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New Discoveries in Fetal Immune Response Capacity

By Anna Tarasova ’19

The immune system of a fetus differs significantly from that of an infant or adult. During the second trimester of pregnancy, a fetus’s immune system is able to recognize antigens, or foreign cells, and conduct an immune response using dendritic cells. 302 more words


Biology Revision - Chemical And Cellular Basis of Life (2)

Multiple Choice Questions

Water And Life

1. Many mammals control their body temperature by sweating. Which property of water is most directly responsible for the ability of sweat to lower body temperature? 395 more words


Making a hot mess out of sleeping

I recently moved into a new place, but something went wrong with the air conditioning. My wife is very much used to air conditioning. She’s still having a difficult time with it since the AC hasn’t been fixed at the time of writing. 735 more words


Plant and Animal Cell

How does a plant cell differ from an animal cell?

The main difference is that plant cells have a cell wall as well as a cell membrane. 188 more words


Probiotics Used to Prevent and Treat Allergies: Consuming Friendly Bacteria May Lessen Allergic Reactions

A natural treatment for preventing and treating allergies would be good news for people who suffer from the constant threat of having allergic reactions disrupt daily living. 541 more words


Women become "genderless" when childbearing years are finished

Biologically speaking, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to procreate. Additionally, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to attract a mate for purposes of copulation – her smooth skin, curves, supple breasts, a strong, healthy limber body that would support a baby well – all designed to attract a male. 199 more words

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