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Road Rage-Kiss My Bumper Sticker

If you ever want to purposely trigger my wrath…Send me out for a drive. I don’t get homicidal road rage, but my inner superhero Snarkasma comes out in a big way. 733 more words



Meh, pants are overrated, anyway. I’ll get to it later when I have to face the dish.

I don’t know why but Sunday has always been my least favorite day of the week. 1,300 more words


Insomnia from hell

10:30 am. I have not slept all night.

The pain meds are working now for the sciatic pain I was having before. But why am I still awake. 35 more words

Mental Illness

The Nursery

Dear World,

I feel so haunted. The unwanted suicide is taking over the inside my brains. And when I close my eyes to breathe, to gasp for air, to tangle myself in these senses of relief, I am washed over by rushes of waves in nothing, but a cold harsh reality. 287 more words

Mental Illness

Sunday Blog 5

I woke up around 7 and my ankle/foot was still hurting me. I hate mornings when I wake up in pain because I never know how the day is going to progress. 1,035 more words


Very Fail, So Troll.

And I love how you think I give a fuck about your opinion, Mike Kelley.

But since you brought up an important subject, I’m going to actually take time out of my night to respond. 2,777 more words

Mental Health

Ketamine for the sads?

You’ve probably heard about trials of Ketamine as a wonder drug for depression (yup, even intractable bipolar depression) in the States, but the local ‘cybershrink’ at Health24 has some cautionary things to say. 308 more words

Bipolar Disorder