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The significance of thoughts

A few days ago, I posted a rebuttal to one of Dr Leaf’s favourite memes, “Thoughts are real and occupy mental real estate.”

In short, I wrote that thoughts are real, but the issue hasn’t ever been whether thoughts are real, but what thoughts really are. 872 more words


The Guide 22: The meaning of recovery in mental health

What the professional bodies say…..

“People can and do recover from severe mental health problems. Research studies have followed the progress of individuals with different mental health problems over several years. 511 more words

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Coming Home : Day 1

Yesterday I flew to Kansas City, MO to meet someone I hadn’t been with in over 50 years. Back when I was born I was put up for adoption because my biological parents were having a lot of problems with their marriage. 276 more words


I Don't Like Barbie Dolls

It is known that boys and girls play with different toys, as toys are categorised to be feminine, neutral, and masculine. Since I have an older brother and an older sister, I grew up watching both of them spending their fun time very differently. 226 more words

Dr Caroline Leaf - Thoughts are real. So what?

Today’s meme from Dr Leaf is one of her favourite, often repeated phrases:

“Thoughts are real and occupy mental real estate.”

Dr Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and a self-titled cognitive neuroscientist.

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