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~The Depressive Side of Bipolar~

There are two modes of bipolar 1, as well as bipolar 2. In fact in all bipolar diagnosis you have two modes. Some of the bipolar labels have mixed modes which means being hypo manic and depressed at the same time. 617 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Quirky Poetry ~Mad Love~

You’re my Micky to my Malorey

I’m your Bonnie to your Clyde

Jump in the car my love lets ride ride ride

Going 100 miles an hour with you by my side… 39 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Sleep and puppy update

Yesterday was an awful awful day.

Something to do with benefits set me off in the morning, so I was a paranoid wreck, stressing over money and an assessment, and then all that lead to seizures. 472 more words


~Mercurial Musings 101~

I was watching ~Impractical Jokers~ on TV and the term MILF was brought up and used. Which got me to thinking.
I mean it’s not like I’m sitting around with nothing better to do than to write this kinda stuff. 528 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Has Anyone Ever...~

Has anyone ever written anything for you

In all your darkest hours

Did you ever hear me sing?

Well listen to me now

You know I’d rather be alone… 45 more words

Bipolar Disorder

~My Beauty~

Don’t claim my beauty as yours~
I share true beauty in moments of Silence~
Windows left open~
Regard left unspoken~
The world at large suffocating~ 52 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Daily Prompt: Transformation

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

A tribute to my support base ;- two men who so patiently, expertly and compassionately put my life back together again, a sister and daughter who held me up, a family who cared deeply, a mother who cried with me and my Heavenly Father who gave me hope. 106 more words