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Nature vs Nurture: Mothers with multiple children have an intuitive grasp of behavioural genetics

By Christian Jarrett

Several prominent psychologists have recently raised concerns that the “radical left” has a stranglehold on free speech and thought in our universities. 828 more words


Psychology Graduates And Psychologists Can't Read Your Mind //Personal Experience

One of the most common questions I get after I tell strangers/relatives/new colleagues what I majored in is this: “Can you read my mind?” The short answer is no because frankly, no one can read someone else’s mind. 849 more words


The Envelope

If you ever find yourself in the city on the corner of Broad and Vernon, you’ll see a dirty pile of rags sitting on the sidewalk. 1,888 more words


reconciling the hormones #59

ohhh she’s been a rough week … well, not rough … more like maniac then calm …. hmm

Interesting though, mapping it out over the week and seeing its ebbs and flows … I’m still hell’ah uncertain about the differentiation between what it is actual ‘menopause’ and what is anxiety / panic ; unwell ; period  … and I ate something that doesn’t agree with Me … if you get my feels. 251 more words


You Are What You Think...?

You’re unique, just like everybody else” so the famous saying goes (although I am still unsure of its specific origin, nevertheless, it makes a good point – no two people are the same. 1,452 more words

Father, 42, and Daughter, 20, Arrested After Allegedly Having Baby Together

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

The daughter was adopted at birth and recently reunited with her biological father.

A North Carolina father and his biological daughter were charged with incest after they allegedly had a baby together.  296 more words

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Men with higher testosterone levels are less into classical music and opera

By Christian Jarrett

What counts as music to one person, sounds to another like a headache. Some of the difference is explained by our personalities (for instance, more open-minded people prefer classical) and our thinking style (systematisers prefer heavy metal more than empathisers). 288 more words