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The Making of an Accidental Genius

This video by Great Big Story makes you see the story of Jason Padgett, who became a genius after becoming a victim of a beating outside a karaoke bar. 30 more words

Body Talk: Thoughts on Cells At Work!

© David Production & Crunchyroll

Cells at Work! (はたらく細胞)

(Anime 2018)

Studio: David Production

Cells At Work! is the most appropriate anime series to watch during a pandemic. 424 more words


Lizards with many tails, new research

This 2018 video is called Two tail lizard.

From Curtin University in Australia:

Double take: New study analyzes global, multiple-tailed lizards

July 7, 2020

Curtin research into abnormal…

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Small ancestor of dinosaurs and pterosaurs discovered

From the American Museum of Natural History in the USA:

A tiny ancient relative of dinosaurs and pterosaurs discovered

New study suggests a miniaturized origin for some of the largest animals ever to live on Earth…

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What is bio concentration of pesticides?

Bio concentration of pesticides means accumulation of pesticides in the living organisms like plants, men and animals.

Process of bio-concentration of Pesticides:

Pesticides are poisonous chemical substances which are sprayed over crops to protect them from pests i.e. 8 more words


Unmasking mask myths

We are living in an era of a viral pandemic, COVID-19, in which viral particles are spread through the air from one person to another. Numerous scientific studies show that if most people even simple cloth face masks while near each other, this dramatically reduced the viral particles in the air, and increases safety. 1,080 more words



  • What are the different types of anemias?
  • Compare the causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatments of different types of anemia in a table.
  • State and explain which type of anemia you think is the most difficult to treat.