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While it probably doesn’t surprise many who’ve been following me for a while, I’m not exactly a “confident” person. I’m not also a completely helpless, emotionally-unstable-insecure person – anymore. 516 more words


iPad Attachment Tests Sperm

Women who wait until their mid to late 30s to marry and have babies run the risk of ending up with a guy who is sterile—unless he’s impregnated other women earlier in life. 370 more words

Oral Sex

Women Nearing Their Fertility Expiration Date Still Seek Men That Are Attractive and Fertile

Women whose biological clocks are winding down still seek men that are attractive and fertile. For example, I knew a highly promiscuous financially independent business professional, who had rejected a 50-year-old guy, who she had chatted with on an online dating site, saying he was too old— they only had a sixteen-year age difference— and because she was not at all attracted to him. 75 more words

Women Choosing Men

Can Aspie Women Have It All?

Whether women can or cannot have it all or can have it all but not at the same time has spawned numerous articles in recent years. 408 more words

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International Journal of Advances in Biology (IJAB)

International Journal of Advances in Biology (IJAB)


Scope & Topics

International Journal of Advances in Biology (IJAB) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, addresses the impacts and challenges of Biology. 135 more words

Defying Gravity

I am not much of a risk taker. I would go as far as to classify myself as risk averse. I am anxious by nature, always worrying about what might go wrong. 1,207 more words

And so it goes... And goes...

Labor Day Boy has come and left. and it was just that quick, only a bit more confusing. We ran into each other at a bar, it was great. 293 more words