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Input On The New MCAT From a Graduated High School Senior

Although much of the MCAT still resonates with its older version, there are obviously many changes. Namely, the addition of the Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior Section has seemed to be the biggest change in the new MCAT. 421 more words

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Fresh - every day!

Not only do we provide a huge amount of fruits and vegetables, we also garantuee, that they are fresh, grown without chemical substances and from the first harvest. 9 more words

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Women and Anxiety Disorder

Everyone gets nervous or anxious from time to time—when speaking in public, for instance, or when going through financial difficulty. For some people, however, anxiety becomes so frequent, or so forceful, that it begins to take over their lives. 387 more words

What makes us human? - by Mark Meynell

  Who you think you are shapes the how you think about many issues and determines how you behave. In the west, people view humans as thinkers, as animals, as biological machines, and as economic resources. 103 more words

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Don't Let Them Write You Off.

I feel bad, whenever folks look down on others, based on their assumed personalities.

Yes. Besides the fact that the tag ‘human’ grants us all a good measure of equality among God’s creations, I’m certain there is no experience, background or whatever that will erase our ‘humanity’ or nullify, our biblical standing as the most advanced creature and biological beings. 292 more words