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A Robotic Future

A design company has developed robotics in somewhat of an odd way. They have created a robots in the form of some questionable organisms. One of these organisms is and ant, yes they have created bionic ants. 480 more words


The ants are coming

Today, Susan saw our first ant in a while, a sure sign that spring is coming, even if the snow hasn’t heard the news yet. 277 more words

Cape Cod

Rest easy knowing that bionic butterflies now exist

It would be even cooler if they were remote controlled. You’d be the coolest kid at show and tell.


And post-op report...

Surgery was long but successful. I am truly a bionic woman now, with a 9-inch plate in my arm and a battle scar to match. Today was all about waiting for the nerve block to wear off, assessing movement, and pain management. 107 more words

Writer For 365

It's only a matter of time until they take over the world

Are humans foolish to build such things? They seem pretty harmless now but give it 10 years.


"Hand"y Technology

Covered in the lecture of “I ♥ Gadgets”, rose our obsession for ubiquitous connectivity and how we are “always connected, always on”. This triggered my though process in relation to my ideas for my digital artefact, in making gadgets for eventual prosthetics, such as USB ports or even wifi. 101 more words


Bionic Security Thoughts

One of my favorite American shows, years ago, was the Bionic Woman. I loved the super powers that Jamie Sommers had — super hearing, super speed, and super strength. 425 more words