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Hang In There...

Currently going through a depressive episode of bipolar disorder?

You are not alone!! Millions of others including many famous bipolar people have been through what you are going through right now but rest assured, it is only temporary! 131 more words

Bipolar 2

THE AFTERMATH: a bipolar poem

Remember how I keep hinting at the crazy side of myself? Part of it is called Bipolar Disorder, and, in my experience doing a lot of therapy and knowing people with bipolar, … 504 more words


5th March

Hey folks,

Today has been alright I guess; still felt pretty low, but I’ve battled through. Just put on false nails for the first time, and typing is somewhat difficult! 242 more words


The Cliff

The last couple of weeks have been awesome.

I’ve gotten to do some fun new things, I’ve been given some cool opportunities, I’ve been insanely busy and I have been  220 more words

Everyday Life

If you could change one thing in your life.. What would it be?

If I could go back to before my first trip to Gambia, when I took the Larium, that triggered my bipolar, causing my rapid downhill spiral, would I go back and not take the Larium? 134 more words


Holistic Medicine

I have to admit that I have gotten off my medications. I have done this because I feel that the only thing that my new doctor is doing is throwing medicine at me without even trying to figure me out. 349 more words


We don't see things the way they are. We see them the way we are.

This is a difficult post to write. Why will become clearer later on. But let’s start by talking about perception.

I think that most people would agree that perception is fallible: that every person is or has been guilty at some point in one’s life of misunderstanding another, of misjudging a situation, of filtering an experience through one’s own history or one’s own issues and misinterpreting what was really occurring. 1,492 more words

This Brokedown Life

Amy reblogged this on Bipolar Scorpio and commented:

This is an incredibly insightful post about how profoundly our interactions with others are interpreted through our own perceptions. We can never escape completely our perceptions because they are a product of everything that has ever happened to us. "My own experience in counselling has helped me to understand just how influenced our perception is by things of which we are often unaware: traumatic events from the past, ideas about the world formulated in childhood, issues of one kind or another which we carry around as our personal set of “baggage.” And by strong emotions, like love, or fear." A very thoughtful post.