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Biometrics are not the answer for authentication

I’ve pointed out before that biometrics are not a good path to follow to avoid the obvious and growing issues with authentication using passwords.

Many biometrics suffer from being easy to spoof: pictures of someone’s iris, appropriately embedded in a background, can fool iris readers, a sheet of clingfilm can often cause a fingerprint reader to ‘see’ the last real fingerprint used on it, and so on. 329 more words

LA judge forces woman to unlock iPhone with fingerprint

The forced use of fingerprints to unlock an iPhone is playing out again in Los Angeles.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, this case involves a seized iPhone connected with an alleged Armenian gang member. 785 more words


Your Biometrics May Become Your Password

As technology advances, and with each new development, data security is lagging behind. In the not too distant future, biometrics will be at least in part, your new password. 158 more words

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Wearable Technology and the Benefit Trade Off. Who Wins?

Are consumers unknowingly giving away their personal data? How safe are you?

Wearable technologies like health bands, glasses,  and clothing, capture detailed information about an individual including personal health, location, and daily routines. 248 more words

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Your ears are the next frontier of biometric security

Biometric security—using characteristics of our bodies to verify who we are—is becoming commonplace. Most of us are comfortable scanning our fingerprints to unlock our phones or gain access to an office, and… 178 more words

Forget fingerprints, ears are so next season in biometrics

We’ve had our fingers, voices and irises scanned, but there’s now a new biometric en vogue – ears.

NEC, the inventor of this new personal identification technology, says it has an accuracy rating of 99%. 421 more words

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Airport Security – Are We Safer?

Public opinion varies wildly about the effectivity of airport screening, with many passengers simply feeling violated after security screening, rather than safer.

The TSA has been around for 15 years, and recent reports suggest that screening personnel are under-performing. 69 more words

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