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Busted brighton

So the beach was a total bust yesterday…. after I had made my post yesterday and came back from lunch I came down with a terrible stomach ache that lasted all day…. 27 more words


~My Beauty~

Don’t claim my beauty as yours~
I share true beauty in moments of Silence~
Windows left open~
Regard left unspoken~
The world at large suffocating~ 52 more words

Bipolar Disorder

'Has Anyone Ever...~

Has anyone ever written anything for you

In all your darkest hours

Did you ever hear me sing?

Well listen to me now

You know I’d rather be alone… 45 more words

Bipolar Disorder

The Invisible Illnesses

You can’t see what’s wrong with me.

After some time, you may start to notice my moods shift. You may come to realize that I’m not wired like most people. 395 more words


~Consuming Love~

loves embrace

Be not hidden

Sounds burst


Heart skip’s

Butterfly’s below

Vivid face

Contours and hands

My mind can’t erase

Lingering, wanting…

Own me… 22 more words

Bipolar Disorder

NJM~Personal Quotes~Moving Stars~

See you can’t move the stars, you can chose the ones to gaze upon, you can make a wish, say a prayer then take life on an exiting dare~

Bipolar Disorder

~Polluted Mind~

And so it was, this day
Unlike the other, I wake to find

The fowl stench of my mind
Stale and putrid

This place is familiar… 94 more words

Bipolar Disorder