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Bipolar Life- The Journal #40

<unedited, authentic>

It is Tuesday, and it is already the longest week ever!

A flight tomorrow evening heading south has a seat with my name on it. 545 more words


Bipolar Life- Fighting Strong

I just finished watching Creed 2 (LOVE this movie!).As the credits began to roll I turned to my husband and said, “I have watched these movies since I was a little girl. 404 more words


Bipolar Life- The Journal #39

I am enjoying a time of peace. It took many long months of pressing into Jesus to get here. I struggled, as most of us do, through intense stress over the last few years, and it takes intentional surrender to back out of those dark places. 335 more words


Poetry- The Vultures Prey

You came for me

And laughed right in

You the vulture

Me near dead..

My stench rose

Recognizable for miles

Stunck with failure

Of sin in trials.. 157 more words


Bipolar Life- The Journal #38

Last night I did something I promised myself I wouldn’t do. I jumped on here in an emotional state and posted. I thought it would always be a problem to lay it out there with things a bit raw and tempered, however, I think I am grateful for the space and freedom to share my authentic trials. 501 more words


Words Matter

Wisdom in these words! Excellent share. Praying for this nation.


Bipolar Life

Bipolar Living- Taking Back Your Thoughts

Having a mood disorder often leaves
you feeling like you are a servant to your mood. When the brain does not work
in this perfect mode, it is frustrating and can be debilitating. 965 more words