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I Really Don't Like Bipolar Disorder

I don’t know if its the stress making the bipolar worse, or the bipolar making the stress worse.  Either way, I really don’t like bipolar disorder.   530 more words

My Story

Bad Times, Bad Relationships

Bipolar Disorder has ruined so many things in my life. I’m a pretty positive individual, and my personality is more inclined toward joyous and laughing all the time, but that doesn’t mean tragedy has never affected me. 927 more words


Birthday Party

We had my two oldest girls’ birthday party yesterday.  They seemed to enjoy all their presents–particularly what we got them :)  We always try to get fun things instead of practical–the grandparents often take care of the practical stuff.   260 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Now Is Becoming Too Late 05/02/2016

I’m having one of those days I know we have all experienced…where you feel compelled to do something. Today, mine is writing this blog entry. It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and I feel I have to pout words to some thought or the like. 143 more words


All in My Head

I’ve been out of balance for a couple of months now;  hypomania mainly.  My doctor gave me an extra 300mg of Lithium and it doesn’t seem to have worked; however, I just had a great weekend.   711 more words

My Service Animals

My service animals. Scooby,Scrappy,Sugar, and Sweetpea. These animals are crucial for the daily struggle with Bipolar Disorder. Service animals can really help with the wellness of your life. 31 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Moving in

Tomorrow we have a friend moving in with us. Right now I’m nervous, stressed and I have a knot in my stomach that feels like doom. 454 more words

Chronic Illness