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Graphing for Healing

An ‘n=1’ is an experiment with one participant. You.

N=1 experimentation methods can be used by individuals for healing and enhancing performance.

Personalized Data

Many people now have access to unprecedented amounts of data about themselves (thanks, tracking apps!) but most of us aren’t sure how to use it to improve our health. 686 more words

Celebrating 68 Years of Keeping an Eye on Defense

In 1947, President Truman signed the National Security Act—reorganizing and modernizing the U.S. armed forces, foreign policy, and the Intelligence Community into a new military-defense agency. 383 more words

National Defense

A Travel Ban On Other Countries?

Another important update in the world of immigration…our government is now requiring more biographical and biometrics information on people traveling to the U.S. The purpose is to protect our national security. 176 more words


Facial recognition technology to replace passports at Australian airports | ZDNet

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton said on Wednesday the new AU$22.5 million, three-year contract will initially see 105 new smartgates rolled out that will enable passengers to be processed using facial recognition. 11 more words


More Countries Face Travel Ban Under New Immigration Standards!

Did you know that our Government has given 191 countries new travel standards that may result in a travel ban on people from countries that fail to cooperate with these standards?  507 more words


How Qualcomm is betting heavily on China's emergence as a tech superpower

Qualcomm helping Beijing’s plan to create its own tech superpowers, the Times reports.