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just a quick blog

Just a quick blog.

I took a nap around 1800 and just woke up about a half hour ago. I took my meds and now I feel myself floating away. 492 more words


My Story

Yesterday I was asked by a somewhat new friend, and really great influence on my professional and personal life, to share my story about being Bipolar. 2,032 more words


Today's Been A good Day

After my horrid day and evening I woke at the sleeping-in time of 6:30 am.  With no alarm-be it iPhone, dog or child.  Fabulous.  Monkey came in about a half hour later and I started to read some blogs I missed, and was tickled enough to laugh-I real HAHAHA, not a heh.   1,008 more words


  For anyone who struggles with mental illness, of any kind really, or anyone caring for someone dealing with mental illness this graphic novel is amazing… 73 more words

You Know You're Bipolar When.....

You want to cry. Just cry. For no reason but to feel what it feels like to cry.

Bipolar Disorder

Morgue's Non Excellent Adventures in Anxiety

(Prelude to actual post, skim beyond if you wish.)

The panxiety is returning…

The neighbor dudes down the street just had a screaming cursing match which sets my anxiety off. 1,228 more words


Love Hurts

By Incubus

“Love Hurts”

Tonight we drink to youth
And holding fast to truth
(I don’t want to lose what I had as a boy.) 176 more words