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I have struggled today with all the news of Dr. Larry Nassar’s sentencing and victim statements.

As a survivor of sexual assault and abuse, I did not think that seeing and hearing these powerful words and statements would affect me the way they did today.

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Heal The Broken

What is the dysfunctional part of me which is incapable of understanding, accepting, identifying love

Point it out so that my own hand can slice open my flesh, rip it into view, so that I may see it cast from me and burned until its ash is forever taken away by the wind… 130 more words

Planting Seeds with Honey

I’ve noticed a trend recently that if I haven’t done anything interesting, or if I’m not struggling with something, I don’t bother to post. 2,086 more words

Life Story

Dueling Duality [Despair Praised]

The fire is cool and ice engulfed as Hell,

The cape infernal in dual’ty’s shell.

Every hand suffering my touch exalts

The royalty of great despair with cries… 132 more words



Matthew has been my therapist for 9 years. maybe 10. i get mad at him and sometimes i wanted to get a new therapist like sometimes you want new friends. 210 more words

Mental Illness

where i'm at right now -- has anyone been able to fix lapses in motivation due to paranoia/anxiety?

Honestly, this is some Maslow's Hierarchy shit. I HAVE to occupy my mind with fucking shit things like social media and drugs to distract myself from my pain. 152 more words


Losing Your Sparkle

What do you do when things get low? Who do you turn to when it seems no one can help take the pain away? What happens next when you want to be honest and speak up, but no one can handle the truth? 756 more words