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Self care

I saw this and thought it’d be a good reminder. I struggle with most all of them. The giving up on your dreams one is really getting to me right now. 18 more words

Today is my Friday

I just got this random message from my cousin today and it really made my day..

I NEVER really get messages like this.. shows i was on her mind and she was thinking of me… I decided to save the message for days when i’m not feeling so loved… 520 more words


I. Am. Imperfect.

I was an imperfect being long before this new reality reared its head two months ago. Granted, we’ve come to the unscientific conclusion that most of those imperfections were related to my illness, but still – I’m a 6’1″ walking bag of imperfection.   401 more words

When it hurts, it is bad. 

Some weeks ago I sat outside with a friend. We talked about illnesses and mine in particular. I had just been told that I should count on taking meds the rest of my life (people kept asking for how long I would be on meds and I didn’t know so I asked). 153 more words

Feeling the Wind

My last writing on here was pretty negative and for that, I apologize. I almost came back and deleted the entire thing. I decided that life is full of ups and downs and there’s no reason to be perfect all the time. 330 more words


How to survive a depressive episode

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about lately, more so because I think I’m in the midst of a depressive episode. For the past week or so my mood has felt…off? 694 more words

Mental Health

I have bipolar 

I have bipolar, but not that many people in my life know. I was officially diagnosed 5 years ago but I think in my heart I already knew and had known for a long time. 738 more words