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How insect friendly is your garden?

Environmentally issues at the fore can only lead to an increased awareness of nature and all its beneficial cultures. So we must ask the all important question! 877 more words


Caribbean moth mysteries #2

Last week I highlighted the fasciolated melipotis I spotted on Bonaire. In this blog, I wanted to show you the other two species I encoutered. 540 more words

Attract Pollinators to Your Veggie Garden with Native Plants

Add native plants to your garden and you can attract more pollinators which can help with the pollination of your *cash* crops…you know, the vegetable and fruit plants that we all love to grow to provide fresh additions to our meals. 100 more words

Central Florida Native Plant Sale

Safe pest control for the azalea lace bug from Oregon's Metro

You may not have seen this pest. It is tiny, but the damage is very evident. Unfortunately it’s likely you won’t notice it until the pest numbers have reached epic proportions. 128 more words

Gardening For Wildlife

Lawns Are Dumb: Exomala orientalis (Oriental Beetle)

After work today I went out in the yard to see what bugs I might find. Here’s one which my Kaufman field guide (an actual book, with pictures and text and stuff) along with Google search leads me to identify as an “oriental beetle,” also known as the “Asiatic beetle.” This is different from a Japanese beetle. 787 more words