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I don’t know what I’m doing.

I don’t even feel like a person anymore. At least , I don’t feel like me, although who else could I be? 254 more words

Hell or Bipolar Depression?

Bipolar depression is the worst. It tiptoes in and then knocks you down like a wrecking ball. You become crushed, unable to even sit up in bed. 181 more words


Deplaned for 'whatever' reason story got picked up Psych Central

I wonder if this link is live. I wonder if I am alive. Today I worked tons of hours on my book. Then, by accident, I stumbled upon someone listed in someone else’s book that I was looking for. 71 more words


Going, going...

I am so overwhelmed right now. Overwhelmed to the point of not knowing what to do next. Begging my eyes to cry for an emotional release. 93 more words


So I'm stupid

So I’m not sure what’s going on but lately I’ve been blah. Now this blah isn’t blah depression, just blah something, may be blah lost or confusion but I feel stupid. 183 more words

Before you start feeling bad for me.

I want you to understand that my mind has been haunting me for years, if not most of my life. I’ve lived with this instability for years and I have tried so hard to “fix” it. 261 more words

Bipolar 2


I saw my therapist for the 3rd time today. We both came to the conclusion that I have bipolar 2 after a loooong talk about my symptoms (that I jotted down in a little notebook I have begun carrying). 407 more words

Bipolar 2