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The Elevator Pitch

Sell yourself and your entire career in 30 seconds. Its as easy as that.

The age old dilemma of how to sell yourself intensifies when you realize you may in fact be an awkward, semi-introverted PhD student with a chronic infection of Impostor’s Syndrome (the continual fear that you, as the least qualified person in the room, are about to be found out at any moment!). 382 more words


Quantifying Biological Complexity

Next week I’m going to this workshop:

• Biological Complexity: Can It Be Quantified?, 1-3 February 2017, Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona. 264 more words


the maiden voyage

Welcome to the maiden voyage of my Critters and Light blogging adventure. The Critter map is large and has many destinations. We will wander as inspiration leads us, celebrating the unexpected.   516 more words

Isolation for long space missions

so I was watching Michael Stevens’s first and only free episode of Mind Field where he was talking about isolation. He mentioned that there were experiments of people in closed systems to test how body and mind reacts to long term isolation. 264 more words


Is 'eDNA' The Next Big Thing For Wildlife Science?

Biologist Shaun Clements stands in the winter mist in a coastal Oregon forest. He’s holding a small vial of clear liquid.

“We should be safe mixing it now, right?” he asks his colleague Kevin Weitemier above the sound of a rushing stream a few feet away. 12 more words

OPB - Oregon Public Broadcasting

DNA Structure

My apologies this is a bit later than usual. It was left in my drafts box and never published to the blog.

8.2 DNA Structure… 27 more words