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Eye of the Albatross by Carl Safina

My first book by Carl Safina was What Animals Think and Feel and it instantly made me fall in love with his writing style. I immediately put all his books on my amazon waiting list and Im buying them one by one. 189 more words


Poem 23: Biology

I have devoted myself to you

I chose you today all my classes are you

My teaching labs, my research

I think of you at night I enjoy you… 93 more words


The Color of Our Skin from a Biologist's Perspective

Current Race Clashes

With clashes continuing in the United States between White supremacists and those fighting against racial inequality, I wanted to respond from a biologist’s point of view. 770 more words

Embrace you girly style in your home by adding touches of pink wherever you like. I have to admit I feel in love with the color pink again about a year ago when I started my online shop… 117 more words

Pharma Genes

Welcome to my personal blog fellow Pharma Genes.

On this blog I hope to do weekly blog posts detailing new science discoveries and the growing world of Science in 2017. 89 more words

Living Logic: Biological Circuits for the Electrically Minded

Did you know you can build fundamental circuits using biological methods? These aren’t your average circuits, but they work just like common electrical components. We talk alot about normal silicon and copper circuits ‘roud here, but it’s time to get our hands wet and see what we can do with the power of life! 1,975 more words


Career Opportunities in Sericulture


Sericulture is the art and technology of raising silk worms for production of raw silk yarn. If your interest lies in these type of works, the job is suitable for you. 321 more words

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