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Vivisection (A Prose Poem by Jan Decena)

“Tell me, tell me, little girl, what do you see in those pure, blue eyes? What does your eyes depict from that blank stare, on that chiselled face, and that perfect curve of that mouth; on those greying lips and on that porcelain pale like marble skin. 366 more words



Endocrine system

Our body is managed by two systems. One is the nervous system while the other is the endocrine system. The endocrine system revolves around various glands found in the body which secrete substances called hormones. 401 more words


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The Science of Sexuality

Sintija Jurkevica and Jonathan James

The struggle of understanding sexuality begins to muddle even before sexual orientation can be defined. Some sources describe it as a person’s… 713 more words


From Biodiversity to Policies to Politics

Denis Couvet examines the political issues brought on by the question of biodiversity preservation. 853 more words

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Immunologist Interview

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What do you do?

Skin cancer, esophageal cancer, and endometriosis are all on Madhavi Kadakia’s hit list. The Wright State University researcher has been using high-tech equipment and her expertise in genetics to help diagnose and treat these sometimes deadly diseases. 964 more words


Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors

New study shows that chimps’ ability to learn simple circular relationships is on a par with that of 4-year-old children

Chimpanzees of all ages and all sexes can learn the simple circular relationship between the three different hand signals used in the well-known game rock-paper-scissors. 79 more words