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Another day of confusion. How do I get my life back together? How do I find myself again? I went through my robotic morning of getting up, washing my hair, trying to look normal – whatever that is supposed to mean. 512 more words

The Journey

Three Weeks

I am still going strong. Had a number of challenges, especially at the weekend, where I found myself thinking about drinking a lot. It is when I have time on my hands, and when cooking, that seems the worst. 403 more words

Friendships and mood swings

I have a best friend who is my therapist via text. I mean I text her 20 times in a row about how I feel (including and not limited to my inner thoughts, paranoias, delusions, regrets, resentments, epiphanies, ideas and enlightening) and that may be an understatement. 198 more words

Day 68 part 1- Valiant no more

All our dreams are sold

To the person with most power

Like eagles they soar and scour

And pounce on every hope that’s our

You might think a fight would be fought… 58 more words


The Sane Diary, December 7th, 2016

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” ― Émile Zola

Mood: So bloody bored

I felt like I phoned yesterday’s entry in, a bit. 210 more words


Farfar, kjærlighet, Skam og manier

Even i Skam får ikke sove, og vandrer plutselig naken ut i vinternatta for å kjøpe burgere. Han er manisk, får vi vite.

Dette er farfaren min og meg. 922 more words


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Litt off topic i forhold til det jeg for det meste skriver om, men oh så viktig. Mai Eckhoff Morseth med ærlig, lun og varm beskrivelse av både farfaren sin og Skam.

The Fine Line

There is a fine line between compassion and insulting and my roommates have no idea it exists. Let me begin by stating that I never wanted roommates to begin with because I didn’t want to have to take other peoples’ concerns to mind other than my husband; however if we wanted to live in the area we live in we had to get a couple. 489 more words

Bipolar Disorder