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Mentally Ill Dying in Prison Transport Vans

When I was driving home from my tardive dyskinesia neurologist appointment in Gainesville I read an article that made me shudder. It could be me. Prisoners being driving from one facility to another are at the mercy of untrained people who drive the vans and have more of a trucker mentality. 169 more words

Bipolar Disorder

High Spirits

So, this blog has been depressing and somewhat manic lately. That’s this frickin’ illness. But the past week has been very interesting. I haven’t had so many orgasms and felt sexier. 925 more words


Non-epileptic seizures

So it seems that what I thought were dissociative episodes are actually non-epileptic seizures, also called functional seizures and dissociative seizures.

I have to have an appt with my GP soon for med re-fill (I haven’t had an appt in a long, loooong time, so this is terrifying) so I’m going to talk about NES with him too. 259 more words


Entering The Psych Hospital

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman in her thirties whose diagnoses include Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Danielle is a freelance writer, photographer, photo editor, and the director of  80 more words


On the farm in Lexington Kentucky (family visit) w/3 sizes of clothes

Even tho I packed really carefully, when I landed I had slacks that fell off my butt and dresses I could not zip up. We are going to a fancy equestrian party tonight and luckily I had a stretchy maxi dress. 124 more words


Pixie does it again :)

I’ve had a crummy day with Pixie.

Not being as focused as I know she’s able to be, completely off doing her own thing on walks. 252 more words

Rescue Dog

Panic & dissociation

My anxiety and panic has crept up recently.

I’m not at extreme panic I-have-to-die-immediately stage, but I have moments where my heart races and I feel very scared and just worry about everything. 418 more words