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Thinking aloud

I might have Sasha as an at-home assistance and seizure alert dog, at least for now.

My bond / connection is so low with Sasha. She is just not a ‘me’ dog at all. 893 more words


ABOUT | Bipolar Disorder (pt. 1)

Bipolar disorder is very complex, so what you read in this post is only the gist of the disorder.

What is bipolar disorder?  The term bipolar disorder (once referred to as manic-depression) refers to a group of brain diseases that cause moods to fluctuate widely and uncontrollably.   301 more words


Two extremes

I forgot to take my medication last night. I woke up and thought “it’ll be fine, it’s just one pill.”

I spent the morning hanging out with my kid, enjoying coffee, driving to daycare, and day dreaming about marrying my girlfriend. 209 more words

Mental Health

Functional Professional or Fraud

I am in the final recruitment states for a job, and they require that you answer a question I have paraphrased, “Do you have or have you ever experienced illness or injury that may impacted your ability to perform or work into the future?”  Sure, I have had to take time off because of ECT and hospital.   596 more words


Fine Art

Photo taken by contributor Jennifer Blue, a 54-year-old woman from Los Angeles who lives with Bipolar Disorder. Feeling more stabilized than ever due to her psychotropic cocktail, Jennifer is pursuing photography to communicate herself visually. 81 more words


Screwed up kids *trigger warning*

I was one of those kids that was obviously a little messed up.

I had my first suicide attempt at 10 years old; I tried to flush my head down a toilet. 1,173 more words


Tired, Frustrated and Just Plain Fed Up

So it’s one of many nights that I have stayed up till the crack of dawn due to this bipolar bullshit and this crap I call a life. 519 more words