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Water Flower

The aquatic plant, Montsechia vidalii, once grew abundantly in freshwater lakes in what are now mountainous regions in Spain. Fossils of the plant (below left) were first discovered more than 100 years ago in the limestone deposits of the Iberian Range in central Spain and in the Montsec Range of the Pyrenees, near the country’s border with France. 143 more words


"The Natural Inferiority of Women"

The Natural Inferiority of Women” by “ContentWoman” is now available on kindle.

“ContentWoman” is the penname of a woman I used to be friendly with on the Internet. 49 more words

Reverse Engineering

There are many UFO / Aliens sites, books and videos that claim the US government or various secret agencies and organisations are reverse engineering alien technology taken from crashed alien spacecraft or bartered or donated to use by aliens from other planets or dimensions. 700 more words


Fibonacci- Nature by numbers

We often look for patterns in systems. Leonardo of Pisa (known as Fibonacci) was a mediaeval mathematician whose wonderful curiosity led him to observe how the ratios between numbers was a mirror for many naturally occurring patterns. 31 more words



This is the first to what I hope to be many posts. I have chosen to withhold my actual name for personal reasons, however, I will share a little about myself. 149 more words


The Surprising Neurobiology of Common Plants

Time is money; time is of the essence; time is relative; don’t waste your time. The crazy invention to govern what we experience each day is something we take for granted: it’s here, it’s real, it’s passing, and fast. 553 more words