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Out of the Shadow...Comes Healing

I walked through Middle Earth today. Today, as you know, is October 24th when Frodo finds himself in Rivendell after being healed by Elrond. I have walked through fire. 619 more words


Sensitive talk, trigger warning

My partner sat me down today and said that unless we do something he doesn’t think I will be alive this time next year.

I said I agreed with him. 265 more words


One day

I had one day feeling good. One day in a sea of shit.

Now the depression is back, and it’s brought with it the hopelessness, the worthlessness and the despair. 90 more words


The struggle is real!

This month has been one of the hardest months of my life…and of course my birthday was in it XD

Seizures have really been taking their toll on my body, and my life. 499 more words


Faith and Understanding Spirit

Well, things have taken an unexpected turn. I had to take a break from the Southerner because I really wasn’t getting anything out of that relationship. 1,138 more words


Trying to explain Bipolar

I started this post a few weeks ago.  I got half way into it, got lost, and couldn’t find my way through it.  

Now, I’m happy to remove it from the drafts folder and out to all of you. 1,228 more words


A 'good' day: seizures & bipolar disorder

A really important post from my other blog.

In it I talk about the stigma against mental illness and invisible illnesses. I’m too tired to write it out again or word it differently, so here’s a link ;)