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Bionic Eyes, Stem Cells and Gene Therapy: 3 Cutting Edge Cures for Blindness

Scientists have long known that while our eyes do most of the heavy lifting of sight—taking in particles of light, bending and refracting them, turning them into electrical impulses—we actually “see” with our brains. 1,994 more words

Blind Woman gets Eyesight after 13 years, thanks to Bionic Eye

Science can do miracles and yet another miracle happened when a 58-year-old woman became the first person in the US state of Florida to have bionic eye installed. 412 more words


Blind Woman Receives Bionic Eye, Can Now See Again

Ten years ago, Carmen Torres went blind. At the time, she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease which cost her her vision. Torres didn’t think she would be able to see again, until she underwent a painful, elaborate surgery last November to restore… 144 more words


Thanks to a bionic eye, this woman is able to see for the first time in years

It might seem like something out of a Philip K. Dick story, but bionic eyes are no longer pure figments of writers’ imaginations! For the first time in years a woman has been able to see again with the help of a bionic eye! 247 more words


Bascom Palmer eye experts implant first bionic eye in Florida

By Rebeca Piccardo, Miami Herald

Carmen Torres woke up one morning in absolute darkness. It took 16 years and a team of doctors to bring back the light. 524 more words


A British retiree is first to receive bionic eye

An 80-year-old British man is the first to receive bionic eye.

Ray Flynn suffered from age-related  macular degeneration that rendered him nearly blind. According to website… 217 more words