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BioSensors Performance

For this project, we were tasked to develop a sensor that could emit sounds created by the movements of the human body. It was our job to take this audio that was being generated by the sensor, and give an interpretive performance from the audio data. 172 more words


BioMedia Critique

The sounds I recorded cam from mostly dogs and birds. I changed up the pitch and speed of the dogs on Max and I added in a background noise of high pitch birds. 46 more words


BioAcoustics Composition #1: Sounds From Cherry Creek

For this project, we were instructed to create a BioAcoustics composition using sounds that we recorded in our area. I chose to travel to nearby Cherry Creek State Park to gather bioacoustics samples and piece them together to create this recording. 157 more words


The body, the new body, and digital envelopment

Although the Thacker reading was not necessarily about medical devices, his conceptualization of the body and the “new body” of biomedia can be materialized in the process of full-body scanning (i.e. 243 more words