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My Heart Goes On...

When organs are donated and transported to recipients the normal course of action is to pack the organ in ice prior to transport. This method of transport can be problematic because of the short window of time an organ can be kept on ice. 156 more words

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"Homo est Animal Rationale"

Despite evolutionary, physiological and anatomical  evidence for our classification as animals, classical and religious literature, as well as our own minds seem to make a distinction between the two that delves beyond binomial nomenclature. 585 more words


American western scrub-jay split into two species

This video from the USA says about itself:

Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma woodhouseii) Sitting on a Branch – Colorado – April 29, 2016…

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Why can't Horses Vomit??


Humans can vomit. Dogs can vomit. Even cats can vomit. But why can’t horses vomit? This post will explain everything!

Why humans can vomit… 352 more words


Zebra finches prepare their eggs for climate change ... by singing to them?

I’ve been keeping zebra finches as pets for ten years now, and I’m constantly amazed by these incredible songbirds. Not only do they have wonderful personalities and are very bright, intelligent birds, but they have done wonders for scientific research. 259 more words


Monomoy Sea Turtle Rescue Team 2016

Although the end of the season blues were running at Monomoy last Friday, it turned out that there was one more surpise in store for the team: rescuing a 500 pound leatherback that had been stranded on South Beach. 756 more words

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