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Iridescence & Pretty, Shiny Natural Things

The Atlantic’s science writers are back in the saddle, leading the way with the best stories recently:

Why Do These Plants Have Metallic Blue Leaves?

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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Wednesday

This week’s featured woodpecker is the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. It is one of North America’s four sapsucker species. This sapsucker is the most migratory woodpecker in the world. 708 more words

To Overturn 150 Years of Biology

(Atlantic) – Ed Yong:

Toby Spribille has shown that largest and most species-rich group of lichens are not alliances between two organisms, as every scientist since Schwendener has claimed. 21 more words


23andMe reportedly no longer working on next-gen sequencing

23andMe won’t continue with next-generation DNA sequencing and has reportedly laid off the lab working on the project.

About half-a-dozen workers were laid off from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based lab, according to… 353 more words


Race is Not Biology, but Biology is Racialized

We think it’s confusing too.
by Alexis Takahashi

Many of our ideas about race are grounded in biological narratives of genetic difference. But what is the real relationship between race and biology? 1,908 more words

Bloody Halloween Fun

Unless you practice Ashura or live in one of those areas that take Good Friday very seriously, the year’s bloodiest holiday is probably Halloween, and it is just around the corner (though… 663 more words