a sling. 831 more words

"Our" bodies

Anthropology 209 (Introduction to Biological Anthropology) labs are part of my instruction schedule every term, which means I’m constantly teaching and thinking about the human skeleton. 427 more words

Anthropology As...

Who were the Neanderthals?

After several weeks of eager anticipation, yesterday was finally the day.

Yesterday I received my results for 23andMe, the DNA analysis programme that gives you the lowdown on your ancestry and any genetic health risk factors you may carry. 693 more words