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Biological Determinism and the Trans Debates: Gender, Sex, Race, and Ability

People increasingly attempt to use biological determinism (or essentialism) to lock people into identities, identities that are actually assigned and determined by cultural mores.

While people who are transgender or transexual (often abbreviated as just… 623 more words

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Nanostraws developed at Stanford sample a cell’s contents without damage

Reported by: Irina Robu, PhD

Cells within our bodies change over time and divide, with thousands of chemical reactions happening within cell daily. Nicholas Melosh, associate professor of materials science and engineering, developed a new, non-destructive system for sampling cells with nanoscale straws which could help uncover mysteries about how cells function. 197 more words

Secret Plan to Clone Salvador Dalí?

They say it’s about a paternity case, but the genetic material to soon be collected might be secretly used to clone the long dead surrealist painter. 922 more words



For 11 months I have lived peacefully side by side with one of the most common pests in all of the Philippines: ants. I’ve heard horror stories of them eating through peanut butter jars or frying the motherboards of peoples’ laptops but personally hadn’t come across them as a big nuisance. 932 more words

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Turkey pulls evolution from its high school curriculum

(Source: arstechnica.com)

In the US, opponents of evolution have tried to undercut instruction on the topic by suggesting schools should “teach the controversy.” The national education authorities in Turkey, however, have decided that teachers should avoid any hint of controversy in the classroom. 288 more words


Agtilla Plant

The Agtilla is a plant that lives in flat plains in the open ocean biome. It is in fact a carnivorous plant.  It has long weeds with sticky spikes to catch prey, then it tangles over them by nearby tops or other leaves with stipky sticky things all over them to start the digestion process.   58 more words

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