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These substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. These free radicals are known to play a role in aging and all sorts of diseases. 118 more words


Seasonal Fruits Of The Meghalaya's Hills

This fruits mostly found in the Khasi &Jaintia Hills it is known as Sohphoh Ptet, in this fruits there are many type of minerals, carbohydrate we absorved from it. 173 more words

Khasi & Jaintia



A substance found in many everyday products accumulate in our body and especially the brain. The effects start to show themselves only after years of exposure, beginning with memory loss, dementia, and, in some cases, Alzheimer’s. 204 more words



Biological products:
the higher quality of #organicproducts is not related to the content in macronutrients but is due to the reduced presence of chemical contaminants and the higher content of some micronutrients and antioxidants (especially carotenoids and flavonoids). 349 more words


Dr Caroline Leaf and the Me-Too approach to mental health

Since her recent less-than-successful attempt at portraying herself as a mental health expert, Dr Leaf has been laying low on social media, sticking to bland, innocuous quotes or passages of scripture. 1,551 more words


The reason why I quitted academia (part 3)

There are three kinds of knowledge influenced me the most in recent 10 years: Science, Philosophy and Business.

I studied science to begin with and it is normal for me to be a science-oriented person. 583 more words

Academic Research

The reason why I quitted academia (part 2)

Research is the most romantic on the earth.

Explore the truth! Pick a method to see if it worked and decide what to do next. When you make something work according to the literature, you felt the connections with those researchers. 390 more words

Academic Research