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What's new in facial reconstruction?

At times, forensic investigators have a hard enough time identifying human remains with most of the flesh present. So what happens when the body is mostly or fully skeletonized? 259 more words

ForAnth News Alert #2

This week, a story was published by Atlas Obscura that talks about the science behind why forensic anthropologists want to bury bodies around Los Angeles. 276 more words

Seeing evolution in action

Vestigial structures are features on the body that don’t have a purpose in the current form of an organism in a species.

The features start out as important players in the functioning of an organism. 138 more words


We all have body parts that seem useless, but they are, in fact, evidence of our evolution from animals.

Now, a number of these evolutionary ‘leftovers’ have been discussed in a video explaining why and how they formed.  177 more words


Are We Going Above Genetics?!

Epi (Greek Definition) : going above or over. Epigenetics is changing the world of science and anthropology.

Have you heard of epigenetics? If you haven’t, you’re here now!   286 more words

Anthropology in the news

When I tell people I am a double major in journalism and anthropology, the first two questions I am usually asked are, “What exactly does an anthropologist do?” and “How did you decide to do those two majors?” 596 more words

Metastasizing numbers in the modern world

Most people describe cancer as a modern disease. This isn’t entirely true. While cases of cancer are certainly more common now than ever, cancer has existed since humans have. 454 more words