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blog for mental health 2015 project

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Changes I’d love to see: (consider them demands, not requests) 708 more words


Lets talk about sex

I have just returned home from my Peer Support training course and I left there feeling very empowered. We had an activity to do where we had to choose an element in our lives that we wanted to change and working in pairs we had to listen to the speaker and assist them to finding solutions to the problem. 142 more words


Some more of my episode of psychosis

I woke up and the loud shouting of the two voices had subsided to mere whispers. My friend was asleep laying next to me. I am not sure of what I did but she started to wake up. 420 more words


An Angel in my Garage.

So my heart is full of thankfulness and I want to share with you why, my heart is full of peace and I want to share my secret. 1,976 more words



“Just kidding. Apparently it was caffeine, not authentic happy

Life’s messed up. You know? We kill each other for money and grudges.

We run away when we get scared. 234 more words

I am trying

Sometimes, with my bipolar disorder, it is hard to control my feelings. Sometimes I will feel very agitated and irritated and it is hard to not project that upon others, even if they have no reason as to why I am feeling what I am feeling. 187 more words

Our Daughter

I have decided to disclose what we are dealing with since my blog is anonymous, but mostly because we can use all the positive thoughts we can get as we deal with this as a family. 242 more words