Sinister Cleans Up - DIY Terrarium

Sinister is starting off his school year by creating his own world to command and conquer.

I like this teacher already.

Sinister is in Year 5 OC (Opportunity Class – like a Gifted program in the public school system). 237 more words


I suggest, that we rename the biosphere we live on and call it Avalon, The Cradle of Life.

I never really liked, that people call our Place to Live, simply earth, which in most languages is the equivalent of dirt.

Some 13003 years ago, three children who lived on Eilean Donan castle, invented the name AVALON, a place to live for everybody, where children can be free and happy, and animals live a happier life, until they are killed or die from old age. 246 more words


Andy's Ambient Selection #1: 'Substrata'

(The first in an occasional series where Andy quacks on about some music he likes)

I don’t just listen to ambient music, honest. but sometimes I’m just not in the mood for loud guitars or something with drums on.   195 more words


Enough is Enough

Ayrshire hasn’t escaped the realities of climate change this winter, Storm Frank brought devastation to our communities and flooding to homes, farms and fields. We all have to do our bit to save the planet. 271 more words

Campaign News

Eco-tourism worth billions trumps value of Kinder Morgan project, new report argues | National Observer

Jan 22, 2016,  Charles Mandel

A new report tears into the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline extension application, saying the company’s environmental assessments show a lack of scientific rigour and unsubstantiated assumptions surrounding the fate, behaviour and toxicity of diluted bitumen. 527 more words

Climate Change

Human destroying the biosphere at shoce; tipping point death spiral to arrive in mere decadesking pac

Has man’s relationship with Earth and all her natural resources fallen out of balance? There are sustainable paths toward abundance on Earth, but has modern man sabotaged this quest by reaching for more power, by falling under the spell of greed? 659 more words


Slashing the health service

A hatchet job on the city rangers

The proposal by Brighton & Hove City Council to cut the ranger service from nine down to three is a false economy.  376 more words