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My Sister Rosalind Franklin: A Family Memoir

My Sister Rosalind Franklin: A Family Memoir by Jenifer Glynn

Synopsis: Rosalind Franklin is famous in the history of science for her contribution to the discovery of the structure of DNA, the start of the greatest biological revolution of the twentieth century. 190 more words


Simpson Admissions Plans to “Keep it Fall, Y’all” at Simpson Year-Round

Squirrels, Pumpkin-Spice, academic perfection (of course), and everything nice is known as the formula for our very own Simpson College.

It’s true, people from all over the state marvel at Simpson’s beautiful fall foliage. 270 more words

Simpson College

Another interesting biology based beauty fact from Evaknows. You may not of thought about it before but keeping your bones healthy is vital for maintaining the quality of your body. 34 more words


Competition between men in current society is a cultural phenomenon, not a evolutionary one. When people still lived in small communities, they used to cooperate. This is natural behaviour of Homo Sapiens as a result of his evolution. 115 more words


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New Technique Finds Aspirin Can Prevent Cancer The aspirin you...

New Technique Finds Aspirin Can Prevent Cancer

The aspirin you likely already have in your medicine cabinet could prevent certain types of cancer, a new study says.

By: Newsy Science.

Tiny Sperm

Mice have sperm that is twice as long as elephants’. The world’s longest sperm belongs to a fruit fly. And across the animal kingdom, sperm take on extremely odd and varied shapes and sizes. 380 more words