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A false-color composite of global oceanic and terrestrial photoautotroph abundance, from September 1997 to August 2000. Provided by the… 1,306 more words


Rara Avis in Golden Gate Park

Just had the good fortune to spot this beautiful creature while I was doing my rainy morning jog in a back area of Golden Gate Park. 9 more words


Ear'th Day

Now tell the truth: did you know that 22nd April 1970 was first in the line of Earth Days? No, nor did I. Antennae seem more discerning today. 135 more words

The sphere, the Biosphere

During my short stay in Montreal, I was glad that I had a rented car to get me around conveniently to get all the shots that I have planned for my Montreal visit. 67 more words


Geography-Article Review

Find one current news article (After April 18,2016) MUST related to one of the themes in this course. The theme of our textbook include Chapter2: Weather, climate & climate change; Chapter3: Landforms; Chapter4: Biosphere; Chapter5: Population; Chapter6: Migration; Chapter7: Language and Religion; Chapter8: Political geography; Chapter9: Development; Chapter14: Resources…Note: You must indicate which topic is related, include the chapter number! 144 more words