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Inspired by nature. Created by engineering. Powered by maxon.

Biology and engineering have been combined to create the world’s first prosthetic foot with propulsion powered from a maxon DC motor.

Our calf muscles provide the essential power, control and stability for walking. 255 more words

DC Servo Motor, Robotics, Automation

But I loved Unity

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth posted on April 5th, 2018 that they will discontinue development of the Unity desktop platform :(

I’ve been using Unity from the beginning. 83 more words


The Bionic Advisor

The Six Million Dollar Man was a television series during the mid-seventies about an astronaut who was severely injured during a plane crash and was re-built to have super-human strength.  629 more words

Financial Planning

Violence Causes Silence

♫It’s the same old thing in 2018
In your head, in your head
They’re still fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns… 47 more words

A Bratastic World

Nerds Unite: Prosthetics Inspired by Comics and Beyond!

Open Bionics is a company creating prosthetics inspired by heroines, heroes and the fictional worlds they live in. The designs emblazoned on their first set of bionic hands include ones drawn from Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, and Marvel’s Iron Man. 338 more words

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