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For the love of hubby

Today we celebrate hubby’s birthday.  It was actually the other day, but with him working 2nd shift, we’d have to do cake and ice cream at 11:00am and it’s just not the same.   253 more words


DUI and Wreckless Driving

My ex girlfriend was supposed to come see me today. I was seriously considering giving them another chance. I’ve given her so many chances. I was literally talking about her today and how I want to give her a chance because I think she’s my soulmate. 190 more words


Still Anxious

I wonder how much klonopin it will take to calm me.  I went to therapy this morning and had a good talk.  I have taken klonopin twice already (probably should be on the 3rd dose but I need some for later).   242 more words


disturbed silence

Below is a powerful remake of the Simon and Garfunkel’s, Sound of Silence, by a band called Disturbed.  The original song has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. 205 more words

Bipolar 2

4 week wait for the GP

I tried phoning the GP several times yesterday to make an appointment for Anon but the phone wasn’t answered.

Not only does she desperately need help for the psychosis, but there a few physical issues too…headaches & migraines (she gets them a lot, probably because of the constant adrenaline due to fear), and she has a lump behind her right ear. 469 more words


The Short List

Over the past two days, I’ve been depressed. Depressed that life isn’t going the way I want it to; depressed I can’t bend circumstances my way. 270 more words

So, about yesterday


Yesterday was a bit of a mess.

Today, I feel a little better, although I still woke up anxious, but this time I had my meds and didn’t have to wait for the pharmacy to open. 683 more words