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Where do birds go in the winter?

Here in Canada, winters are pretty cold
I would like to know where do birds go in winter?
do they hibernate? if so where??

I know a few (migratory birds) fly South, but what about the sparrows, finches, etc, etc… 8 more words

Age 5-14

Why do animals and humans eat different foods?

Why is it that some foods for humans aren’t good for other mamals and animals?

Andrew Ford

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Is there a limit to how fast a man can ever run?

Given that Olympic World Records are constantly being beaten, is there actually a limit as to how fast a man can ever run?

Paul Warner

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How potent is stomach acid?

How potent is stomach acid? If it’s really acidic, why doesn’t it burn through your stomach and intestines? And why doesn’t it burn, say, the floor, if you throw up? 20 more words

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