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Anthro in the News 10/24/16

Interview with Paul Farmer

National Public Radio (U.S.) carried an interview about the situation in Haiti with Paul Farmer, medical anthropologist, medical doctor, and co-founder of… 2,356 more words

Anthro In The News

Dr. Adrian Jaeggi's Research featured on Emory's eScience Commons

Dr. Adrian Jaeggi’s work studying the relationship between male social status and reproductive success in non-industrial societies has been featured in Emory’s eScience Commons. 67 more words


Foster's Island Rule

What is it?
Foster’s rule states that a species will grow bigger or smaller depending on the resources available to them.

J. Bristol Foster first suggested in  144 more words

Biological Anthropology

Grace Veatch appears in a video on Research on Faunal Remains

Graduate student Grace Veatch spent last spring break attending the Liang Bua Workshop at the University of Wollongong, Australia, where researchers examined faunal remains. This video provides a glimpse into her interesting work.


Kendra Sirak's Research on Ancient DNA Featured in Emory News

This Summer, Anthropology PhD candidate Kendra Sirak’s research was featured in Emory News. Kendra is a visiting researcher at the Earth Institute at University College Dublin, where she is testing the DNA of people ranging from medieval Nubians to an ancient Chinese specimen to an Irish rebel. 72 more words


A morphological analysis of specimens from Sima de los Huesos

Describe the morphology of the specimens from Sima de los Huesos. Using morphological and molecular evidence, discuss whether this population should be included within the Neanderthal clade… 2,908 more words

Biological Anthropology

International Conferences for Dummies: ...also known as ‘Confessions of Pretending to Play It Cool’.

So you think you want to attend an international conference? You have somehow managed to magically acquire funding or dish out the aircraft, accommodation and conference fees out of your own back pocket. 626 more words