spring break forever

I am quite pleased with my final spring break as an undergrad.  Although it was nearly 2 weeks ago, my sister just came to Tucson for her spring break, so it’s basically like I had two spring breaks (yay)! 364 more words

“From Russia with Love – Or Not!"

There was a time when the United States and the Soviet Union would compete with each other to see who could build the bigger hydrogen bomb. 582 more words


“There needs to be a better way”

With the perceived fear of nuclear, how are we ever going to assure the general public that nuclear power is the direction that our long term energy requirements should be taking and not more off shore drilling in the Atlantic? 633 more words


Photo 101|Architecture

Hey friends,

Architecture! Hmm.. I think this is not my strongest photo taking for today’s topic but I have this amazing Biosphere at Parc Jean-Drapeau which I find it interesting and would like to share with you guys. 82 more words


[Youtube] The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

“As soon as I’m in contact with beauty, the second thing that comes, usually, is pain. And I think it’s almost a conditioned response, from having had that beauty crushed.” …

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[external Stimulation]


I’m at a conference at Biosphere 2, the large ecological research facility in the Arizona desert that was originally launched as an attempt at creating a sealed, self-contained ecosystem. 458 more words


"WIPP is no longer a ‘pilot’ project"

Whether your world had a biblical beginning or from some far, far away place in another galaxy, there had to be that very first atom that started it all. 602 more words