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Know your baseline health data without medical insurance - join in this study

In knowing what is normal and not normal in many of our bodily functions, fluids and other biometrics, we can find health cures from health data generated from these biometrics. 3,790 more words


Mastercard unveils Next Generation Biometric Card

Mastercard has unveiled the next generation biometric card, combining chip technology with fingerprints to conveniently and safely verify the cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases.

South Africa is the first market to test the evolved technology, with two separate trials recently concluded with Pick n Pay, a leading supermarket retailer, and Absa Bank, a subsidiary of Barclays Africa. 559 more words


Biometrics is the use of physiological and/or behavioral characteristics to recognize or verify the identity of individuals through automated means.

It is divided as:
Physiological biometrics… 429 more words


MasterCard trials biometric bankcard with embedded fingerprint reader

MasterCard is trialling a Chip and PIN bankcard that includes an embedded fingerprint reader, introducing a biometric authentication layer for card payments — and taking a leaf out of the book of Apple Pay et al in the process. 609 more words


Never can say goodbye: face scans for departing US visitors fast-tracked

The US administration has stepped up its plans to check every visa-holder leaving the country by fast-tracking a scheme to carry out a facial scan on all departing passengers. 371 more words