From the Multiverse to the Weather Patterns of Life, We Are the Unified Whole, Expressing.

I find it interesting that as we were coming into the 11-11 frequency, the field, spirits eyes were on the higher levels of your main super power ability.   2,035 more words

The Shift

Alluvial Ambient

At times like this, with events like we had last week compounded by the onset of Winter and various minor personal nonsense, I tend to withdraw and retreat inwards.  866 more words

Record Collecting

How alone am I, when I am alone?

Noticing is different from seeing, just as listening is different from hearing, and asking is different from questioning and so on and so forth. The point I am trying to make is that the intensity of engagement with the same five senses, can yield a different experience. 1,018 more words

Earth Care

Tech Bubbles: Return Of The Biodome

Still from Google’s promotional video on the ‘new campus’ in Mountain View, California.

In September 1991, an 8-person crew dressed in boiler suits waved goodbye to the cameras and sealed themselves for two years inside an airtight biodome in the Arizona Desert. 1,230 more words



— we are animals and we fit into a broader world of our local geology, meteorology, topography, plants and other organisms

read article : capturing cacti before they disappear: q&a with cacti curator john trager

more : huntington desert garden


Going Beyond the Physical Eyes to Using the Central Eye of Creation!!

I have grown accustomed, perhaps way to accustomed lol, to each of you arriving on the field in a certain type of order that builds on part of the puzzle into the next.   1,913 more words

The Shift

We're proud to support the Biosphere

VisitStraiton has become a proud supporter of Scotland’s first Biosphere. The Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere covers 5268 squares kilometres and is home to 95,000 people. 176 more words