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Field days offer perspectives on cover crops, nutrient management, and more

The days are long, the crops are lush and green, and the temperatures are a bit cooler – late summer field days can’t be beat! 377 more words

Biowiz: The Innovative Option By Praj HiPurity Systems

Praj HiPurity is one of the top notch firms of the country that specialises in understanding technology and accordingly developing processes that suit the dynamic demands of the industry. 463 more words

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PRAJ HIPURITY OFFERS ASME-BPE COMPLIANT SYSTEMS for pharmaceutical, Bio-pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Cosmetic industry.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME BPE*) is a global standard influencing the design and construction of bio-processing equipment and systems. This Standard deals with the requirements of the bio processing, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care product industries as well as the applications with relatively high levels of hygienic requirements, covering directly or indirectly the subjects of materials, design, fabrication ,inspections, testing, and certification. 267 more words

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Research is the key say experts at Praj Hipurity

Formerly known as Neela Systems, Praj Hipurity has helped several companies across the globe with its extensive range of water treatment process. The core purpose of these water treatment processes is to optimize the usage of a precious resource like water. 436 more words

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Praj Matrix: At the forefront of delivering credible solutions

Praj Hipurity, formerly known as Neela Systems is a Praj undertaking that deals exclusively with providing integrated solutions for the domain of water purification. Understanding the importance of water as a limited resource, the Praj Hipurity solutions are focused on giving business owners a chance to optimize the use of water across industrial processes. 430 more words

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Hipurity solutions: The next stage of growth for businesses

From pure steam generator to water treatment process, Praj Hipurity is a company that specializes in dealing with tools and equipment that help in the generation of pure water. 429 more words

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Higher returns on investment : Praj Hipurity

All the great business leaders to be born in this world have been able to take their organization to new heights simply because they had the ability to foresee. 441 more words

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