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Daily Sketch 18 - My Victorian cyborg vampire

You never know what’s going back in those days so why take chances. Let your bionic limb do the drinking first, then analyze, and bag it for later meals.

Blog Post #7: The Bionic Eye

Ocumetrics Technology Corp., a local Surrey, BC based biotech company is currently developing the Bionic Lens, a superhuman, synthetic, injected lens that will give the patient up to three times better than normal (20/20) vision and have the potential to reduce factors that cause eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. 719 more words


Performance difference of same program compiled differently on android, Why (I don't know)

While playing around android, I was bench-marking my device using a simple 1000×1000 matrix multiplication program which is also listed below.

int n=1000;
int main(){
int i,j,k,sum;
int no_of_bytes=n * n * sizeof(int);
int *A = (int *)malloc(no_of_bytes);
int *B = (int *)malloc(no_of_bytes);
int *C = (int *)malloc(no_of_bytes);
clock_t begin, end;
double time_spent;
*(C + i*n + j) = 0;
*(A + i*n + j) =(int)(rand()/500000);
*(B + i*n + j) =(int)(rand()/500000);
begin = clock();
for(i=0;i<n;i++){ //row of first matrix
for(j=0;j<n;j++){ //column of second matrix
sum=sum+( (*(A + i*n + j)) * (*(B + i*n + j)) );
(*(C + i*n + j))=sum;
end = clock();
time_spent = (double)(end - begin) / CLOCKS_PER_SEC;
printf ("Time taken to compute the matrix is %.2f\n", time_spent);
return 0;

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Photographed by Aaron Pegg  of Underground NYC

     Cyborg and Human reproduction was illegal but half breeds were protected under the new United Nations’ law. They called them Cyman . 86 more words


Pharrell Williams is making denim out of plastic

We all know and love Pharrell Williams for his amazingly catchy pop hits, but when the successful creative genius also knows how to weave denim clothes out of the harmful plastic waste in the ocean, we’re not the only ones he’s making Happy. 223 more words


Open Bionics Creates Disney-Inspired Bionic Hands For Amputee Kids

Bionic hands startup Open Bionics now makes Iron Man and Elsa-themed hands and arms for the smallest of amputees – kids.

Open Bionics hopes to get kids excited about their prosthetics with designs from Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars. 141 more words


Android Bionic gets setjmp hardening

As found on Twitter feed of CopperheadSec, Bionic now has glibc-style setjmp hardening for x86, x86_64, ARM and AArch64:

Bionic now has glibc-style setjmp hardening for x86, x86_64, ARM and AArch64: …

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