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The Innovation Happening Inside Hearables and Hearing Aids

The Peace Dividends of the Smartphone War

One of the biggest byproducts of the mass proliferation of smartphones around the planet is the fact that the components inside the devices are becoming increasingly more powerful and sophisticated, while simultaneously becoming smaller and less expensive. 1,648 more words


How can Biometrics win the card fraud battle?

By Lina Andolf-Orup, Fingerprints.

Fighting fraudsters is a complex and ever-evolving challenge. As consumers change the way they pay, fraudsters change the way they steal. For banks to keep up, these new battles require new tactics to minimize losses and reassure consumers. 743 more words


The Creative Spark      

Update 5/22/2018

So the Satan worshipper cannot get the death penalty as he is too young and not responsible for his actions.  17, too young to be responsible… Do you all have a full appreciation of this?  1,851 more words


Microsoft Plans Cheaper iPad Rival; Apple Vein Face Scan; New Whole Foods Discount for Prime Members

Microsoft is gearing up to release a line of lower cost Surface tablets by later this year that would compete with the hot selling cheaper iPad. 294 more words

Facebook can't wiggle out of facial recognition lawsuit, judge says

Three years ago, Facebook was hit with a class action lawsuit over allegedly violating privacy rights by “secretly” sticking users’ faces into its huge database without their consent. 639 more words


Los Angeles Times: Facebook must face high-stakes trial over privacy and facial recognition, judge rules

Los Angeles Times: Facebook must face high-stakes trial over privacy and facial recognition, judge rules. “A judge scolded Facebook Inc. for misconstruing his own rulings as he ordered the company to face a high-stakes trial accusing it of violating user privacy. 78 more words

Security & Legal Issues

Measuring mental health with biometrics: A questionable pursuit

One of the difficulties of psychology and psychiatry is assessing mental health. I prefer the term “assessment” to “measurement” because measurement subtly implies that mental health is a singular thing you can quantify. 441 more words