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Ocean Acidification, Fault of Anthropogenic Carbon Output

A video I made for my AP Biology Final in 11th grade. I find it relevant in that advancements in society tip the balance between the environment and human niche in ways that negatively impact the ecosystem.

Biological Anthropology

Physiological and Evolutionary Mechanisms of Fertility at High Altitude: Part 2

Birth weights, Stillbirth Rates, and Infant Mortality

Exposure to hypoxic environments may increase the stress on an already vulnerable growing fetus, thus result in a higher frequency of low birth weight, higher stillbirths, and increased infant mortality among high altitude populations. 2,215 more words

Biological Anthropology

Different subsystems of the human body have been shaped by natural selection to form a resilient adaptive fit to niche.

The anatomical subsystem of the cranio dental region of the human body and homeostatic process of thermoregulation via skin phenotypes are not only products of natural selection selecting on certain adaptations, but they can also give insight into the evolution of hominin behavior in their terrestrial, omnivorous, extractive, and social niche. 689 more words

Biological Anthropology

Some connections. . .

Human biology encompasses and intertwines a wide range of topics that contribute to its area of study such as genetics, evolutionary biology, nutrition, anatomy, ecology, and sociocultural influences. 441 more words

Biological Anthropology

On Life Histories, Adaptations, Embodied Cognition, and Niche

*Draws on previous post

The evolution of an exceptionally high brain-to-body mass ratio in the hominin lineage can be ascribed to phylogenetic layering in the context of niche construction. 799 more words

Biological Anthropology