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High School Biology 14 - Evolution

I started class with a video on Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace:

For the lab activity, I picked 10.3 Adaptation of Beaks from the… 154 more words


Intuition and Sexual Attraction

I just read this really great article called “Survival of the Prettiest”

Survival of the Prettiest

The success of our civilization and the health of our children is, to a great degree, dependent on intelligent, thoughtful, healthy women who listen to their bodies and to their intuition when deciding to mate.   737 more words


Did you know boys can have periods too?

I don’t even know where to begin on this one so I’ll just post part of the beginning of the article.

Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners…

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Naughty + Hilarious

That’s not how Acronyms work but yeah, Tit’s healthy for you! 

Got Lucky?

had to be a Greek dude in this…

Inappropriate Medical Enthusiasm?

Never Quietly and Not while reading…but thanks for asking! 60 more words


Someone just paid $25,000 to name a worm-like amphibian after Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s name is attached to a lot of things — Trump Towers, Trump University, The Trump Foundation (oops nevermind) — and now, Dermophis donaldtrumpi… 270 more words


Hummingbirds' mating season displays, new study

This video from the USA says about itself:

Broad-tailed Hummingbird – Colorado Rocky Mountains

Nature and birds of Snowmass Village, Colorado (late June/July ). Featured closeup of…

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