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Carbon sequestration - focus of community koala recovery efforts

As a result of the first ‘Direct Action’ auction, the federal government has purchased 47 million tonnes of ‘carbon abatement’ for $660 million. While the amount individual projects recieved is secret, the average price was $13.95 per tonne, with bulk of the payments going to native forest sequestration, 28m tonnes and landfill, 18m tonnes. 459 more words


A tale of two biomass technologies

From an environmental perspective, when one contemplates the impact of biomass burning in the province of Nova Scotia, one might be excused if one’s overarching assessment of the technology and its effect upon the province’s forests was negative. 1,113 more words


영국에서의 Wood Pellets 상황

2014년 미국 wood pellets의 수출 중에 거의 ¾은 영국으로 보내졌으며, 영국의 주된 용도는 전력 생산이었습니다. 미국의 wood pellets 수출량은 2013년에 3.2 million이었는데 2014년에는 거의 40% 상승하여 4.4 million을 수출 하면서, 미국은 전세계에서 wood pellets의 수출이 가장 국가 를 계속해서 유지하고 있습니다. 77 more words


Slash and burn

I just cut 500 word on this topic, as in everything I just wrote. Slashed, burned, cut. As Stephen King would say “kill your darlings”. To begin a new one.

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RADAR data for woody biomass prediction & the impact of woody structure

In Michelakis et al. (2015) we developed and validated a semi-empirical statistical model (i.e. Water Cloud Model or WCM) to predict Above Ground Woody Biomass (AGWB) from backscatter intensity data collected by the Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR), and examined any effects of woodland structure upon the backscatter signal. 714 more words
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Ionic liquids pack a punch for biofuels (Day 327)

In my blog, ‘the sweet smell of success‘, I discussed the use of ionic liquids – salt in a liquid state as a result of poor ionic co-ordination – in perfumes and alluded to other fields of research where they are used. 537 more words

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