Montreal Travel Diary

Oh Montreal! It is a beautiful city which is a perfect mix of old architecture and modern marvels. There is something beautiful, artistic, ancient, and modern to find everywhere you go around Montreal. 765 more words


If one term doesn’t work, try another.

The term ‘Global Warming’ isn’t working anymore because the earth hasn’t warmed in the last 18 years so let’s try ‘Climate Change’ instead because it’s always happening naturally or man made, whether mildly or catastrophically. 656 more words

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In Other News ...

How Living In a Biosphere Changed The Lives of Two Scientists    Carbon dioxide skyrockets even during a brief solar eclipse, meaning that the environment is much more responsive and delicate than we realize.  256 more words

Washington DC

Real Life Alchemy...

Researchers at Michigan State University have discovered a bacteria that creates 24K gold as a byproduct!  Equally cool, in my mind, is the fact that they have collaborated with the with museum folks to create a fantastic art installation showcasing the process and the precious forms created by this creature. 11 more words


Good fences make good neighbors

Given how many different cultures have versions of this proverb, it represents a very common sentiment among neighbors and countries everywhere around the world. The most notable use of the quote in English Literature belongs to Robert Frost who used the line in his poem “Mending Wall.” 682 more words

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Interview: Joanna Steinhardt on Mushrooms, Ecological Movements, and the Anthropocene - Epistemic Unruliness 14

In this rhizomatic episode, James is joined by Joanna Steinhardt, PhD candidate in sociocultural anthropology at UC Santa Barbara and today’s resident expert on all things mushroom! 179 more words


Biosphere announces new album, Departed Glories

Norwegian ambient producer Biosphere is set to release his first solo album in nearly five years. The 17-track album features hundreds of samples taken from Eastern European and Russian folk music recordings which Jenssen says aims to create… 133 more words