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How Does Music Affect your Brain?

Great post from Life Hacker on How Music Affects and Benefits Your Brain! I have used some ambient sound stuff while studying, and have always felt more focused with sound droning on around me. 14 more words


Our Large Brains: Cerebrum Evolution via Phylogenetic Layering in the Context of Hominin Niche Construction

It is common knowledge that the Encephalization Quotient of humans far exceeds that of many other animals including chimpanzees, the human’s closest living relative. Though large brains may be costly in terms of energy expenditure—utilizing a relatively sizeable portion of oxygen supply and blood flow during the gestation period and then in homeostatic maintenance throughout the human lifespan—an increase in mass and volume also positively correlates with the addition of complex structural components as well as myelinated fiber tracts that facilitate more connections between nerve cells (Langdon, 2005, p. 1,381 more words


Genetic, Epigenetic, and Sociocultural Data Applied to Questions of Human Health and Disease

Connie Mulligan (University of Florida)

A host of genetic and environmental factors, including sociocultural influences, impact complex phenotypes in humans. Based on this definition, complex phenotypes include complex diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and mental illness, as well as more broadly defined conditions such as stress and racial health disparities. 164 more words

Earliest 'Human' Discovered in Ethiopia!

Exciting news guys! BBC News released an article Wednesday revealing the unearthing of an important jawbone for human evolution in Ethiopia.

This jawbone is claimed to be one of the very first humans. 131 more words

DANTA: Association For Conservation Of The Tropics

Calling all Biosteoarchaepologists!

I think about terminology quite a lot. So much so, that I am participating in a roundtable session at a conference in September on ‘terminology in funerary archaeology’ 825 more words


National Anthropology Day (US): What do anthropologists do?

Today is National Anthropology Day in the the US. The goal of this day is to celebrate anthropology and anthropologists worldwide. It is in the celebration of this day that I share with you what anthropologists do in our societies. 414 more words

Aging: ldentifying Puberty in the Osteoarchaeological Record

Aside from some recent technological mishaps (now resolved!), which has resulted in a lack of posts recently, I’ve also been doing some preliminary research into human skeletal aging and human biological aging in general.  2,257 more words