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The Spontaneous Formation of Life

Despite lacking in Earth’s conditions, bacteria have been shown to grow in space. Although, it is still not fully understood how organic life has it’s origins in space, is it theorized that the first organic microorganisms were transmitted to earth by hitchhiking on a comet or via an asteroid that impacted the Earth. 202 more words


Living Like Logan on a Cellular Level; How to Delay Ageing.

Ageing is a normal process that most organisms go through, even our favourite superheros. Some organisms live longer than others with Mayflies living approximately 24 hours to the Greenland Shark with potential lifespans of up to 512 years. 1,121 more words


Week Reflection 3/20-3/23

1.How does meiosis differ from mitosis? What is the ploidy number of the products in both processes?

The main difference  between mitosis and meiosis is that mitosis involves the process in which a diploid cell divides into two identical diploid cells.  263 more words


Human Genome Caused by Malaria Parasite?

Plasmodium vivax, a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes, infects millions of individuals in Africa yearly. However, that is not the case for individuals living in sub-Saharan Africa, which affected less than 5% of Africans of all malaria cases. 214 more words


Gene Therapy A New Hope For Hemophilia.

Hemophilia is a hereditary genetic blood disease in which blood fails to clot or clots very slowly. The person who carries the gene for hemophilia has deficiency of clotting factors in blood so that minor injuries also cause continuous bleeding. 308 more words


Mammalian Brain Affected by Non-Genetic and Allele-Specific Expression

By Rideeta Raquib ’19

The brain is a complex organ that is constantly being impacted by genetic and epigenetic factors. Mental illness patients are usually heterozygous in terms of inheriting one mutant allele. 408 more words