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Light regulates our internal clock

Light plays a crucial role in the regulation of our circadian rhythm (our internal biological clock) and consequently our sleep-wake cycle. More specifically, light is known as the primary… 737 more words


What if We Smashed the Biological Clock?

What if age was not a factor in whether or not to have a baby? What if you could have a baby any time in your life, so there was no pressure to do it before you got into your 40s? 542 more words

~Social Norms~

Marry by twenty five, and have your kids before thirty five
A must follow norm in life, if you want to be happy inside
So I was told by many, hence I adhered without a query
But a decade later I have a worry, cos in life I still feel empty

So a shout out to all the ladies and gents
Who are single, yet self-sufficient and satisfied 
Don't let the society tell you otherwise
Cos they envy the joy they see in you, without a husband or a wife


American Nurse, a journal of the American Nurses Association, (June 2020 Vol. 15. 6, p 21) introduces us to the words of Florence Nightingale: “No amount of medical knowledge will lessen the accountability for nurses to do what nurses do; that is, manage the environment to promote positive life processes.” … 918 more words


Hayflick’s Lament Revisited

Many of us desire to live longer, but we also want to remain healthy and be physically and mentally strong. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle can contribute to health and longevity, but there is a limit to what even the healthiest of choices can do to stop the biological deterioration of our bodies over time. 544 more words

Online dating when the fertility clock is ticking

As well as freezing my eggs, 2015 was the year that I returned to the world of online dating and the previously mentioned ‘Project Wonderful Man’ began. 982 more words