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Little Sister

So, my little sister messaged me this morning that she decided to quit college. How am I suppose to feel about this? Honestly I don’t know if I even have the right to be disappointed because every experience I have had thus far has only made me grow up more and be who I am. 745 more words

The Struggle

Tonight I’ve been feeling kinda off. I mean, it’s an off I’m used to, but not lately. Mind racing and yet going nowhere. Wanting to do so much but unable to do anything. 426 more words

Another Day Another Pile of Shit

This was the pile of trash I swept up after school today. Fucking animals. The just throw trash and gum wherever they feel like it. … 192 more words


Interesting Depression

This was the shortest period a depression has ever lasted. 3 days, that was it and then I went back to feeling normal.

However I am missing something. 99 more words


Final Moments

Photo taken by contributor Mark, a portrait photographer from Durham, North Carolina, who lives with bipolar disorder.

About this photo: “This was a portrait that I took of my grandfather three weeks before he died in December 2014. 40 more words



I’ve recently fixated on this word, “bedlam”. Unsure why, I heard it in a song recently and since then I’ve been thinking of ways bedlam is represented. 683 more words

Thoughts, Rants, And Introspection

To my love

I’m getting married in a few weeks. I’m getting married to my best friend, and as far as I can tell someone that should be labeled a saint for their patience (with me). 274 more words