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Alleged child molester caught after 18 years thanks to facial recognition

“If you want to, and you know how, you can become someone else, just like that, real easy,” Charles Hollin (note:our photo is posed by a model… 803 more words


What Cyber Security Moves Banks Will Make in 2017

Cyber Security was listed as #6 in PwC’s “Top financial services issues for 2017”.

The financial services firms are hit by security breach 300 times more than businesses in other industries. 465 more words


How Morpho Biometric Products Are Useful?

Biometric safes protect your valuable property with the help of hi tech ways. As the technology is getting better, more advanced biometric devices are introducing day by day. 351 more words


Neuro-Tools: Emotion Detection

Much of the research that requires biofeedback involves emotions and the detection or classification of those. But as you surely noticed emotions are a very complex topic with many different aspects and challenges. 1,068 more words

Digital images become perfect tool for biometric hacking

In 2014, a hacker made news when he was able to use electronic images of Germany’s Defense Minister to recreate a thumbprint and accurate retinal image that could be used to hack biometric authentication. 334 more words


Why The EMV Chip isn’t Enough

Banks introduced the use of EMV chip in the U.S. back in 2015 announcing it as the latest solution to help lower the credit card fraud incidents. 478 more words


New comer Transmit Security wants to simplify biometric authentication

Transmit Security, a new security startup that wants to make it easier for developers to implement biometric authentication, came out of stealth today with $40 million in self-funding. 459 more words