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Is Mathematics necessary to do Biology?

I have always wondered, whether math is really necessary for understanding Biology. This question had eluded me since my high school when I took Math and Biology both as my elective subjects. 551 more words

Homing where the heart is

“Take a left Freddy!”

“No Sandra, it’s straight on, trust me!”

You’d be forgiven if you assumed this is an old couple arguing about which route to take on the M6 to Manchester. 585 more words

Wicking fabric and wound management

One of the topics that I didn’t expect to discover when I thought to look up wicking fabrics was their use in wound management. Anyone who has worn a Band-Aid has probably experienced some skin integrity issues. 267 more words


Animal Behavior: H.W.


  1. Watch video
  2. Define, analyze and provide example for each type of behavior
  3. Bring it to next class in your notebook


10th Grade

Sex Vs Gender

TL;DR: There is a difference between biological sex and gender identity that everyone is getting wrong.

P.S. I’m sorry for this being out late, there’s stuff going on in my life that prevented me from posting this when I wanted. 1,957 more words


Biology- May 22-26

Topic: Immune System

Rx for Survival Video Guide

Reading ?’s 31.4- Due Mon, May 22nd
Disease Warriors Wkst- Due Tues, May 23rd
Immune System Review (see below)- Due Thurs, May 25th… 128 more words


Evidence in Creation

(This is my reaction to fellow libertarian Gloria Alvarez’s video on why she is an atheist, at )

El verdadero metodo scientifico requiere una serie de pasos que se pueden repetir para legar a los mismos resultados. 1,992 more words