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I have been down this road.  I know it well. I write into my bones from the deepest fathom of my being.  Remorse, self-hate.  It happened again.   318 more words


3rd August

Hey folks,

Feeling rather proud of myself tonight; have written my first ever diet and fitness programme for my ‘clients’. I have 3, potentially 4, people that I’m helping, for free, to lose weight and get fit. 373 more words


My First Experience With Bipolar Disorder

Having bipolar disorder has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride! I’ve been UP from mania, DOWN from depression, and FLAT from stability. 759 more words


So starts another week ...

So, Monday has come around again. But that is about all that’s changed, just the name of the day!

I spent most of the morning dozing on the couch, mainly because I simply could not be bothered to move. 518 more words


Early morning anger

I’ve brought this up in therapy several times and now I’m going to bring it to all of you.

What the hell is up with waking up and already being pissed off?   202 more words


10 Things I Want YOU to Know

There are 10 things I want you, my readers, to know….

1. Yes, I know it’s been forever since I posted and I am sorry. … 274 more words

Bipolar Disorder

2nd August

Hey folks,

Been a really chilled out day today; just been studying! Have now completed all the level 2 modules, and prepared for the practical course that I’m going for in October. 507 more words