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I can't think of a title

Well, I’m up.  The cats had to be fed and they didn’t want me to forget so they made sure I was up.

My schedule has been pretty screwed up for awhile now.   336 more words


I have bipolar, or I am bipolar? 

Recently I have thought about the two statements; the first is proposing you have an illness, leaning on the medical model, thereby it is treatable and possibly cureable. 328 more words

Overview Of Cyclothymia Disorder

Coping with the day-to-day ...

It is Wednesday, it is 7.30am and I am awake

Actually I have been awake for some time.

 – through the window the sky is blue, there is not a single cloud and the sun is streaming through the window. 392 more words


Little Problems

I haven’t been able to sleep for the past few weeks.. I’m on a new medicine, Geodon, it’s alright I guess. But if I don’t take it I spend all day crying. 133 more words

A full life, indeed

I noticed the extra little ledge of fat on my butt is gone. It was hanging there in back like some bad remodeling add to my ass; didn’t quite match the rest of my butt and stuck out in the air. 1,162 more words

When To Ask For Help

Many people, myself included, have a hard time asking or receiving help. And don’t know when it’s time to ask for help.

There isn’t a specific timeline on when the time is “right”. 579 more words