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Chapter 1: Forests.

We’re in a beautiful place, you and I. There are weeds rising resplendent out of every crack in the concrete, there is the slow calm quiet of the peerlessly blue sky. 2,147 more words

Algae Chapter

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of Ring of Fire

The team at Newport Aquarium is counting down the days to the launch of the newest exhibit – Ring of Fire, opening soon in March 2018. 386 more words

Toronto Zoo is Celebrating World Wetlands Day with a NEW Adopt-A-Pond App!

Report Native Frog, Toad and Turtle Sightings with the Adopt-A-Pond App!

Even though there is snow on the ground, World Wetlands Day falls every year on February 2nd, and the Toronto Zoo  celebrated this annual date with the official launch of the Adopt-A-Pond App! 514 more words


List of Biologists

Johann Friedrich Adam

Johann Friedrich Adam, later called Michael Friedrich Adams (1780 in Moscow – 1 March 1838, in Vereya) was a botanist from St. Petersburg, Russia. 485 more words


First DNA editing of human embryo in the US

Reports are emerging from the US that Dr Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a research at the Oregon Health and Science University, has been the first US scientist to cause genetic alterations within the human embryo. 583 more words

For All

How to Stop Your Woman from Cheating

Do you want to stop your woman from cheating on your in your marriage or relationship? Here are the secrets you’ve been waiting for. 421 more words