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I Am Nothing. 

I can’t breathe.

I am choking on my sadness and guilt.

I want to vomit, but only tears spill forth as I dry heave.

The dagger in my heart digs in deeper and twists for extra measure. 77 more words

Mental Illness

Sadness Eats At Me

Time ticks by too slow.

Every minute feels like an hour.

I’m lost in a fog of sad that is taking over my mind.

I can’t and don’t want to do this. 107 more words

Mental Illness

We're taking a risk

I am scared.

In a moment of madness yesterday I said my parents could come visit us, as they were nearby, and we’d go for a picnic  229 more words


Did you ever have just one of those days? Well the slow slide into depression has begun and after months of unrealistic optimism, every day seems to feel like one of those days.  383 more words


Today wrap up

I was sure if I should make a new post or update the other one. But I don’t think the email subscribers would be notified if I didn’t make a new post. 1,324 more words

Just one tear please

Why can’t I tell anyone I’m depressed today? I’m sad and just want to sleep and cry. Yes, it’ll pass so just let me have my feelings! 26 more words


Today's a struggle

Everything is weighing me down.

My mood, psychosis…just when I think I’m doing so good, the *tiniest* amount of stress tips me over the edge. 104 more words