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A tiny galaxy almost collided with the Milky Way and astronomers can see the effects

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According to Popular Science (This article and its images were originally posted on Popular Science September 19, 2018 at 03:44PM. 260 more words


New bird species discovered in Africa

This 2016 video from Africa says about itself:

Watch this Olive Bushshrike calling and also making the ‘ting-ting-ting’ sound.

Olive bushshrikes are related to a newly discoverd African bird species.

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Ancient Mesosaurus reptiles, aquatic or semi-aquatic?

This 2015 video says about itself:

“Mesosaurs” were a group of small aquatic reptiles that lived during the early Permian period, roughly 299 to 270 million years ago.

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Weaving in Analogue and Digital Code

This week course is really interesting because I get to learn about weaving in both historical crafting way and modern digital platform.

Weaving in Grasshopper & Rhino… 287 more words


Ticked-off Canadian crabs are waging war on the United States and scientists are powerless to stop them

Canada and the United States usually get along pretty well, and that’s probably because Canadians are just so darn nice. They apologize for everything, they don’t mind bizarre weather… 296 more words


Sniffing Out Ways To Fight Obesity

How does your nose decide what you eat? That’s what one of my colleagues is trying to discover.

We adapt to the smells around us. That’s quite useful so you’re not permanently overwhelmed by the smells of flowers and trees and exhaust fumes while walking around. 258 more words