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Praj HiPurity: Providing a caring environment for its workers!

Praj HiPurity started out as Neela Systems. However, later on the company was taken over by the Praj Group and renamed as Praj HiPurity. Retaining the old values and adapting to new ones, Praj HiPurity has grown by leaps and bounds. 462 more words

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Integrated Solutions for High Purity Sector: Praj HiPurity

A name synonymous with quality, trust and ability, Praj HiPurity has carved a niche for itself ensuring that the requirements of the industry are always taken care of. 457 more words

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Praj HiPurity: Adding value to your business!

HiPurity Solutions is a niche domain where the focus is on providing purified water that is crucial to the successful completion of several industrial processes. The important thing to remember is that water is a precious source. 432 more words

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Innovation at its core: Praj Hipurity

In an ever evolving scenario where business organizations are looking for ways and means to optimize the usage of sources, Praj Hipurity is amongst the most reliable organizations in the country that specializes in offering uniquely designed systems compliant with the American standards of FDA and UK MHRA. 429 more words

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Praj: Working for a better tomorrow!

In the rat race for development, industries have invented processes and techniques but coolly forgotten about the need to give back to the society. The sources that an industry consumes are all non-renewable. 462 more words

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Roadmap to Immortality - Regenerative Medicine

The Roadmap consists of 7 parts. This is the second one. Any comments and edits are more than welcome. Please, let me know what you think. 20 more words


NASA Bioreactors Advance Disease Treatments

Originating Technology/NASA Contribution

The International Space Station (ISS) is falling. This is no threat to the astronauts onboard, however, because falling is part of the ISS staying in orbit. 1,289 more words