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Reflection on my Bipolar Mind

So yesterday was full-blown mania. It was filled with all sorts of revelations, thoughts and feelings on my life and my experiences. But where does that leave me now? 659 more words


The Split Sexual Personality

So this is my mania talking. Two posts in one day! All having to do with sexuality! I have to say tonight, (or today), has been a night of revelations and insights into my sexual personality. 1,140 more words


Catch 22

In December 2015 my referral to what is known as the Community Rehabilitation Team was finalised, I had been through an assessment and was accepted. At that point in time being referred into this team was an alternative to inpatient treatment and was my lifeline to the real world. 461 more words

Mental Health

When You're Sexually Stunted

So I had gotten to the point where I went totally “Zen” and had some great revelations. That’s all fine and good, but how do you address the Elephant in the Room? 618 more words


A Time For Changes

I’m working on improving many aspects of my life right now. Sitting in front of my sunlight lamp daily, exercising, taking my meds religiously, eating healthier and trying my best just to be a good person. 570 more words


When you find the Joy in YOU....

“The secret to life is to “die before you die” — and then you find that there is no death” – Eckhart Tolle. Those were the last words I heard before I shut off my audiobook and decided to write. 1,027 more words

Adulting Turned Rant

I have grown up stuff to take care of today and I’m avoiding it.  I need to schedule some appointments and get ahold of the insurance to see what happened to my ECT referral.  602 more words