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From Cover to Cover

As of a couple hours ago, I have not only completed my first full year as a lecturer at Northern Arizona University, but I have also completed my first full cycle of Karty’s text; from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016, from Organic Chemistry I to Organic Chemistry II, from front-cover to back-cover of… 305 more words

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Monadelphous and diadelphous stamens

Monadelphous: when the stamens of a flower are united as a tube around the style of the carpel.  Here are some examples of what that can look like:

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Egg Collection - Week 3

Wil Wegman
Resource Management Technician
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Aurora District- 905-713-7730

May 6 2016

Ok … Sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve and I swear wants to test our fortitude … and that’s exactly what continued week 3 of our muskie trapnetting/egg collection program on G Pool! 472 more words


When Earth Discovered Water

When Earth discovered water, life became possible.

“Discover”? I was going to use the word “invent”. Then I remembered that water can be found on other planets, comets, asteroids…and the Moon. 321 more words


'Screaming' Moths Are A Toxic Warning For Bats

Most bats love insects, but some of them don’t taste so good and can even be poisonous for the flying mammals. So how do bats know which ones are toxic and which ones are tasty? 93 more words

Crazy Science

186 - Bottom Burps

Poem number 186
Bottom Burps
Farting in contentment
Smelly gases out my bum
All the food I ate last night
Exploding from my tum… 22 more words