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Adversity and When Enough Is Enough

I have had to hold and work with a lot in this life, as too have so many others. There comes a point where we say enough! 832 more words


Dr Caroline Leaf and those three little words

Dr Caroline Leaf, communication pathologist and self-titled cognitive neuroscientist, broke the most fundamental rules of both science and Christian teaching in her social media post today. 582 more words


Knowing Which Organism has the Strongest Biological Substance on Earth

Blog Highlights: British scientists discovered that small snails called limpets, have teeth made from the strongest biological material on earth The limpet’s teeth are made from a composite of minerals and protein The limpet’s teeth are five times stronger than spider silk, and ten times stronger than the enamel on human teeth The snail’s teeth are hidden below the radula, Continue Reading

A Reminder Why I No Longer Have A Family.....

About two weeks ago, I received a call from one of my sisters and she told me that my biological mother was going through an in vitro pregnancy and that she has been doing this for the past four years.   545 more words

Personal Narrative

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Once the grain was stone ground and reduced to large particles. Although then it was passed through a sieve, the latter was summary and the flour that resulted remained all in all rather coarse (black flour). 403 more words


Dr Caroline Leaf and the Maligned Master Mind Meme

On Facebook today, Dr Leaf published a menagerie of memes, a full house of five of her favourite little nuggets of wisdom that comprise the pillars of her teaching.  707 more words


Please, let me create drama!

Dear Annie: I am 62, and my only sibling, a brother, died 16 years ago. My parents have been dead for years. Recently, I was told by an elderly cousin that I have a half brother.

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