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Week gone weekend done

Hero was extremely pleasant this week. Having regular bowel movements


autism mom’s can relate

And he was extremely calm.

I’m not sure if I’ll mentioned I decided to stop heilkunst homeopathy and…

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Well its Wednesday and it’s been an awesome week with heroe he’s been calm and chill and just been a typical week compared to the last few weeks. 94 more words


By far

These last couple days have been the best. It’s been almost 2 months that we have had a calm hero. He’s been a delight. No words yet. 110 more words


Essential oils etc etc

So today I caved and decided to start giving hero essential oils again. He woke up at 3am and whining a bit too much. 

I use to used them in the past but I thought he no longer needed them. 33 more words


Yeast Beast

I really had a hard time getting out of bed I mean hard.  Drank monsters,coffee you name it. Top of that hero was not having it today from the beginning. 82 more words


Easter break: Teddy Bear Hospital

Now that my mini-swotvac is coming to an end, it’s time for some reflection.

I kicked off my Easter break volunteering for the Teddy Bear Hospital… 369 more words