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Two friends beat Apple's million-to-one odds as both can unlock the same iPhone X using Face ID

”Two friends have beat million-to-one odds to crack the facial recognition on the iPhone X – after discovering it accepted both their faces,” Shivali Best reports for The Mirror. 213 more words


Aadhaar breaches fuelled by rogue admin accounts

Not long ago trumpeted as the world’s largest biometric database, India’s Aadhaar system covers 1.2bn citizens. Lately, though, it’s acquired a less impressive reputation – that it’s one of the easiest to breach. 553 more words


Naked Security: Microsoft could soon be “password free”

Naked Security: Microsoft could soon be “password free”. “As each New Year rolls by, someone somewhere usually predicts the death of passwords as a trend for the coming months. 89 more words

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Implications Of Facial Recognition Tech

Facial recognition technology is becoming ever more present and used in our day-to-day lives, whether it be by law enforcement and governments through CCTV networks and other camera systems, to tight integration in our smart devices, with the most recent high profile example of this being Apple’s recently announced iPhone X smartphone. 51 more words


iPhone X Face ID baffled by kids, twins, siblings, doppelgängers

Youngsters! Pfft. They all look alike!

No, really, they do if you’re the Face ID facial recognition system in Apple’s iPhone X. Specifically, twins, siblings and look-alikes can trip false authentications. 955 more words


How Apple will get users to trust iPhone X's Face ID

”Since the invention of the password, you’ve been told to keep yours a secret,” Alfred Ng writes for CNET. “Now Apple wants your password to be your most public feature: your face.” 330 more words