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Learning Something new!

Hi my name is Brenda H:

Next year, I hope to learn more about the human body systems and how our body functions. I find this very interesting because I want to be able to know how my body works. 140 more words

Being the change -Jacqueline A.

Hello! My name is Jacqueline A. I chose the biomedical pathway because I have always been interested in science. All the experiments we did in elementary school were always very interesting and exciting to me and that’s when I knew that when I grew up I wanted a job that was related to science. 106 more words


Donald Armstrong: HTM Week Is a Grand Time to Celebrate the Biomed Life

Having breakfast with colleagues, we greeted each other by saying, “Happy Biomed Week.” We have a party this week, so the greeting that particular day might turn into, “Happy Biomed Day.” One of my smart and funny co-workers said it should be “Biomed Life” because we live it every day. 427 more words

Healthcare Technology Management

biomed summer 2k17 - Lila H.

Hi there! My name is Lila H. I’m ready to start 10th grade biomed. I chose this pathway because there are so many interesting facts and studies about us as people and how our bodies and minds work. 66 more words


Expanding My Mind: Anne K.'s Love of Learning

Hi! My name is Anne K.

This past year in BioMed has been one of the most incredible experiences of my young life. I always felt like a smart girl, but then 9th grade BioMed began. 70 more words


Shooting for the Stars - Lily D.

Hello I am Lily and I have joined the biomedical pathway because it has always been my dream to become a doctor. I love helping people, but I also love learning about how the body works. 97 more words


Finding new discoveries-Ariana D.

Hello, my name is Ariana. This year for biomed, I hope to learn about the new ways that scientist are finding to battle pathogenic diseases. I choose the biomed pathway because to me, science has always been an interesting topic to learn about. 80 more words