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An Angel in my Garage.

So my heart is full of thankfulness and I want to share with you why, my heart is full of peace and I want to share my secret. 1,976 more words


I am trying

Sometimes, with my bipolar disorder, it is hard to control my feelings. Sometimes I will feel very agitated and irritated and it is hard to not project that upon others, even if they have no reason as to why I am feeling what I am feeling. 187 more words

Our Daughter

I have decided to disclose what we are dealing with since my blog is anonymous, but mostly because we can use all the positive thoughts we can get as we deal with this as a family. 242 more words


Listen to my words when I speak to you. Inhale them and take in every bit of what I say. For there is meaning behind what I do, and do not say. 83 more words

Epigrams, War, and Madness

You know how in wintertime, your hands grow rough, so that, when you go to pick something up, a sweater, say, it snags and forces you to look at it more closely? 280 more words


famous people with bipolar disorder

Many people have bipolar disorder even celebrities


Crash day.

Struggling with what I call a “crash day” (I think everyone who is bipolar is familiar with this?).  This is the worst I’ve ever struggled, but also the first time ever that I forced myself to go to work on a crash day. 88 more words