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Skipping The Security Lines At BWI

LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ)–Planning a trip often involves getting to the airport extra early because of those long lines. Now BWI joins an expanding network of airports across the country offering a new service that promises to change that. 289 more words


Windows 10 Could Mean Never Typing a Password Again

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Biometric security is a feature already found on lots of mobile phones and tablets… 143 more words


You unlock this smartphone with your eyes

Some of the new phones launching at Mobile World Congress are sporting fingerprint scanners, but a new device from ZTE uses a very different biometric security measure to lock its screen. 371 more words

Biometric System Gym Protection | Karsof Biometric Technology | Karsof

Protect Your Spa or Gym with Karsof™ Systems Biometric Security

With Karsof Biometric Technology, your gym or spa is a secure environment for both members and employees. 331 more words

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Apple files for patent to move Touch ID fingerprint scanner from home button to display

”Future iPhones and iPads could move Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor from the device’s home button to the display itself, allowing a more seamless and potentially dynamic way for a device to securely authenticate a user,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. 138 more words


Security Enhancements for Personnel Access to Combat Gun Smuggling by TSA

Passenger security improvements are highlighted this week as the world resumes business travel after the holiday break. As the industry as a whole tightens security across the world’s borders, the question must be raised about the lengths airports are prepared to go to to improve security for personnel access when Atlanta airport admit that 150 guns were smuggled onto aircraft over a seven-month period last year. 140 more words

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Fingerprints can be reproduced from publicly available photos

At a conference in Hamberg Germany this weekend, biometrics researcher Jan Krisller demonstrated how he spoofed a politician’s fingerprint using photos taken by a “standard photo camera.” 242 more words