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Bristol Thanks Grandma For Loving "Her" Kids?!?

Since Trig was an infant there was speculation about whether Sarah or Bristol was Trig’s biological mother.

Recently, it seems that Bristol and Sarah may have become unhappy with each other.   183 more words

Taming the Telomeres Audiobook Now on Audible.com and itunes

Quite pleased to report that the audiobook narrated by Mikael Naramore is now available on itunes, Amazon, and on audible.com.  It was a real pleasure working with producer/narrator Naramore, and the review and editing process was illuminating. 84 more words

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Dr Caroline Leaf - Rogue Notion

According to a new study by Rutgers University, “Learning new cognitive skills can help reduce overwhelming negative thoughts”. So said Dr Caroline Leaf, communication pathologist and self-titled cognitive neuroscientist. 507 more words


Dr Caroline Leaf and the nonsense of ‘negative’ thinking.

The power of positive thinking. It’s like rust on our collective consciousness, an idea that’s seems virtually impossible to eradicate, slowly eating away at our collective psyche. 1,730 more words



Loose ties are all you know
I can see how it shows
You are not floating on the breeze
I am the tree taking back all my leaves… 358 more words

Conceived in Love

Valentine’s day is coming. Groan…

Based on my calculations, Matthew was likely conceived on or around Valentine’s Day, 1981.

I want to believe that he was conceived in Love although in the love of a wide-eyed, trusting teenaged girl and her handsome boyfriend. 289 more words


A Letter To My Biological Father

From the day a child is born a man prides himself in being a father. If it’s a boy, he wants to teach him how to play sports, how to fish, how to be a gentleman. 543 more words