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Catfish The Rant!

So as the title says, this is a rant, so I’ll understand if you have better things to do than read this, its more for me than you, but… 1,075 more words



i jakby trochę lepiej

chociaż wczoraj w nocy nie mogłam spać, tak kaszlałam

pooglądałam więc sobie Salem i poczytałam Chmielewską

dziś kawa z ulubioną sąsiadką 477 more words


Crayola Mess

With the mania comes the dark

One without the other would not be me

My mind

My congested thought


With mania comes the Crayola mess of melted wax… 69 more words

When therapy gets hard

I had therapy yesterday and it out me in a funk. He pointed out how engrained perfectionism is in my head due to my childhood but didn’t give insight into how to change it. 54 more words

Bernie’s Bullies, Hillary’s Harassers: An Empath Tries To Survive Facebook During the Democratic Primaries


There. I said it. It needed to be said. You are hurting me with each post. Every “funny” meme you shared feels like an interestingly treaded boot on my chest. 1,009 more words


Mental illness: Tired of living in secret

My mom came down yesterday. She is spending the day with my three-year-old daughter. My five-year-old son is at preschool. My husband is at work. 2,539 more words

Creative Nonfiction


So here I am at 2:30 in the morning, I’m starting a New job tomorrow, have to be up at 7 and I can’t sleep. 245 more words