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God & Evolution: A Critique of Theistic Evolution

A series of three talks (followed by a Q&A after each talk) in the following order:

  • Stephen Meyer: “Why Contemporary Evolutionary Theory Fails to Explain the Origin of Biological Form and Information”.
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PhD studentship: Health Services Research Scholarship | Medical Jobs from Jobs.ac.uk

University of Kent<br />Salary: £14,553 per annum

from Health and Medical Jobs – jobs.ac.uk http://ift.tt/2mQW5qM

About Jobs.ac.uk

Launched in January 1998 by the University of Warwick, we have grown to become the top recruitment site in our sector, attracting the most qualified and talented people from the UK, Europe and across the world. 46 more words


Bioanalysis Trends in 2018

Bioanalytical techniques and tools of the trade have been evolving at an unprecedented rate. Advances in the number of accurate sequences have surpassed Moore’s Law due to next-generation sequencing techniques like Illumina MiSeq and Illumina HiSeq. 381 more words

Wei Garofolo

Franken fears, Franken futures, part 1

It’s the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s hugely influential Frankenstein this year, which numerous news outlets are obviously picking up on. If you’ve never read it, do; it’s astounding, even today. 708 more words


because i have no poem; not really

unless its got to do with

my overheating personage,

I don’t really give a shit

about making up lovely little

heart felt poems.

Oh, and unless there is… 28 more words


Wellness Refocused Education: What Are Carbohydrates?

Did anyone else feel bad for Regina George when she was duped by Cady Herron when she asked if butter was a carb? I found myself laughing at the time the movie came out, but after a year of working with clients and more time talking with others, it’s clear that it can be hard for people to think about food in terms of their macro nutrients, especially carbohydrates. 1,633 more words


I love including little pink accents in my home decor. It gives such a beautiful feminine touch!