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EBUS biopsy

“Any questions?” the anesthesiologist asked for the tenth time.  He had just done a very thorough job of explaining the EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound) procedure I was about to undergo.   1,174 more words

Leopards and Panthers and Biopsies, Oh My!!! (Update: No Cancer, YAY!!)

EEEK!! This picture of a camouflaged leopard (hiding in the tall brown grass on the right side of the tree) gave me a flashback!

The year was 1973. 680 more words

Radiation Mapping

“Here’s a gown,” the technician handed me a standard hospital gown.  “Put it on with the opening to the back.”  I took the gown from her but asked, 1,500 more words

Lupus Nephritis Stage IV – When it started to sink in

When I was first diagnosed with SLE, there were also blood trace and protein in my urine indicating that my kidney are also under attack. The rheumatologist advised that I get a… 704 more words


Will Your Doctor Tell You When They Error?

A case I remember well involved a simple endometrial scraping, a curetting, a common type of specimen. An error occurred and it nearly resulted in a patient getting treatment for cancer that she didn’t have. 1,716 more words

Why This Is Important

Easily the scariest month of my whole life.

Tere jälle!

Pole jälle väga kaua postitanud, aga ma ise tunnen, et ma alustasin seda blogi eesmärgiga kirjeldada oma teekonda läbi vähiravi ja kuna see teekond on niiöelda “läbi”, siis nagu polegi rohkem millestki postitada. 3,762 more words