A week on Friday (20th January), The Cube in Bristol will host a screening of Northern Disco Lights, Ben Davis and Pete Jenkinson’s documentary charting the “rise and rise of Norwegian dance music”. 807 more words

Next Nature, Mensvoort

Next Nature is a revolutionary new way of thinking about our world and our relationship with technology. I want to talk about this movement as it relates to the importance of sustainable design and how we need to think about technology as nature to help us understand the world. 311 more words

Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth

Our home on this planet has a biosphere that is finite and fixed. It cannot grow. And if the economy is part of and utterly dependent on the biosphere, the attempt to maintain endless growth is an impossibility. 994 more words

Climate Change

The Artificial World

“In a very real sense our reigning neoclassical economic orthodoxy has been developed in an artificial world where resources are infinite, and waste, including garbage, pollution, toxins, and environmental degradation, don’t exist, and where our socioeconomic system functions in a void rather than being nested within the biosphere.” 425 more words


Rapacious consumerism and climate change | by Graham Peebles, Scoop News

22nd December 2016 Commercialisation has poisoned all areas of contemporary life, and together with its partner in crime, consumerism, is the principal cause of man-made climate change. 1,632 more words


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 10, 2016 [Geoengineeringwatch.org]

Source: Geoengineeringwatch.org
Dane Wigington
December 11, 2016

The Orwellian dystopian world we all find ourselves in so far appears to be locked into its current course. 193 more words


Progress Spiraling

Direction that we’re headed
Treasures we’ve secured
To say our progress is spiraling
Is an apt non sequitur

Adore our toys and gizmos
Display them with such pride… 293 more words