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The wind

Invisible and forceful

Placid turning foreboding

Collapsing all in its path

Just as emotions,

Invisible to the eye

But felt,

Bring a person to its knees… 61 more words





My triumphant return to cricket netted a grand total of seven runs.


Maybe triumphant is the wrong word, it wasn’t like when Ablett landed back at Kardinia to wear the hoops again so yeah, I’ve used the wrong word, but it was certainly a return that went better than I expected. 738 more words

That kind of me

If you could open up my skull, whap my brain a couple of times with a shovel and sew me back up so none of it showed, I imagine it would feel a bit like this. 644 more words

A friend passes

Yesterday I learned that An old school friend of mine has passed. We were not close, and have not seen each other for over a decade… but I’m 38 and at school We were good friends, that’s 15 years of friendship in the realm of blossoming youth. 179 more words

Mental Health

Survival of the Fittest: There is Only 'Do and Do not' There Is No Try.

I often wonder to myself how it is I get through life. I take a thousand risks, am overweight, and will drink two beers and swallow all my medication and go to bed. 740 more words



Feeling low

Let it blow

Over. This nastiness

Drained of happiness

Absence of mind

No way to rewind

Nothing but a hiccup

Some may say… 9 more words