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Why I Bombed My Biometrics 

As October approaches I am filled with dread. Not because of the dropping temps or the falling leaves, not even the smashing of our pumpkins. It is the biometric test I get in October that makes me long for November. 791 more words


MoneyRouter to secure cash transfers with thumbprint biometric

Following the launch of their MoneyRouter software at the end of September, Route Trading, are unveiling their latest weapon to combat international money laundering – biometric fingerprinting. 362 more words


How Biometric Technology Secures Valuable Information And Business Premises?

Biometric products have the capability to scan and measure a specific human part that includes iris, fingerprint, palm, retina etc that is stored in the database for future use. 370 more words


What Is The Significance Of Fingerprint Locks?

Fingerprint locks rely on user fingerprint in Malaysia or elsewhere as it is a unique feature that can be easily used in biometric devices. There is an integrated fingerprint sensor to scan the fingerprint to enter into the home or office. 370 more words


Feds got search warrant demanding anyone's fingerprints to open phones

After the dragged-out legal battles with Apple over unlocking the iPhones of a terrorist and a methamphetamine dealer, the Feds must have had it up to HERE with legal wranglings over searching suspects’ phones. 1,014 more words


Various Types of Morpho Biometric Access Control Systems

Companies that develop biometric products use human unique features as some human body features are unique such as fingerprint, iris and retina. Biometric technology is used for the purposes of identification and authentication. 348 more words