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A shell is defined as “a hard outer or protective case.”  It’s meant to keep some things in and keep others out.  We think it gives others the allusion that we have it all together. 922 more words

Day 84 - Sleepers

I’ve managed to be getting more sleep lately, but with the help of a lot of sleeping tablets. This leaves me groggy in the morning and I have to be careful of my balance and footing. 145 more words


A little bit of hope

I had yet another appointment today with a gynae doctor. This gent was far more pleasant than the imbecile that told me it was IBS (I keep seeing him and his small man syndrome around the hospital. 249 more words

Risk for complications after prostate biopsy -- and consequent revisions to best practice

A new article in Urology (the Gold journal) addresses risk for complications after prostate biopsy in a recent series of > 2,500 biopsies conducted by physicians at a large urology practice in southern California — and what they did as a consequence. 419 more words



Yes they did.

Let me back up and explain how I got to this stage of fear.

My mom pulled me from school and we headed off to the long awaited doctor appointment (this is the one I told you guys about months ago). 277 more words

How do mpMRI and MRI/TRUS fusion biopsies actually work?

As our regular readers will be well aware, the combination of multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) data with transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided biopsy techniques are rapidly becoming more common in both the diagnosis of prostate cancer and in monitoring risk for prostate cancer in men on active surveillance protocols. 91 more words


The C-word

For five years I walked in the Philly “Race for the Cure” in memory of my sister-in-law’s mother, Jane. She was someone I really liked and spent time with when she was dying. 1,144 more words