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My Story - Being Bipolar

On this the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month I’ve decided to tell a little about me.  I have a story.  I feel it needs to be told.   1,431 more words

Chronic Illness

A Dose of Real Online Life

So I get it now. People out there don’t give a shit. They don’t give a shit about you, what you have been through, your hopes your dreams. 578 more words



The beautiful and scary thing about sobriety is meeting and accepting the past instead of numbingly avoiding it. I’ve been scrambling to block out my history and procrastinations, which keeps me from my dreams. 260 more words

Mental Health

I'm a fucking idiot

**trigs for suicide and overdose stuff**

Whenever I’m having a hard time, it feels like my brain’s solution to make things better is to make everything worse… 499 more words


Worst day ever

Yesterday was the worst day ever.

I’d been manic for several months, but eleven days ago my good mood crashed and depression enveloped me.

I’d actually been doing pretty well, but yesterday was just one big struggle. 896 more words



I saw an article today talking about a way to sleep for 15 minutes and feel like you slept for eight hours and was intrigued. I assume they mean you feel fully rested and ready for a full day but what the hell does that feel like? 287 more words


Feeling Tornados

Last night Chris and I were on the phone, as our usual and I knew I needed to tell him how I was feeling, but I am always scared I will scare him away.   966 more words

Mental Illness