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It has been a long week...

It was our first full day back to work this week. I hate to admit it but it wasn’t bad. It definitely helped keep my mind off of things. 371 more words

This Brave New World

Getting a cancer diagnosis is a disorienting experience. It’s as if you’re sitting curled up on the sofa, reading the newest Jennifer Weiner, empathizing with the protagonist as she navigates the everyday joys and foibles of new love and family life, and you turn the page to find yourself suddenly thrust into the middle of a dystopian sci-fi novel. 687 more words


What is the Purpose of a Biopsy? %%page% Dermatology Office - What is the Purpose of a Biopsy? %%page% Poplar Bluff MO - What is the Purpose of a Biopsy? Paragould AR%

A biopsy is a tissue sample that the doctor will take for closer examination. Typically, they will make such an examination if they find something abnormal and potentially serious. 30 more words

The Endometrial Biopsy Experience

There are three types of endometrial biopsies. The most severe is a D&C, dilation and curettage, this procedure is typically done under anesthesia. The process involves dilating the cervix and scraping uterine tissue. 1,025 more words

My Brain and I ... again.

Dear Dino,

It’s Monday, and that means another blast to the head.
The first few weeks before my cut.

The first few weeks after my cut. 100 more words

Dear Dino

breast cancer - no I won't capitalize you

Journal entry by Megan Pattie — 9/17/2014

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, calls, texts, and emails. Even if I don’t return them, I am feeling them and they are continuing to pick me up. 922 more words

The Things We Worry About

On a day to day basis I worry about a lot of things.  Will Nathan actually grow up unaffected from living on a diet of cheese and crackers, grilled cheese and peanut butter bread?  780 more words