Hindrances to the Singularity

Despite all that I have written about the time table for the Singularity and being what I call a ‘Sing’ or a person that believes the singularity is coming there are things that can prevent the singularity from happening. 1,087 more words


“Animal Agriculture vs. Cowspiracy”

I would like to say thank you to Leprino Foods for taking the ‘high road’ and coming to an agreeable solution to the animal cruelty allegation in their dairy food chain. 607 more words


Friday Night Tune: Biosphere - Phantasm

When I wrote about Gkahn last week I was discussing the way techno differs from country to country, as if there is something in its basic DNA that is rewritten by elements of whatever scene and culture it ends up in. 704 more words


“When is waste really not waste?”

I get a lot of feedback compliments for my articles in this column and occasionally a question or two. One of the more common questions about nuclear power is “What do we do about the nuclear ‘waste’ from these nuclear power plants?”. 543 more words


Culture, Part III or: Who Tends the Untendable?

To recap: I am not merely a single organism. Instead, I am composed of trillions of single-celled organisms in intricate partnership. But I am greater than the sum of my parts—these single-cells have an emergent culture that is the “self.” And this culture of the self is similarly-fashioned to societal cultures. 698 more words


Cutting Tablet Time, Free the kids

Our ipad broke today and I pondered whether to get the kids an Apple or an Android replacement, I wondered what effects and how much effort and resources it took to create such a technology or any other gadget today and what it meant to the kids, environment and the economy… 281 more words