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Questions to Co-authors of High Tide Low Tide: A Caring Friend's Guide to Bipolar Disorder P2

Ok World, here we go with P2 while you could read P1 if you missed that

3) The Writing

  1. Did any books/memoirs influence your writing (style, presentation, content)?

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Mental Health Advocacy


I was sailing along in neutral space (aside from the looming Reaper of Anxiety that borders on panic)…And from out of nowhere I went SPLAT. Total despair, depression, feeling hopeless. 633 more words


Disturbing Behavior

Day 2 in the dish. My mood isn’t great or bad. My anxiety, however, has me feeling like my bones are trying to claw their way out from under my skin. 635 more words


My Story

My past was difficult. I entered the Navy as an E3, and third generation to boot, it was my life to retire from the service. Then after “A” school, while on leave it happened. 917 more words

I'm Still Here!

I wanted to apologize for my extremely long absence I took from this blog. I am fine and doing well. I guess I was unsure of myself as far as being someone who blogs. 300 more words

Works in Progress // Dani

Initially misdiagnosed with major depressive disorder and OCD, Dani was struggling at school and other aspects of life. Finally officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder and GAD, she was prone to rash, impulsive decisions such as walking out of class and quitting college entirely. 802 more words

Mental Health

Feeling misunderstood

“Those you have to constantly explain yourself to have either never intended to understand you or don’t have the capacity to understand you other than what they have chosen to perceive you to be.

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