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In the Arcane Realm, there are a number of intelligent and sapient species that have developed cultures that helped them thrive and can potentially interact with other socities like themselves. 617 more words


The Science Behind Jurassic Park - a Biologist's Film Review

Lewis Dudley, first year Biology undergraduate, looks deeper into the genetics hidden within the plot.

In one of the many iconic scenes of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, Dr Alan Grant, stranded in a dinosaur enclosure discovers empty dinosaur eggshells. 455 more words


Human Genome Editing: Science, Ethics, and Governance

What is human genome editing and what kind of diseases can it prevent or cure? What kind of molecular biology techniques are involved in genome editing? 399 more words


High Tide in Tucson by Barbara Kingsolver with Ginger Tea

Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors because her writing is alive. Her voice jumps off the page making it feel like she is a treasured friend sitting down to talk. 162 more words

Book Review

A Machine is Not Alive, but It Can Operate Anyway

I am still trying to understand what a machine is. But the proper way to go at this, is to do it the other way around – understanding how Life operates first. 206 more words


Biology Quiz

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  1. Which statements about modern cell theory are true?
  2. Cells arise from other cells.
  3. All living organisms consist of one or more cells.
  4. 1,136 more words
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The Ageing Immune System and Health (II)

Here’s the first post about the book. I finished it a while ago but I recently realized I had not completed my intended coverage of the book here on the blog back then, and as some of the book’s material sort-of-kind-of relates to material encountered in a book I’m currently reading ( 1,776 more words