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5th December 2016 - Ashley Otter, Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Hi everyone! I’m Ash and I’m a 2nd year PhD student based at the Centre for Emerging, Endemic and Exotic Diseases (CEEED) at Royal Veterinary College (RVC), part of the University of London. 343 more words


Biology Chapter 12 Homework Answers

Chapter 12, The Cell Cycle

1. Describe how are the three subphases of interphase are alike and how they are different.

– They are alike in that many of the cell’s metabolic processes occur in all three. 435 more words


Dank Memes

If you’re young and hip like me, you’ll have come across the term dank meme, and know that a dank meme is a cool image or video that becomes popular. 306 more words

English Language

The Science of Fear

A rushing heartbeat. Sweaty palms. Your eyes dart, back and forth as your thoughts race a million miles a minute. Your legs twitch, itching to run. 904 more words


From Weizmann: "When Cells Are Fit"

Weizmann Institute of Science

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How do the expression levels of numerous proteins affect a cell’s fitness?

Tracking protein activity levels in a cell is essential to the study of such diseases as cancer which, alongside changes in the genes, involves changes in the activity levels of numerous proteins. 1,055 more words

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B6.1 - Respiration

IGCSE Double Award Coordinated Science

Biology 6.1 – Respiration

Key Vocabulary

Respiration – The release of energy from glucose via a chemical reaction                                                             – happens in EVERY SINGLE LIVING cell. 303 more words

IGCSE Science

Surviving under the frozen lake?

There are two things need to be clarified: (1) Why is only water layer on the surface frozen in freezing winter? (2) How can these creatures adapt to cold temperature? 330 more words