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THE MEMORY in psychology.


The human mind collects and preserves information to guide behavior, the few preserved only for a few seconds or fractions of a second other for several years or for life. 375 more words



Being born into a family of low income, uncertainty, and a few too many skeletons in the closet has always been difficult for me to get past; though I have tried not to let them, these things have defined my entire being in one way or another. 1,066 more words



This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, not even gonna lie. This is the “#FreeSpeechBus” – the bright orange oxymoron. As its a bus that literally tells you how you should talk about people and is in direct response to somebody else’s free speech. 566 more words


Following my line


Don’t mind me. I’m another wannabe writer taking up a tiny fraction of the internet.
I needed a place to jot down my thoughts; they’re a little out of control as of late. 126 more words


Dr Caroline Leaf on Drugs

We all have a drug problem.

Well, we do according to communication pathologist and self-titled cognitive neuroscientist-come-health guru, Dr Caroline Leaf.  She’s pretty chirpy for a woman with essentially no health credentials.  992 more words