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Giant panda news update

This video is called Life of Giant Pandas – Full Documentary.

From Associated Press today:

China’s latest survey finds increase in wild giant pandas


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Let’s be honest, you probably know what these colours mean. That dress has had the world at each other’s throats on the discovery that we perceive colour perception differently. 442 more words


How we think complex cells evolved Imagine you swallowed a small...

How we think complex cells evolved

Imagine you swallowed a small bird and suddenly gained the ability to fly … or you ate a cobra and were able to spit poisonous venom!

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BioBit – The nucleus, command central for the cell

The nucleus of a cell is home to what makes you unique, your DNA. Its function is to control gene expression and help copy the DNA when your cells grow and divide. 286 more words


Close Encounter With The Mind Of A Narcissist

Dearest Readers, those of you who have been with me for some time are aware that I am an ACoN, which stands for Adult Child of a Narcissist.   1,707 more words


Biology woes and the physical fitness rollercoaster

Just a general update of stuff.

I’m doing ok in my Math and Humanities classes, so nothing to stress there.  Biology, however, I’m struggling with.  I have my first exam coming up next week and I’m nowhere near prepared for it.   177 more words