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We start

I’ve had to much wine to write a book tonight. So, I start by saying “Hey” to the void, and taking note that today 28/03/2017 I’m truly happy, optimistic and smiling. 105 more words

Song A Day Challenge - Day 2

Day two has already arrived, who would have thunk it?!  Thanks again to A Momma’s View for nominating me for the challenge.  I hope my song choices continue to reflect who I am and gives you a bit of insight into my psyche (it can be a scary journey, lol). 191 more words


I Don't Know. . .

what to write today.  I don’t really have any news to report–I got up and saw Candy and Christy this morning and went to lunch with Mary Jane at Cazuela in Jackson.    209 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Not what but who

Frustrating that my brain starts asking questions my fingers want to answer while I’m sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen with only my tablet and not a keyboard in sight. 375 more words


Making Fun of People With Mental Illness is Not Funny at all! It is called Stigma!

On Friday night I finally I got out of my house. I thought it would be good for me to go somewhere and laugh. So I showered and got all ready to go to a comedy play called “Bingo.” It was okay. 1,282 more words

Bipolar DIsorder

Waiting For That Lifesaving Magical Elixir (Daily Word Prompt is Elixir)

I wished

I dreamed

I hoped

I prayed

I stayed alive


and waiting

sometimes barely holding on

waiting for that

lifesaving mixture

of that magical… 147 more words

Bipolar DIsorder

Special Days

I’ve never really been a person who makes a big deal out of “special days”. I’m the one who never sends Christmas cards, the one who sends birthday cards to everyone at the same time about once every five years, the one who never bothered with bonfire night or Halloween or sending valentines or waiting until Easter day to eat chocolate or marking nearly any other sort of “occasion”. 1,988 more words