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Dating app boss sees 'no problem' on face-matching without consent

A new “dating” — or maybe stalking — app is using facial recognition to help you date people who look like, say, your ex, or perhaps a celebrity, or then again, a random stranger you might have breathed at on the subway. 789 more words


Microsoft and Accenture Unveil Global ID System for Refugees

Americans can show all sorts of documents, such as Social Security cards and diplomas, to show who they are. But for those from countries torn apart by war or political chaos, it’s much harder to prove their identities. 579 more words


Supplier Appears to Confirm iPhone 8 Wireless Charging & Waterproof; Twitter Freshenes Design; Flight Prescreening By Fingerprint Being Tested

the CEO of Apple’s prime partner in India, Wistron, let it slip that the iPhone 8 will indeed be waterproof and have wireless charging! 9to5mac.com reports that he was speaking to shareholders about different testing for the new handset, and mentioned that those features would alter the assembly and after-testing process a bit. 167 more words

How Customers Are Defining the Future of Biometrics

In the past, biometric security was something many only saw in spy movies or a futuristic utopia. However, as organizations more consistently look at the potential of biometric tools, they increasingly become a modern-day reality. 51 more words

My Nysc Camp Experience part 1

After many months of prayer and fasting. The good news finally arrived. I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety. Thankfully, Bestie and I were posted to south west. 273 more words

Exploring multiple-factor authentication in the consumer market

When Odysseus meets his family again after a decades-long journey, he must undergo many obstacles to prove himself the true ruler of Ithaca and legitimate husband of the queen, Penelope. 1,456 more words