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Hard Truths And A New Dedication To Therapy

I was reading an article about BPD and I found this little snippet very relatable… “Two people with BPD may react in entirely opposite ways. One might keep everything to themselves, panicking that if they tell people how they’re feeling, people will leave them.” 333 more words


A friend of mine who is a big EJ fan, is going through a really hard time right now. She was just dx’d with bipolar after having her first hospitalization. 353 more words

Saw Doc Today

I saw Doc today and I’m glad I went. Instead of sort of shining things over like I tend to do with everyone and had been even doing with him lately… I laid it all out. 1,032 more words

Anyone Else?

So I landed an interview for a really great job. I have been working for a major health network at a level 1 trama center and I enjoy my job, but I am finding that I am a small fish in a really big pond. 359 more words


Been Having The Sads Again Lately

I’m so sad. I laugh a lot but why am I just so sad all the time. All I’ve been doing is sleeping and hiding. I’m so stuck right now, it’s ridiculous. 253 more words

Article: Secretly starving: inside the virtual world of anorexia

Websites that promote eating disorders are on the rise. Their users are getting younger and the lengths they go to starve themselves even more extreme. But the only way to understand their world – and to lure them out of it – is to delve inside… 20 more words


Keeping on... Keeping on.

Screenshot from a video I took at my friend R’s house. The squirrels were hogging the bird feeders again… what a guts lol…

Well, I didn’t get to the housework I wanted to today. 348 more words