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My self-esteem is pretty low right now.  Coming out of this last depression and I’m left with the pieces to pick up.  Everyone whose calls I didn’t answer and I blew off for this or that made up reason.  263 more words


Instant Gratification 

I want it now, no I need it now.  Whether in the grips of depression or mania, I struggle with that need for instant results and an impatience bordering on neurotic.   338 more words


30th August

Hey folks,

Been in a stinker of a mood all day that I just can’t shift. Woke up like it and have no idea why, as was feeling great when I went to bed. 331 more words


Afterthought on a few flies in the ointment

The biggest problem I’ve found is that no-one talks to each other – therapists, GPs, psychs, Primary- and Secondary Care professionals.There’s no ‘joined up thinking’ and loads of bureaucracy. 184 more words


The Importance Of Small Daily Achievements When It Comes To Mental Illness Recovery

I don’t know who said it but someone said that it’s a good idea to write down positive things you have done each day during mental illness recovery. 422 more words

Meds, Food and Apps

I am struggling right now with all the weight I have gained since this whole bipolar diagnosis and it’s accompanying medications.  Within the first year of diagnosis the genius of a doc I had put me on Remeron.  402 more words


One year on and has anything changed?

Well here I am a year after finally getting the nerve to tell my GP about my lifelong bipolar II. Thirty-four years of history when I handed over the letter; I really didn’t think I could convey all that ‘stuff’ verbally. 518 more words