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Building a bionic spine

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Australian neurologist Tom Oxley was on vacation in the US in November 2010 when he decided to do a bit of work. So he pitched an electrode array for reading brainwaves to the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) Military Prosthetics program. 1,095 more words


No ordinary invite: White House fashion show #DesignForAll

On Monday Sept. 12th  I received and email asking If my email address could be shared with the White House because they were interested in inviting me to an event.  658 more words


Bionic Wiring Abstract

This week’s art journal page is going to take some explaining.  The Colour Me Positive prompt was “best”.  I was a bit stumped and was letting the idea of best rattle around in my head for a bit and then I thought of the idea of being the best possible version of me by being a bionic me.   287 more words

Hedberg is a Bionic Hand Made From a Single Keurig

Developing into a modern hacker and tinkerer requires a lot of things: electronics study, programming knowledge, and patience (among many other things). But, the most important quality a hacker can have is curiosity. 211 more words

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