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A morphological analysis of specimens from Sima de los Huesos

Describe the morphology of the specimens from Sima de los Huesos. Using morphological and molecular evidence, discuss whether this population should be included within the Neanderthal clade… 2,908 more words

Biological Anthropology

A soul of empathy and freedom

Ananda, the Brazilian girl with amazingly lively smile

Late evening, in a MRT train. I saw her giving her seat to an elderly man who was standing. 684 more words


International Conferences for Dummies: ...also known as ‘Confessions of Pretending to Play It Cool’.

So you think you want to attend an international conference? You have somehow managed to magically acquire funding or dish out the aircraft, accommodation and conference fees out of your own back pocket. 626 more words


Solving the "Piltdown Man" crime

By Isabelle De Groote, Liverpool John Moores University

It is arguably the greatest scientific crime ever committed in Britain. In December 1912, Charles Dawson, an amateur antiquarian and solicitor archaeologist, presented… 1,035 more words

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I caved in.

I decided to start a blog, and this is the result. I’ve been contemplating doing one of these for years, but I’ve never had the guts to do it. 220 more words


Primate Behaviour and Ecology Field School in Cambodia 

Between January and February of this year, myself, ten other students, and one PhD student went on the Primate Field School in Cambodia. The course aimed to provide students with a hands on experience of behavioural and ecological data collection. 439 more words


What's new in facial reconstruction?

At times, forensic investigators have a hard enough time identifying human remains with most of the flesh present. So what happens when the body is mostly or fully skeletonized? 259 more words