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Orangutans struggle to survive poaching in Borneo

Bornean orangutans are declining faster than previously thought as deforestation and poaching kill nearly 150, 000 in just 16 years.

Bornean orangutan populations are rapidly decreasing as a result of unsustainable resource demand and conflict with humans. 620 more words


BioInformatics Scientist Interview

Please tell us about yourself

For Harish Dharuri, MBS ‘02, the experience at KGI (Keck Graduate Institute) involved several “firsts.” His arrival in Claremont marked his first time in a country outside India. 587 more words


Gene Enhancers Are Important Despite Apparent Redundancy

Every cell in the body has the same DNA and genes, so a cell’s properties and functions are determined by which genes are turned on. That’s why it is critical to understand enhancers, short sections of non-coding DNA that regulate the expression of specific genes. 1,318 more words


Quae est mathematica – från abstrakt matematik till konkret kunskap

Den fiktiva kurs jag har planerat är en räkneövningskurs som främst ämnar repetera en del av gymnasiematematiken samt ge studerande en inblick i hur matematik kan tillämpas inom biovetenskaper. 1,038 more words


Brain project news | University Vilnius | Microsaccades and illusory motion | 2017

Microsaccades and illusory motion

  • Ingrida Zelionkaité
  • Sigita Venclove
  • Alexandras Pleskaciauskas
    Institute of Biosciences
    Vilnius University
Youri Messen-jaschin

That other blog I do

I am now firmly rooted as the editor of a blog over on the Cardiff University website titled the School of Biosciences Research Staff Group blog… 115 more words


Dealing with Potato Diseases

There are surely many diseases that affect plants and crops as a result of poor soil and crop management, and now climate change.

The above picture is of a diseased sweet potato, a rare disease. 33 more words