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Biopsy Needle vs. Tattoo Needle – Diagnosis Part 3

My cancer diagnosis has prompted me to reflect on my life, and I’ve started seeing connections and meaning in events that would otherwise pass through time without a second thought. 1,473 more words

True Story


​Since I ended up back in the diagnostic phase of this whole ordeal, my anxiety has been working in overdrive. The fear has edged it’s way in, ever so slightly. 357 more words


The waiting game

Yesterday I had my thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsy completed. The morning was quite confusing to say the least. I saw two different doctors. My oncologist and the endocrinologist (thyroid specialist) met with me and explained my ultrasound results in person and in lamen’s terms. 585 more words

Thyroid Cancer Journey (part 7)

This is my thyroid cancer journey. It is going to take a few more parts and then I will be up to date. I hope it is at least a resource for anyone who is either going through this or is trying to understand, a little more, papillary thyroid cancer. 319 more words


The Underworld

Years ago, I read Dante’s Inferno. If you aren’t familiar, it’s the story of a man who is led through the 9 circles of hell in order to reach paradise. 366 more words

Breast Cancer

April 28, 2016

But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold.
– Job 23:10

Dear Lord,

Today I take comfort in the fact that there is nothing ahead of me that can detour your will for my life. 

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The Fill that Didn't Happen

“Ow Doc!  Seriously?”  I complained as my breast surgeon continued to poke at my left breast.  I guess I should have expected this.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been upset how the expander was filling out on the left side.  507 more words