There Are Strawberries Growing Underwater Off the Coast of Italy

The air of the greenhouse stands at 79 degrees with humidity hovering around 83 percent. That’s a pretty good environment for a typical plant.

But this is no ordinary greenhouse: It’s 20 feet under water, anchored to the floor of the sea just off the coast of Noli, Italy.

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So now we have beautiful underwater greenhouses. Why? Why not!

What thrives at 79 degrees and 20 feet below sea level, and tastes like a strawberry?

Actually, it is a strawberry — a salty sea strawberry.  336 more words


Academic Connections: When Student Becomes Teacher

Biosphere 2 Program Alum Laurel Brigham Returns To Facility As A Researcher

When Academic Connections’ participants came through this year’s Biosphere 2 program, they got to hear from researcher Laurel Brigham, an Academic Connections alumna who was so inspired by her experience, it helped shape her career choices, and educational path. 400 more words

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Cabo de Gata - Las Salinas

Cabo de Gata – Las Salinas

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Between spring and autumn, thousands of migrating birds stop here on their journeys between Europe and Africa. 111 more words


“Nuclear energy by the numbers”

A truism is a claim that is obvious or self-evident as to be hardly worth mentioning, except as a reminder or as a rhetorical device. If only that were true! 636 more words


California Dreaming: “Only as a Last Resort”

Over the last 45 years, California has made some very questionable choices about the future needs of stored water and energy starting with banning new hydroelectric dams back in the 70’s, decommissioning nuclear power plants in the 80’s, ignoring desalination during the epic drought in the 90’s, preventing coal from getting a foothold in the 00’s and recently, limiting fracking. 547 more words


“Coal energy cheaper than coal energy”

The only reason China is investing in everything possible for their energy mix is because they need more energy then they can generate. Once their energy catches up to their demand they will be able to take a serious look at what energy sources are the most efficient and narrow their scope to what can be considered clean energy. 540 more words