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Tatsu also called sea dragons are higher drakes that live mostly in large bodies of water, mainly the seas and oceans. They are closely related to the terrestrial dragon species. 1,665 more words


The Tree of Life

The slide showed a dirt road enveloped in a misty shroud. At the side of the road a beautiful red flower with a yellow lip stood out against the wet green blades of grass. 467 more words


Biology experiment: Antibiotics

Although we did this experiment a while ago (22nd March ) I’ve finally grabbed a moment to write about it.

The experiment involved producing a pour plate and since microbes are always present in the air, we worked around a lit Bunsen Burner which produced upward air movement to try to minimise the risk of contaminating the plates. 331 more words


What is Love? (Baby Don't Hurt Me)

Pretty convinced this post will be full of song lyrics which ties in nicely with my first point. Love is all around. We see it every day, many different shapes, sizes, flavours, mediums. 1,390 more words


Super-senses in the Animal Kingdom

Sophie Akiva

Some hold the belief that humans were made in the image of an omnipotent being, while others consider us to have adapted through evolution to become the dominant species on our planet. 878 more words


3D Bioprinted Tissues Improved with Vascular Channels

Meghan Bialt-DeCelie – ’19

One of the biggest problems with engineered tissues is the lack of a vascular system to transport essential nutrients and oxygen. This is the reason why larger and highly metabolic organs are the most difficult to develop with 3D printing. 313 more words