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Sometime between the surgery and getting her stitches out, Josie got tired of being confined. She got tired of the cone of shame. She got tired of me putting her on a leash to go outside. 253 more words


Conflicting data

It took well over a week before I got the phone call with the results – snow storms, holidays and crazy office hours all played a part in the delay. 409 more words


Spread the Love Challenge

Thank you, Rebirth of Lisa, for the invite to take part in the Spread the Love Challenge.

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The internal medicine vet finally got back to me with information about the oncologist she had been consulting with.  She recommended I set up a consult. 750 more words


The New Painless Way To Detect Cancer Cells In The Body [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

What if you could skip those painful biopsies to detect cancer cells? You may be able to now according to a new study. Listen to the audio player to learn about the new pill that could act as alternative to a biopsy in the latest  116 more words

The DL Hughley Show

Be Healed

Eight months ago, I received some marching orders from the Lord by way of my devotional reading in Streams in the Desert.  I could not recall reading this text in Hebrews prior to June 18. 839 more words

Belief In God

Biopsy Before Brushing Teeth

Our day started bright and early. I woke up with LJ squirming for 30 seconds followed by a team of nurses coming in her room to prepare her for the O.R. 295 more words