Album: Biosphere - Departed Glories

Via Bandcamp: It’s easy to forget that Norway shares a short stretch of frontier with Russia, right at the northernmost tip of the country. That region is where Geir Jenssen, the Norwegian electronic producer behind… 163 more words


Lake Dojran - the miracle of nature

Thanks to Macedonian Ecological Society (MED/MES), which is the oldest ecological civil society organization in the country, in the beginning of autumn I had the special opportunity to visit one of the most magnificient places on Macedonian-Greek border, the  192 more words


Biosphere -- 'Patashnik' [review]

Ambient-techno producer Geir Jenssen first released ‘Patashnik’ under his Biosphere guise in 1994 on the Apollo label. This time the Norwegian fancies releasing it, to the wider public who might be interested in checking it out again or for the very first time, via his own Biosphon imprint. 215 more words


Carbon and Land

The terrestrial biosphere has been absorbing more CO2, shown in Figure 1 (similar to the way to ocean behaves). This is because the increased CO2 pressure is driving photosynthesis, allowing more plants to grow faster; an increase in both quantity and rate. 1,451 more words


Carbon and the Atmosphere

The atmosphere is the busy hub of the Carbon Cycle because it’s where carbon goes to and from frequently.

Carbon is in the gas form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, because it can remain in this state at a wide range of atmospheric temperatures, and, as of today, there is 590Pgs of carbon in the atmosphere. 964 more words


The Biosphere 2 Experiment

On this day in 1991 eight people entered the Biosphere 2 and would remain inside for two years. The system was designed to be a self sufficient replica of the Earth itself and had an artificial rain forest, ocean with coral reef, mangrove wetlands, savannah, fog desert, agricultural system, and human habitat. 111 more words

Punk Rock Scientist

A Muslim woman was set on fire in New York. Now just going out requires courage | Linda Sarsour | Opinion | The Guardian

Each year, I look so forward to Eid Al Adha – the holiest holiday for Muslims worldwide – but not this year. As I watched my daughters prepare for the celebrations with joy, I learned of a horrific crime. 262 more words