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Publishing Science: A New Journal for Red Mountain Students

“The goal is to highlight the innovative research that is being performed by Red Mountain students”

–Ms. Gazda

Biotechnology is a CTE course that teaches students about how to work in a lab and conduct research.

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Red Mountain High School

“I’m a biomed undergraduate, but I’ve decided now that uni isn’t for me. It’s been challenging emotionally and I can’t enjoy my subject in that environment. 97 more words


Pathway Selection

On pathway day, we visited and learned many different things about each pathway. We learned that in BioMed, that are a lot of dissections, notes, and labs. 387 more words

Biomed is the Pathway for me!

Decision making is hard, especially when choosing a pathway that you’ll have for the rest of high school. You might like two options because you’re interested in a little bit of both but you can only choose one. 479 more words


Three Reasons to Choose Biomedical Science

Have you ever felt that Biomed isn’t for you? Many people think that Biomed is only for people who want a career in the science or medical field, but this is not true. 473 more words