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Why all the anger?

One of the latest vaccination memes to go viral on social media is an article by Arizona “paleo-cardiologist”, Dr Jack Wolfson.

Dr Wolfson did an interview with one of his local TV stations in January, during which he gave his opinion about the outbreak of measles centred around Disneyland. 1,710 more words


Evolutionary Reasonings

It’s amazing how many posts I’m writing in the past two days – it’s a total wonder.

Anywho, I was talking to Beau and we came across this one somewhat touchy topic once again for like the fifth time that I feel like I must share. 986 more words

Surprise Guest

Recently I read a blog about someone who had been abandoned.

They had talked about how their children had not spoken to them in quite a while and how they were really torn up about it. 1,311 more words

The Angry Elf

La Fromagerie

Marylebone High Street is the heart of French-inspired shopping in London, but what you can find in its side streets is much more fascinating. Down Moxon Street, what is usually a plain parking lot turns into a lovely farmers’ market on Sunday mornings, where you can find the most unique products. 484 more words


Why people choose to smoke - BPS view



The history of smoking extends long back in human history, almost a millennium before we started counting years (Jacobs, 1992). At first, tobacco had its ritual use, smoked through a pipe, people used it to bond in a spiritual way. 1,806 more words

Hollywood's Post-Biological Future, Where Actors Can Perform After Death

Paul Walker’s performance in Furious 7—the seventh instalment of the brawn-and-pistons franchise Fast & Furious—is a convincing example of cinematic resuscitation. Since Walker died in a car crash in 2013 with only some of his scenes in the can, the guy we see gallivanting on screen for a good deal of the movie is a concoction of body doubles (including Walker’s two brothers) and CGI, courtesy of Peter Jackson’s visual effects company Weta D​igital.

On suicide, riot control and ‘other peaceful purposes’ under the BTWC

In the Greater Manchester area a 16-year old boy stands trial for having tried to buy 10 milligrams of abrin on the dark web. Abrin is a toxin… 730 more words