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All Is Well

“Mr. Willingham, looking at the results from your wife’s scope, this is cancer and we will remove her right lung tomorrow.”

Fast-forward fifteen years.

“Mrs. Willingham, we have the biopsy results back. 

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Women Of The Old Testament

Probably More Than You Want to Know about My Brain Tumor

About a week after I was admitted to the hospital in St. Louis, my medical team recommended a biopsy of my tumor. So they put me face down on a surgical table for a few hours, screwed my head into a halo to stabilize things for the surgery, and took a tiny bit of the tumor for pathology. 673 more words

Brain Tumor


I started composing this post in as a story format, but I got stuck.  Then I considered writing in memo format, but I got stuck.  Then I thought about tying the post in to rain and umbrellas and deja vu, but got stuck once again.   337 more words


Treatment & Tumours

Where to begin with this post?!

The age old saying “one step forward, two steps back” definitely applies to Mum this week, so lets start on a high note – the step forward. 626 more words


Therapy Session time

So. I love NF Real Music – but this is seriously therapy time. Long post (maybe)

I talked about Exercise addiction and overworking out. well, I recently realized I have a problem. 338 more words

Weight Loss

My Breast Cancer Scares

“Here, give me your hand. Can you feel that?”

Wait, wait, wait. This is supposed to the “easy” part of the annual gyn appointment. Quick boob check, then I’m outta here. 570 more words


When it rains . . .

The past three weeks have presented me with a slew of challenges.  I got a cold, which is generally NBD, except that I had a concert and I needed to be well.   841 more words