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Day Without Medicine

CONTENT WARNING: Death, Mental Health, Cancer

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The wonderful world of mania. How truly astonishing, that something could feel so right, so good, as if nothing wrong could ever happen, could turn into a perpetual nightmare. 1,464 more words

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How Much My Daughter Appreciates My Elaborate Lunches...

I love my daughter, I really do. But at 11 months it is painfully obvious she does not appreciate the care I put into my cooking. 354 more words

#DemiLovato who's #Bipolar and Max Ehrich call off engagement after 2 months!

By Sarah Hearon3 hours ago

Its no secret that dating someone who has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder has its challenges but just because Demi is Bipolar doesn’t mean she was the cause you clowns 🤡 1,103 more words

Day 272 (September 28th)

Finished the second edit of my book today. Still got along way to go but each edit should be quicker than the last. Next, I will concentrate on shaping the characters so they are believable and not stereotyped. 67 more words


I live with mental illness

First off i wish i could wear heels like in this picture. Damn weight gain.

I digress… i do have a mental illness though i don’t like the term illness. 149 more words

Missing Pieces ...

If you live for the moment you forget that in watching you others may be seeing something else. That’s being focused and being watched. I’m not sure what effect that has on others, when you keep busy, focused on yourself, that makes it easier for them to watch you or watch what you’re doing. 222 more words

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Welcome to My Weight Loss Blog!!!

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Ariel and I have been on a weight loss quest for oh….maybe my whole life. lol. That seems kind of depressing. 364 more words