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The Teen in my Head

There is someone else living inside my brain.

I don’t have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, formerly called Multiple Personalities). I just have another me who pipes up from time to time. 790 more words

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The night I couldn’t breathe was the night I learned to live off ink. As my rib cage crumbled, my hands found stability in an old notebook and broken pen. 222 more words


Bipolar at the Office

“Trying to explain a bipolar episode to your coworkers is like pulling your own teeth while not being allowed to bleed on anything in the process…..Well guys, I woke up this way on Wednesday morning, yes it’s as simple as that. 1,237 more words

Losing Your Mother to Mental Illness

I’ll never forget our shopping sprees and laughing until our stomachs hurt in the dressing room when something I thought was adorable, looked ridiculous. But as the years go on, the good memories fade away while the bad ones continue to stand out. 46 more words


Non Chemical Side Effects Of Life With Mental Illness

Day two, gastric agony. Thank you, anxiety. I do wish the sages would explain to me how to “buck up” when your own stomach is rioting, causing you pain, and dictating  how far you can get from a bathroom. 654 more words



I am really fucking angry. Also for some reason I have this image stuck in my head: S’s arse, in really tight latex shorts with the bottom of her cheeks exposed, fishnet hold ups, it’s just really goth. 6 more words

Bipolar disorder: Putting together the puzzle pieces

My son started doing puzzles at a very young age. Complicated puzzles. When he was three-years-old he could put together between 24-48 piece floor puzzles. When he was four-years-old he could do 100 piece table puzzles. 1,068 more words

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