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Signed, Sealed, Delivered...

Phase one of operation Yale is complete. We are well on our way to obtaining Mermaid’s entire genetic code. Well, Yale is on their way. We will not receive the report directly but any medically-relevant results will may be obtained through the right channels. 344 more words

Finding the lump

“Feel this,” I said, taking The Boy’s hand and putting it on my right breast.

He didn’t even have time to finish his smile before it turned into a frown and I knew I wasn’t imagining it. 715 more words

Uterine Biopsy Left Me With Ptsd And Alone...

I have been reading stories of women who have gone through what I have. On one hand it makes me feel less alone. On the other it makes me think dying of cancer would be a blessing. 80 more words

Chemo: Treatment Postponed Again :'o(

Written on 8/21.

My WBC count is STILL too low from two weeks ago.  My doctor told me to go off all meds/vitamins to see if that helps.   886 more words

Biopsies and Frozen Peas

A needle core biopsy is actually a pretty cool thing. It would be much more cool if it was happening to someone else, but this was mine and I was interested in exactly how it worked. 643 more words


Why Do They Do So Many Freakin Tests?

The Difference Between ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ and Accuracy

So, now I had a lump that  was deemed suspicious and worthy of a needle core biopsy. At this point I’m still not overly concerned – I’d been through two previous biopsies (one on each breast) over 25 years, so this was just my medical team erring on the side of caution. 225 more words



In October of last year, I had my thyroid biopsy and it came back clear with a recheck in six months. The six months after flew and the new ultrasound showed slight growth but within the realm of okay and another, “See you in six months.” So a few weeks ago, we did it again and it came back clear again. 1,029 more words