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An Alternative, Proven Non-drug Treatment for Depression Is Available

If you suffer from depression, you are not alone. The National Institute of Mental Health(NIMH) estimates that in the United States alone, 16 million adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2012. 209 more words


September Suicide Prevention Month

September is suicide prevention month – as most of you know by now, WordPress Reader has been flooded with countless posts, either dedicated to a loved one lost through suicide, or how the forbidden fruit (that is suicide) was an inescapable option. 924 more words


Eleven Sober Days

Today marks my eleventh sober day and again…  I feel like Tony the tiger… Grrrrrrreat! It hasn’t been easy, because I get bored at home, but that’s no excuse to get shit face drunk. 361 more words

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Is this legal? (human rights)

Is this legal?

This happened to me, I Was sick and struggling with my mental health because I was on pills I reacted bad on (Seroquel) I rediscovered Cubensis as a cure against it, the cure work fine by the way. 331 more words

I don't know why I cry (I think)

I don’t understand these feelings. It is like I am living a tale of two people at once. On the one hand I am a PhD student. 1,018 more words


the devil's hands

This is a drawing that I did last year called “The Devil’s Hands”. It has been shared and saved all over the internet, mostly Pinterest, with over 500 saves this past year. 306 more words

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Letter Nightmares, Falling Off The Wagon And Rambling Too Much 

Well its 5am an im wide awake, its that time of year were i need to write a letter to my son and right now my heads a mess its just another reminder along with birthday, fathers day, christmas etc of how much i failed him. 331 more words