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Incorporeal Entity

I am always
confounded by
the boisterous congregation
of overactive
neuro-bio-chemical properties
inhabiting my brain


Giant otter fossil discovery in China

This video from the USA says about itself:

23 January 2017

Dr. Denise Su, curator of paleobotany and paleoecology at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History…

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'Asteroids not cause of Ordovician biodiversification'

This video says about itself:

30 May 2013

Few people have heard of the Ordovician Period, but it was one of the most important periods in Earth’s history.

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Antibody can protect brains from the ageing effects of old blood


By Jessica Hamzelou

Old blood may have a powerful effect, damaging organs and contributing to ageing. 1,228 more words



There is that period after a heartbreak, where you no longer cry, but you’re also not smiling . You have this ache in your chest and no matter what, you cannot get rid of it; however, you keep going. 626 more words


Review: The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar by Matt Simon

Okay, the title alone is great, come on. And I’m a big biology/zoology buff so this was a great book for me.

If you’re someone who is interested in the many creatures that live in the world around you but you fall asleep when things get to technical and “science-y” this is the book for you! 100 more words

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